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What the Stars Have in Store for June

June 01, 2021 11 min read

What the Stars Have in Store for June

The mystical and lovely astrologer and reader of the stars SRNAVERSE gives us a look into what the coming month has in store:

June is a wild ride, a month full of contradictions and ongoing Eclipse’s - pushing and pulling us in our own unique way. On the 10th, a Solar Eclipse in Gemini follows the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius (May 26th) bringing emotional upheaval to our usual ordinary, routine lives. Individually we are all at different turning points, and this Gemini-themed Eclipse can identify upcoming themes in all our lives. For example, Gemini is a dual natured sign, showing two different sides to one coin. Gemini is outspoken, creative, cerebral and independent - during this Eclipse we may learn how to better incorporate these qualities in our lives.

Mercury stations direct on the 23rd, but is still in its post-shadow phase for another two weeks. As usual, remain flexible and patient to all the changing scenarios and be weary of signing contracts, you’re unsure of before throughout the month. A Full Moon occurs on the 23/24th in the sign of Capricorn. Making an opposition to the Sun in Cancer, this moon is a time for personal fulfilment through emotion, friendship and partnership. The Cancer/Capricorn axis deals with concerns such as home vs. career, family vs. social presence and the real face vs. the fake face. We are encouraged across June to be responsible for the things we say as well as the things we don’t say. No one can read our minds, take back your power by owning what and who you want.


Restrictions dissolve, Aries. As Venus and Mars join together early on in the month, in your 4th house of family and belonging. You are cooperative, finding ways to connect with others, nesting in your home and perhaps adding trinkets to it. Meeting new friends that feel like you’ve known them in another life is also part of the karmic 4th house. A Solar Eclipse on the 10th in Gemini, closely follows the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse, appearing in your 3rd house of communication. This Eclipse is inspiring, exciting and you feel motivated by its futuristic themes - it’s no doubt Gemini helps you look on the ‘bright side’ of life. On the 23rd, Mercury finally moves direct, also in the sign of Gemini, helping ground you back to the present reality. Wait to sign documents or contracts for a few more days, as the post-shadow energy takes a while to clear on its own. On the 24th, Mars will be entering your 5th house, expressing care and contentment for a lover or friend in your life. Do not be so ‘uptight’ in a personal situation that you fail to see the humour, move on quickly and quietly. This same day, a Full Moon merges with Pluto at the top of your chart, helping you plant seeds that nourish your garden.


Delays may appear frustrating but who knows what they’re shielding you from, Taurus. The month begins with Venus and Mars merging in your chatty 3rd house - helping you maintain better communication and understanding with those around you. A Solar Eclipse in Gemini appears on the 10th, in your cash related 2nd house. It’s all about personal security as well as resources, values, possessions and creature comforts. Some of you may be launching a new service or product in which you will develop longevity and reputation, as Eclipse energy lasts well into the next 6 months. The Sun leaves Gemini on the 21st, to enter sweet and sensitive Cancer. Mars moves into your 4th house of family from the 24th, upgrading a current living situation. The domestic scene and your own lifestyle are stimulated at this time, so seek to strike a balance! Finally, Mercury will move direct from the 23rd, helping you gain some authenticity in business or a creative side project, but you must continue to take risks if you are to advance. A Full Moon in your 9th house resonates with Pluto’s position, as both are in Capricorn and will illuminate your worldly ambitions and desire for success.


Happy Birthday, June Gemini’s! This month has a few fated events to look out for - and most situations will feel personally rewarding. On the 3rd, Venus joins Mars in your romantic and committed 7th house. You may be contributing to business collaborations, connecting with a lover or meeting new friends - the essence of the 7th house is influenced by partners and those relationships in which you 'grow'. The Solar Eclipse is the big news, as it is in your sign, and comes following the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse that occurred on May 26th. This eclipse plays on the ‘mutable’ energy that both you and Sagittarius hold, as well as the North/South Node axis which is relevant until January 2022. Questioning identity, personality, reputation will occur in and around this date- but expect it to be confronting, as there are huge spiritual connotations to an Eclipse in your own sign. There is a lot to unpack - don’t shy away from a little ‘self work’ now. On the 21st, the Sun leaves your sign to enter sensitive Cancer. A few days later, Mercury in your sign stations direct and ends it's tedious retrograde. On the 24th, a Capricorn Full Moon engages with Pluto in your mysterious and intimate 8th house. Deepening partnership on all fronts, Capricorn energy can’t stand ‘surface level’ exchanges. So, expect themes of sexuality and spirituality to come into much finer focus.


