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What the Stars Have In Store for July

July 03, 2021 8 min read

What the Stars Have In Store for July

The mystical and lovely astrologer and reader of the stars SRNAVERSE gives us a look into what the coming month has in store:

A wonderfully sensitive month that leads us to seek out emotional connection. Cancer is compassionate and chaotic all at once, with retrograde energy still thick in the air. We have Venus opposing Saturn from July 7th, which can make relationships difficult. There can be a few interruptions with family members, lovers, ex partners or even children. On the 9th/10th, depending on where you live in the world, a New Moon in Cancer arrives to darken the night.

Personal life is disturbing your work ethic, and people may require too much of you. In Astrology, Cancer is ruled by the Moon, and corresponds best with the 4th house of belonging, family and blood-line. This makes the lunation especially potent and nurturing. Use this sacred moment to give thanks to the abundance in your life, if you have a bed to sleep in, food to eat, and a friend to call on, you are in a safe zone.

Venus enters Virgo on the 21st and makes love more serious. The undertones here can be critical, stubborn and yet so reliable and patient. There is a unique factor to this energy as it makes us a whole lot more dedicated to the person or situation at hand.

On the 22nd, the Sun enters Leo and the drama is turned up! A Full Moon in Aquarius takes place next (24th), helping us bring creativity, inspiration and visions to career/business matters. We can be upfront with how we feel, yet we don’t want to discourage or exclude people. Aquarius is a friendly sign who loves and thrives in community, so the more people you can have on your side, in your team, the better for you and for them. Finally, on the 28th, Jupiter enters back into Aquarius after a short hiatus in Pisces, and continues it’s retrograde for another few months! Themes from January/February come back, and you are enticed by unfinished projects, people or past times. Continue to evolve and engage!


Aim to release yourself from the past, Aries. A New Moon in Cancer on the 10th appears in your 4th house, enticing you toward stronger home and family connections. Upgrades to your environment are immediate, and you may be offered a deal you can’t refuse. On the 22nd, Venus joins your 6th house of business, health and pleasure. You find this especially healing and helpful. Leo Season begins on the 22nd, and you immediately feel more in touch, because of the similar, fiery nature. A Full Moon in Aquarius occurs in your social 11th house, increasing community bonds, and setting the scene for a new friend to enter the story. Mars and Venus get together on the 30th, illuminating career or love.


Personal efforts in a long term relationship, don’t go unnoticed now, Taurus. A New Moon in Cancer occurs on the 10th in your 3rd house of communication and education. You are negotiating a deal and it can work out perfectly, helping you share your good fortune with others. On the 22nd, Venus enters your romantic 5th house of abundance and love. You are determined and decisive, as Mars encourages you to take action and restructure the wobbly bits in life. A Full Moon in Aquarius happens in your 10th house of ambition around the 24th, and you sense that as the month progresses you gain a wider perspective on the ‘reality’ of the world.


Be moderate and disciplined in July, Gemini. The month begins with a sweet New Moon in Cancer appearing in your 2nd house of income. During this phase, you could produce more cash flow or perhaps influence your career direction. Lucrative business endeavours keep you going, as you connect to more like-minded people. On the 22nd, Venus enters Virgo and your 4th house of home and family life. You are dedicated to making relationships work, and it’s a wonderful time to learn through other people. Leo Season begins that same day, bringing the heat! On the 24th, a Full Moon in Aquarius closes the month off as it focuses on your 9th house of adventure, travel and inspiration.


Birthday season so far has been harmonious for you, Cancer. It begins to wrap up later on in the month giving you more time to focus on other people and career commitments that have remained temporarily inactive. The New Moon in your sign, aligns with the Sun on the 10th is something to look forward to, as your 1st house of self, image and reputation is highlighted. Be willing to interact with all parts of yourself, as the universe encourages you to open yourself to new adventures. On July 12th, Mercury forms a trine to Jupiter, leaving you rather optimistic and excitable. From the 22nd, Venus enters Virgo and your 3rd house of communication, knowledge and education. The next day, the Sun leaves your sign to enter Leo. An Aquarius Full Moon in your 8th house of mystery and intimacy, lights up the sky on the 24th! Don’t be shy or cautious right now, instead tell someone how you feel.


Happy Birthday to the Leo’s who celebrate in late July! People are paying extra attention to you, and it’s no secret you delight in this! A New Moon in Cancer occurs on the 10th of the month in your spiritual 12th house of silence and completion. You may be looking back on this year and writing down a mental list of what you’ve loved and what you’ve loathed. There is something quite mystical to the first few weeks of the month, and you lose yourself in the details. Venus and Mars in your sign for most of the month make you fiery, freaky and super capable - basically anything you wish to do, can be done now. On the 21st, Venus enters Virgo and your 2nd house of finances, this can be rather critical. On the 22nd, the Sun joins Mars in your sign and makes you very popular. On the 24th, an Aquarius Full Moon opposes your sign and brings to light something that needs to be changed. Full Moon's are culminations and will occur in your romantic 7th house of commitment and marriage.


