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February 04, 2022 11 min read


How have you been feeling so far this month? Focused? Tired? Romantic? Creative? ⁠Astrologer @srnaverse spells out what the stars have in store for you this February ✨⁠


The 1st of February heralds in the Chinese Lunar New Year, in the sign of the brave and confident Tiger. Charging forward we can all embody a little bit of what the Tiger represents in 2022, by strategising, volunteering and leading - not with ego, but with conviction and truth. A Tiger is attentive to his/her surroundings and makes the most of what they have, regardless of the weather. We celebrate the Aquarian this month and all the wonderful attributes it takes to make the most eclectic sign of the zodiac; they are friendly, expressive and optimistic. Very clever, creative and non-conforming - Aquarius is the sign of the independent - unusual and original! Astrologically, the month begins with a potent and very Aquarian New Moon on the 1st, with the Sun and Saturn double dosing the ‘peace & love’ energy that the Aquarius is known to emit. It’s a great time to reach out, reconstruct and re-engage with a career path, hobby or friendship. The beginning of the month has exceptional energy for action but expect the intensity to continue to climb - there is SO much going on all platforms. On the 4th, Mercury stations direct after 3 weeks spent in retrograde balancing between Capricorn/Aquarius. 


Uranus is sextile Jupiter in Pisces this month, helping us think outside of the box and work in tune with ‘good luck’. A Full Moon in Leo arrives on the 16th, opposing the Aquarius Sun and enabling a romantic, heart to heart conversation to take place. We are pulled by two different sides of the one, fixed energy, so it’s imperative we embrace their duality - and all the valid feelings that come with that. Leo and Aquarius work in tandem like that, Leo is very intimate in nature whereas Aquarius is more personable, with everyone at any time. They aren’t very ‘selective’, they’d rather just get on with everyone. This Full Moon plays into the theme of ‘big heart, open mind’ - utilizing the best of both signs and personalities. Around the date of this lunation, Venus and Mars align providing an element of surrealism and tenderness. Fixed signs such as Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius will feel the effect of this Moon the most, expressing themselves in an unusual way to those closest. February is a month to redefine what it means to feel ‘luxury’ - and as Andre Leon Talley put it - “Luxury is to be able to take control of one’s life, health and the pursuit of happiness in a way that is joyful''. Pisces season begins on the 20th, diving deep into the dreamy, sensitive and perceptive waters the fish embodies. Tell someone you love them or make some random art, your heart will thank you for it! 


See you next month, 

Srna xo



March 21 - April 19

February is social - it’s time to let your voice be heard! A New Moon in Aquarius occurs on the 1st, in your 11th house of socializing, merging with Saturn and the Sun. There is a sense of hopefulness to this lunation, and it doesn’t waste time on trying to control people’s behaviors that are really out of your hands anyway. You’ve cultivated a new friendship group over the last 5 months, and you finally feel at home with the people who surround you. It is due time for you to really show up for those you love, and in the same merit, be powerfully held by those who you’re closest with. Mercury moves direct in your 10th house on the 4th, signaling its time to give career lots of attention. There is an upbeat, creative feel that is reinvigorated by a specific project, collaboration or new acquaintance. Venus and Mars are in close contact all month, meaning romance and intimacy are strengthened and refreshed. You have nothing to lose in the name of love, so stake your claim! A Full Moon in Leo, opposes the Aquarius Sun on the 16th of the month, occurring in your playful, tender 5th house. This full moon lends itself to a more romantic, affectionate and open way of viewing your current partnerships.



April 20 - May 20

Make your life comfortable. Stop saying ‘yes’ when you want to say ‘no’. In February, if things fall apart, know there’s a good reason for it - although we seldom see this reason right away. A New Moon in Aquarius merges with your 10th house of ambition, and signals to you and your work crew the new year has well and truly begun - which direction do you want to take business in? This lunation encourages and supports you in making headway on specific goals. A few days later, Mercury stations direct, reminding you it's a good time to re-engage with career and personal momentum. You don’t need to stress about all the finer details for now, just get the ball rolling. A full Leo moon rises on the 16th in your 4th house of family and personal belongings, highlighting the need to refine your home space or perhaps have a hard (long time coming) conversation with a sibling or parent. The energy is supportive and generally positive, so don’t resist what comes up. Venus and Mars are closely aligned all month in your 9th house, confirming you’re keen to get some more information on a partner or past situation you thought had been dealt with. 



