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Link between Acne and Gut Health with our Clinical Nutritionist

Gut Health is directly related to skin health - and that’s how our entire range works.

To work on the inside so you glow on the outside.

It’s true, beauty really is skin deep.

Our Clinical Nutritionist Katherine Hay explains the link between your gut, your liver, your bowels and your skin!

Our Beauty Renewal and Miracle Collagen work together to help alleviate these symptoms for your best skin and gut health ever.




Katherine:  So again, once ... If our gut isn't functioning properly, and we don't have the right mechanisms for us to excrete, our liver breaks down all our female hormones too, and helps metabolize them so we can excrete them properly.

In our large intestine, if there's high amounts of what we can unfriendly bacteria, they produce an enzyme called beta-glucuronidase.

Beta-glucuronidase reactivates estrogen, which is one of the main, dominant female hormones that can cause cystic acne or pimples, however that manifests for some women.

Once beta-glucuronidase has reactivated that estrogen that was supposed to be excreted in the feces, it goes back into our bloodstream and is inflammation, and it recirculates and recirculates. This is where we start to see those hormonal cystic, more cystic around the jawline or on the chin, breakouts and skin manifestations.

We really want to look at why is the endocrine system, our hormone system being disrupted? Is there a bacterial imbalance in the gut? And how can we support that to excrete properly?

We've also go to look at the liver. Why is the liver not functioning properly to help metabolize, break down these hormones that we need to excrete.

That's kind of the mechanisms of action of how we can get those cystic hormonal breakouts, but there could be other contributing factors, like using chemical products that'll have endocrine-disrupting hormones.

The pill, I'm probably opening up Pandora's box by saying that, but any kind of synthetic hormones also can cause huge skin breakouts.

A lot of people get prescribed them to stop their pimples, but that's for another ... I'll get into that another time.

Felicity:  Yeah, yeah. That's already a deep conversation, isn't it?

Katherine: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Felicity:  Okay, great.




You can find more about Katherine Hay here.