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Self-Care in Self-Isolation

March 24, 2020 1 min read

Self-Care in Self-Isolation

What a difference a few days make. 

How are you feeling? 

If I'm honest, I feel scared, vunerable, uncertain, off-centre and sad.I'm worried for my daughters. 

Worried for our people. Our planet. 


Today as I walked our 6 month old chocolate Labrador called Charlie Brown to get a loaf of bread from our local Sourdough Baker in Byron, the seating had been removed, no cash was allowed and overnight they had put up glass walls between customers and staff.

​The cash I had brought to get bread and coffee wasn't going to work - so back home we went to get more digital methods.

Driving through Byron Bay, Riot Police had arrived and there were security guards watching the social distancing in lines waiting to get into the supermarket.

They told me they had broken up two fights over toilet paper over the weekend. 

Many of our incredible retail partners have felt the affects. 

Our local yoga studio has had to close their doors.

Yes, everything has changed. 

But we are still here, and still serving you. 

Our truest desire is to keep you healthy and well taken care of during this time of massive uncertainty.

We're still delivering to your door across the planet. 

Domestic shipping is quick and can be contact free. 

Shipping is free.Delivery is fast.

Our supply for now is stable. 

And we now offer a complimentary subscription service with an additional 5% off the range.

We're here for you. 

Call us. Email us. DM us. Reply to us. 

Don't be lonely in your aloneness. 

Together we'll get through this.