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What the Stars Have In Store for August

August 10, 2021 8 min read

What the Stars Have In Store for August

The mystical and lovely astrologer and reader of the stars SRNAVERSE gives us a look into what the coming month has in store:

August is a month for practical considerations, not assumptions or speculations. There is a lot of insight that comes from this special little month!

If you’ve been waiting to make a move, you might just get the confirmation you need now. A New Moon in Leo reaches us on the 8th/9th, depending on which country you are reading this from, making a tense square to Uranus in Taurus. Jupiter and Saturn are in Leo’s opposite sign, Aquarius - so we must be mindful of what’s going on around us.

A New Moon in Leo is an excellent time to show our uniqueness, by being self-expressive, creative and confident in your god given abilities and talents. Taking pride in what we bring to the table is just scratching the surface of ‘Leo’ energy. Be generous in your hospitality, you literally never know who you’re entertaining in business, friendship or pleasure. Remember, we as a collective, belong to something bigger, to one another, and in order for humanity to succeed, we must all play our integral part.

Mercury enters Virgo on the 11th - centralising its energy on growth orientated themes, but Mars beats it by entering Virgo on the 29th of July. A few days later on the 16th, Venus moves into luscious Libra - the lover, and its home sign. On the 22nd, the Sun leaves Leo to enter Virgo. The second Aquarius Full Moon enters the picture later in the month on the 23rd - almost on the cusp of Pisces. It’s an emotional time of the month, where relationships blossom and romance beckons.

This second Full Moon in Aquarius, follows on from July’s themes, illuminating certain attitudes we have around socialisation, community and collective collaboration. Fixed signs like Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will really feel the wrath of this Moon, as it prompts undeveloped or unwanted feelings. Mutable signs such as Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini will also feel a significant shift in their lives - some sort of awakening. Regardless, for everyone this month will serve as a gentle reminder - be here, now.

All my love,



August is all about the quiet developments, Aries. Early in the month, you are inspired by the obstacles that present themselves. Mars is in your 6th house until the 29th, pushing you to look at health, the physical body and self-love. Work can feel busy and you may just be the best person for the job. Take it in your stride. A Leo New Moon is in your romantic 5th house, activating new paths to open in your life. Nurture others but give them permission to also nurture you. An Aquarius Full Moon demands attention on the 22nd/23rd, merging with Saturn in your house of friendship. It’s all about the people that matter! On the 31st, Mercury meets with Venus in your 7th house of love. Communication is a big part of relationships - as is taking the time to truly listen to your partner. Make no assumptions, everything is still on the table.


You’re coming out of your shell, Taurus. The first few weeks sees Mars and Venus together in your 5th house of creativity and fertility. Encouraging you to love yourself and love the circumstances you find yourself in - in this mood, you can be productive, ticking things off the ‘to do’ list. A New Moon happens in your 4th house of home and security - you may be feeling really stable in your private life. Perhaps, there is good news around a child - yours or someone else’s. There can be movement within the family for better or for worse! On the 17th, Venus moves into the 6th house aligning you to better health and emotional expression. A Full Moon works with Jupiter in your 10th house of career - can be challenging in business perhaps it just ain't what it used to be.


Details are solidified now, and you’re deeply appreciative of where you’re heading, Gemini. Mars is in your 4th house inviting you to think deeper on home and family matters. Renovating, redecorating or realigning closer to family. There is exciting news with siblings or parents and you’re happy to focus on them. A New Moon on the 8th joins the Sun and Mercury in your 3rd house - business negotiations can begin. You’re happy to collaborate and give others the benefit of the doubt, by really lending a helping hand. On the 17th, Venus joins your 5th house making you one happy, loved individual. You can expect to feel playful and creative, so enjoy the circumstances you find yourself in. The Full Moon in Aquarius is the second in a row, and will occur in your 9th house of ‘journey’. What does your intuition tell you when you really ask yourself?


Relationships might blow an issue out of proportion, Cancer. All month Mars encourages your 3rd house, enhancing your network. Skills, hobbies and communication styles will be refined, as you step out with a different set of intentions. Connecting you to like minded individuals who you have a lengthy future with. The New Moon falls in your 2nd house of finances and values - there will be some sort of negotiation in regards to contracts and/or ongoing business deals. Venus moves into your 4th house mid-month, meaning family, home and friendship is strengthened. A Full Moon in Aquarius rounds off the month rather creatively by shifting into your 8th house of mystery and union.


Happy Birthday, Leo. August is an increased month of support, generosity - and the ‘next phase’. A very exciting month in which you come back into yourself. The Sun is in your sign until the 22nd of the month, so pay attention to whatever intuition is telling you. Let the universe take you on its journey - especially on the 8th, when a New Moon in your sign moves into your personal 1st house of identity. You take a good look at your physical and internal ‘appearnece’. Mars is in your 2nd house of finances most of the month, giving you the momentum to keep working hard at it. The Aquarius Full Moon on the 23rd shines a special light on your house of relationships, bringing in a fresh and interesting individual that makes you feel a certain type of way.