It’s best to let restless energy blow over, Virgo. July has dense retrograde energy that can make you feel stuck in the mud at times. On the 10th of the month, a Cancer New Moon aligns with the Sun in your social 11th house of friendship. Confirming it is time for new beginnings in regards to community, goals and personal desires that stimulate you in different and unique ways. On the 21st, Venus enters your sign which makes you popular - the focus will very much be on you, so get used to it! The next day the Sun enters Leo, turning up the heat in your love life. A Full Moon in Aquarius lights up your 6th house of routine & health on the 24th, giving you an opportunity to look at where you are heading in your career.


You gravitate toward people more than ever, Libra. On the 10th, a New Moon in Cancer shifts into your 10th house of ambition and career advancement. You are focused on opportunities that take you in a new direction, and it’s even possible you begin studying or educating yourself on something unique. On the 15th, Neptune in Pisces trines the Sun, spreading magic in your love life. There are big things to think about throughout July and from the 21st, when Venus enters Virgo and your 12th house, the ‘unseen/unspoken' is highlighted. You seek alone time in which you can reflect! From the 22nd, the Sun enters Leo, making you amorous and dramatic. A Full Moon in Aquarius appears on the 24th in your romantic 5th house, helping you own feelings.


Conflicting desires keep you confused, Scorpio. On the 10th, a New Moon merges with the Sun in Cancer in your 9th house of adventure and knowledge. You are in the process of learning something unique, but there is a strong possibility that you’re also teaching and/or educating others. You are connecting on a deep level with people from all walks of life. On the 21st, Venus enters your 11th house of friendship, strengthening the theme of 'other people'. The stars are encouraging you to get out there, to speak your truth and share what is in your heart. A Full Moon in Aquarius lights up the sky on the 24th in your 4th house of family and belonging. Some of you may be moving, coming home or perhaps adding in a new member to your family.


You command attention this month, Sagittarius. With your ruler Jupiter taking its turn to retrograde (on the 29th), the energy can very much be turning inward. So, the spotlight can feel rather uncomfortable or unnerving - however, the only way to turn the tide in your favour is to stay calm to things you cannot change. On the 10th, a New Moon in Cancer shifts into your 8th house of intimacy, finances and mystery. This can manifest in many different ways, but basically it’s time to let go of old patterns and past times. Rebirth is about forgiveness, so surrender and move through these separations. On the 22nd, the Sun enters Leo and your 9th house of education, exploration and adventure - this piques your interest. On the 24th, an Aquarius Full Moon brings 3rd house themes into your routine life.


No time for distractions, Capricorn. July can be full of advancement, if you realign with inner dreams and goals. On the 10th, a New Moon in your opposite sign Cancer, lights up your romantic relationship house. There is so much possibility in love and intimacy and it gives you great pleasure to communicate clearly with someone who you wish to go ‘all the way’ with. On the 22nd, the Sun enters Leo, where it meets Mars in your mysterious and complex 8th house. There can be spiritual messages coming through as you find dreams to be symbolic. On the 24th, a Full Moon in Aquarius helps you surrender to what is going on in your finances. The progress toward the end of the month will have much to do with your finances, values and services.


You’re itching for something different, Aquarius. You will notice subtle changes as the month progresses and etches closer to Jupiter re-entering your sign and then turning retrograde. You can look back and reassess what you’ve done since December last year, and make a pro’s and con’s list for your progress. On the 10th, a New Moon in Cancer joins the Sun in your 6th house of health and energy. This helps you regain some balance in your work life, if perhaps you’ve not been putting in much effort. On the 24th, a Full Moon occurs in your sign - benefitting you in multiple ways. This lunation will act like a physical and mental reset, so it’s best to surrender to the universe and see everything as a blessing!


You contribute more than you give yourself credit for, Pisces. Jupiter, your co-ruler, turns retrograde in the sign of Aquarius at the end of the month giving you a lot to think about. If you’ve taken many risks over these last few months, you may be feeling it personally. The same can be said if you’ve been playing things too safe - and getting absolutely nowhere. If there is discord somewhere on your path, Jupiter’s magic attempts to clear it away! Before that however, the Cancer New Moon shifts into your romantic 5th house on the 10th, bringing romance and flirtation into your life. You are connecting deeper with someone and overall it’s a joyous experience. On the 24th, an Aquarius Full Moon helps you be of service to others. Use your mysticism and peace to drive others to do the same.


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