May 21 - June 20

You’re reviewing options in February, and the urge to plan and build emerges strongly. On the 1st, a New Moon appears in your 9th house, where it merges with Saturn and the Sun in Aquarius, adding a certain mysticism to what is possible early on this month. Creative juices flow within the 9th house, and you feel rather philosophical, comparing certain behaviors and feelings. Mercury, your ruler turns direct on the 4th, smoothing out the kinks that have appeared over the last 3 weeks in business or friendship. Things don’t happen by chance, so pay attention to what crops up and changes your dialogue/internal narrative rather swiftly. Venus and Mars dance together this month, exposing secrets and finally letting the truth float to the top. Stay focused on what you need to achieve, instead of worrying about things that probably won’t even happen! February is fun, and on the 16th, a powerful Full Moon in Leo shifts into your 3rd house. This house rules intuitive communication, use your intention to shape the future you want with this lunation. 



June 21 - July 22

A situation is evolving throughout February, don’t make any rash decisions! This month it’s important to clearly indicate to those in your life, what you want and when you want it. No time for mood swings or gaslighting, own where you’re at and who holds your attention. A New Moon arrives on the 1st, in Aquarius and your 8th house of mystery and intimate dealings. Finances come under this 8th house umbrella, and you seem to go back and forth over a decision you really need to make. This will impact two or more people in your life, and can shake the foundation you’ve worked hard to build upon. Mercury stations direct from the 4th, helping you ease back into career and professional life. There is something profound going on with your work, but don’t let a busy schedule wreck your emotional balance. A Full Moon in Leo occurs in your cash related 2nd house on the 16th, and it’s time to assess the pro’s and con’s of your current spending behavior. Venus and Mars dance around your 7th house most of the month, turning up the heat in your love life. Potential to meet a new partner or strengthen things with a current love is very real!



July 23 - August 22

Have a tentative plan for the month, but be prepared for things to flow in their own way. February is rather reflective and it opens you up to various freedoms that can be integrated into your ‘new’ way of life. The month begins with an interesting Aquarius New Moon on the 1st, merging with Saturn and the Sun. Occurring in your 7th house of relationships, this transit will have you feeling differently about a partner or romantic interest. Aquarius is your opposite sign, and has the same fixed energy as you, so you will feel the energies here very strongly. It’s wise not to over-react to a lover now, and perhaps give each other some breathing room if need be. Mercury moves direct on the 4th, helping you engage back with work and business negotiations. An offer could resurface rather promptly, but if you’re unsure, delay decisions. Mars and Venus engage all month, letting you discover where your passions lay. The Full Moon on the 16th occurs in your 1st house and your sign (!!), ramping up attention and eyes firmly placed on you! You’ll mull over career opportunities, personal image and 2022 goals while the 1st house is activated. 



August 23 - September 22

Get your house in order, before making inquiries elsewhere. February is full of unexpected changes, and you personally are going through a period of self-discovery. A New Moon in Aquarius opens the month up on the 1st, moving into your 6th house of health and wellbeing. It’s a wonderful time to focus on your outward energy and rising above small, meaningless interactions and connections. You may be challenged from a health perspective, so now is a good time to focus on certain ailments. Mercury your ruler stations direct on the 4th, placing you back in the driver's seat. You rise to meet a situation in business with increased clarity, but spiritually may feel a little resistance showing up in your intimate life. A Full Moon in Leo shifts into the 12th house on the 16th, giving you a moment to reflect and receive. Sit with your unexplored feelings and dive deep into sensitivities. This lunation very much serves as a mirror, and sometimes it can be hard to look truthfully at your own image. Pisces season begins on the 20th, engaging your tender and soft side. 



September 23 - October 22

Staying centered and positive throughout February means you’ll be able to see all the potential doors opening. A New Moon in Aquarius merges with Saturn and the Sun in your playful 5th house, highlighting a sweet surprise that a lover or child gives you. You feel confident and generous, and the Aquarius theme leans into mindful action. Business collaborations and creative outlets come under this 5th house umbrella, so look into what you genuinely feel happy doing, maybe there is a way to make money there! Mercury stations direct on the 4th, stimulating career goals. An expert friend or therapist can offer some clarity if you’ve been hard pressed on a situation with a family member. The Full Moon in Leo resonates within your social 11th house on the 16th of the month, boosting your need to connect with other people. You can’t keep a low profile now, so don’t even bother. Venus and Mars align all month, helping you to take better care of yourself. You can’t be your best self by looking out for others and neglecting yourself, remember that.