Anything half hearted fails in the month of August, Virgo. Birthday month draws closer as the month progresses, but you’ve got plenty to think about before you can let your hair down. Mars is in your sign making you popular and productive. On the 8th, a New Moon in Leo shifts into your spiritual 12th house, helping you look back on what you’ve so far conquered and what more there is left to tackle. On the 12th, Mercury moves into your sign to - attracting good vibes to all situations you encounter. From the 17th, Venus moves to the 2nd house of money, service and personal values. Finally, the second Aquarius Full Moon appears on the 23rd - aligning with Jupiter and Saturn in your 6th house of health.


You’re on a tight schedule, Libra. A New Moon in Leo starts the month to your advantage, by shifting into your 11th house of social happenings and collective collaboration. August is also very much about Mars in the 12th house, gifting you the time and space away from obnoxious and outdated people. Your focus this month is on the ‘internal’ forces that rule your life - as you continue to grow your intuitive skills, you know who to drop and who to keep. On the 17th, a stand out day occurs, when Venus, your ruler, enters your sign bringing peace and love to your life. On the 22-23rd, the Aquarius Full Moon lights up the sky occurring in your 5th house of romance, creativity and playfulness.


Be philosophical, Scorpio. Your ruler Mars aligns with Venus in your social 11th house. It’s a wonderful time for collaborating and cooperating with others, and you are keen to only make meaningful connections. A New Moon in Leo happens early in the month, shifting in your academic 10th house. Aligning with the Sun here, you meet potential business deals through old acquaintances. The Moon encourages you to ask tough questions in regards to career/education. You are keen to be a ‘teacher’ for others as you merge closer to the metaphysical world. Finally, the Aquarius Full Moon culminates in your 4th house activating the axis between the 4th/10th houses. It’s evident that family, home and friends take precedence in this time.


You are seeking a certain type of nourishment, Sagittarius. Mars engages your 10th house for most of the month, joining Venus here too. Your energy is driven by career, social status and personal reputation. You attempt to place yourself in a higher position, but first you’ll have to draw more attention to yourself. A Leo New Moon joins the Sun in your 9th house of travel and spontaneity, on the 8th of the month. You are thirty for ‘new’ knowledge, friendship and love. On the 22nd, a Full Moon in Aquarius shines a light on your expressive 3rd house, allowing you the gift of being seen or heard. Don’t be unproductive, as this energy can catapult you into a wonderful routine that will last until December this year.


August can reveal important information, Capricorn. All month Mars sits closely to Venus in your 9th house of wander, travel and opportunity. Lending you a helping hand when you need it most. A Leo New Moon (8th) merges with the Sun and Mercury in your mysterious 8th house of intimacy, and feelings are on the rise. A pinnacle moment of engagement may be coming mid-month, where you feel deeply in tune with a partner, friend or parent. You are invested in people this month, even as Venus enters your academic 10th house on the 17th. A Full Moon in Aquarius occurs on the 22nd/23rd in your money house - the 2nd house. Take your attention away from love for a moment, and focus on upcoming projects.


You examine yourself more thoroughly, Aquarius. Immerse yourself in the month of August and you’ll reap all sorts of rewards. Mars meets with Venus in the mysterious 8th house energising your emotions, finances and partnerships. You’re focused on lasting connections, one that nourishes your soul more than your social status. A Leo New Moon on the 8th falls in your 7th house of relationships. There is a huge focus on lasting lovers, soul mates and karmic ties. With feet firmly on the ground, you can stay centred when the passion gets overwhelming. Venus then moves into the 9th house on the 17th, proving that someone ‘new’ may be coming from far away. The 22nd/23rd are important dates to consider, as the second Full Moon in your sign occurs. Take care of your needs as this will surely be a transformational, cumulative period in your life.


August is full of thoughtful musings, Pisces. Mars and Venus merge together in your 7th house of relationships for most of the month, giving you so much enthusiasm and energy for true partnership that strokes the ‘soul fire’. You’re in the romance zone, so take the risk if it means something to you. A lovely New Moon in Leo connects to the Sun on the 8th in your healthy 6th house of routine and wellbeing. You have healing powers, don’t be afraid to use them on yourself. Prioritise your health, in doing so you can change your life in a myriad of little ways. On the 22nd/23rd, an Aquarius Full Moon comes around for the second time in one month! This is highly unusual and spiritual, and it will shift gears into your 12th house of psychic realms. Dreams, premonitions and intuitions will be heightened.

liked this? How did July measure up ...



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