October 23 - November 21

Read the fine print. Throughout February it's important you focus on what’s coming, and not get so stuck on what you’ve had to leave behind. 

A New Moon appears on the 1st, in Aquarius, in your 4th house of family relations and home life. Merging with Saturn and the Sun, you feel the triple threat of these planets emphasizing its time to focus on your most loved ones. Mercury stations direct on the 4th, refining communications and giving the green light to on-going negotiations. You’ve got a desire to regroup amidst the challenges you face in your career. A Full Moon lights up the sky on the 16th, in Leo - shifting into your 10th house of ambition. You’ve turned a new page in terms of your public life, and all eyes are on you and what you’re unveiling throughout 2022. It is more in tune with your heart, and that is where most success lies. The end of the month can feel tender and sweet, especially when the Sun enters Pisces on the 20th. You will be feeling a nostalgic tug toward emotive thinking and being - a place you naturally reside, but now feel more comfortable showing the outer world.



November 22 - December 21

You’ve learnt a great lesson, now it’s time to pass on the knowledge to someone else. February is an important month for personal renewal, and your mind is on the next step forward. An Aquarius New Moon merges with Saturn and the Sun in your 3rd house of communication on the 1st, opening you to career opportunities. Launching a project close to your heart may have you busy these first two weeks, and there is interesting news that comes from people you do business with. Mercury stations direct on the 4th, aligning the outer world to how you’re feeling on an internal level. You are seeking knowledge and a new skill set, with this confidence is gained. A Full Moon in fiery Leo appears on the 16th in your 9th house of philosophy and travel. If you’re the type who wants to keep a low profile, you’ll notice that this lunation gets you noticed regardless if you’d like to keep things private. Venus and Mars dance together all month, meaning love is anything but mundane. 



December 22 - January 19

Self-confidence plays a big part in February. You’ve developed an idea and are ready to launch, now is the time for the leap forward. A New Moon in Aquarius merges with Saturn and the Sun in your financial 2nd house, bringing in the opportunity to make more money and accentuate the skills that garner you big reputation. Don’t overcommit, because you will be busy with work related obligations early on in the month. Mercury stations direct on the 4th, giving you the green light to charge ahead. You’ll have love and relationships on the brain, and you may be seeking something more serious than you have in your past. A Full Moon in Leo lights up the sky on the 16th in your 8th house of intimacy and mystery, helping you to shift away from stagnant feelings or challenging situations you keep looping back into. Venus and Mars are joined closely in your sign all month, which means romance is hot and sensual. 



January 20 - February 18

Don’t look at life as if the glass is half-empty. Instead, focus on the fact that abundance is always around. February is poetic, because it’s your birth month; enjoy the sun on your back while it lasts! A progressive New Moon occurs in your 1st house, which merges with the Sun and Saturn on the 1st of the month. There is a greater sense of life purpose and you may be adopting new procedures that make you feel healthier both physically and spiritually. Mercury stations direct on the 4th, giving the green light for travel plans and settling financial issues. A Full Moon in Leo, your opposite sign, lights up the night and your 7th house of committed love and partnership on the 16th. You’re more confident and attentive to a lover, but there may be something surprising or difficult about your union that comes up under this lunation. Whatever gives you great feelings will provoke you now, so be weary of hastiness. Pisces season begins on the 20th, shifting the energy to more sensitive and surreal. 



February 19 - March 20

It’s a good month to face all the resistance you hold, especially since your birthday season is coming in fast and hot! Throughout February, you will feel greater optimism, creativity and joy, as the Sun and Jupiter meet together to dance in your sign on the 20th. Before that however, you’re in a state of quiet observation, especially when the New Moon occurs on the 1st in your spiritual 12th house, merging with Saturn and the Sun in Aquarius. You’re rejuvenating old plans and dreams, while questioning your desire for what you have in front of you. All this is warranted, so keep your mind flexible and see what comes up. Mercury stations direct on the 4th, fast tracking a career decision. Mars and Venus merge in Capricorn all month, lending a very poetic energy to your love life. A Leo Full Moon occurs on the 16th in your holistic and serious 6th house of health and wellbeing. If you’re discouraged by certain emotions, it’s now time to act and streamline social media, bad food or guilty thoughts. Birthday time heralds in a magical month of expansion and magic, as Neptune meets the Sun in your sign, upgrade your mood to match your blessings. 


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