Happy almost Birthday, Cancer! It is your month in which to prosper, nurture and surrender to all the beauty evident in your life. The spiritual journey is heightened over the next 4 weeks as you peel back the layers. Do very little, instead allow yourself to be. Take a break if you must, and focus on recalibrating. Your season is about the deepest level of the ‘mother’ archetype, and you feel best when you serve and uphold traditions close to your heart. From the 3rd, Venus and Mars join together in your 1st house - helping you gain momentum on your health and wellbeing as well as reputation and image. Next up is the big news - the Solar Eclipse in Gemini happening in your 12th house - with long lasting themes that are in play for up to 6 months. The 12th house requires some faith and trust in ‘God’s plan’, and it can leave you humbled by the opportunities it brings you in regards to healing, both mentally and physically. On the 24th, a Full Moon in Capricorn, harmonises with Jupiter as it shines a light on your house of love. The opposition between Capricorn and Cancer is symbolic, as you toss and turn between emotional ties and conscious forward direction. Who is consuming you? Take some of the power back by settling into stability, love that is safe is not mediocre.


Too much of a good thing can eventually turn bad, Leo. The month begins on the 3rd, when Venus and Mars join your mystical 12th house - helping you gain momentum in your spiritual life. Past friends or lovers can come back when the 12th house is accentuated, which is no surprise considering it’s also Mercury retrograde until the 23rd. The first few weeks of the month then can provide you with a welcome breather, especially if you’ve been supporting someone through a rough patch. The next big news arrives on the 10th, when a Solar Eclipse in Gemini engages with your 11th house of friendship, giving way to a new community that is instrumental in helping you come out of your ‘shell’. Oftentimes you recognise that false friends leave you wearing a fake mask, and this new cycle brings forward more ‘soul’ friends. Mars moves into your sign mid-month, engaging a more health conscious you, both mentally and physically. Mercury moves direct from the 23rd in Gemini, breaking up a very demanding, monotonous few weeks. Finally, a Full Moon in Capricorn on the 24th resonates with Pluto in your 6th house -keeping some sort of balance between working and relaxing. Some of you may be entering new relationships or business/house agreements at this time.


Keep building a strong foundation, Virgo. June can feel a little frustrating with so much going on emotionally - but look toward other people's point of view (or advice) before you totally discard it. Mars and Venus join together in your friendly 11th house from the 3rd of the month, making you of assistance to someone socially. As always, people come to you to join the dots and connect them to other like-minded individuals. For you, this is a welcome distraction - and it makes you feel included in the vast cliques you’re privy too. On the 10th, a Gemini Solar Eclipse occurs in your 10th house - and is joined by Mercury here too. The influence of this Eclipse will pulse through until the end of the year, so there’s more to adjust too. Your ruler Mercury is retrograde until the end of the month, so it will help to triple check any writing, emailing, texting. On the 21st, Cancer season starts bringing love and romance forward - and many of you could be feeling extra intuitive and insightful, you seek out like-minded people who you can easily open up too. On the 24th, a Full Moon in Capricorn resonates with Pluto in your playful 5th house of fertility and fun.


You are a creature of habit, Libra. July is a truly palpable month, with much occurring internally. Completion and culmination are two key words for the first few weeks, get comfortable with it. Venus and Mars are harmonious in your 10th house of achievement from the 3rd. This can signal that you’re about to make two steps forward in your career, or something you’ve placed your heart and soul into. It’s an active cycle of pursuing, but the Saturn retrograde energy can have your team working some damage control. From mid month, the big news is the Solar Eclipse in Gemini occurring in your 9th house of higher learning and personal dynamics. Life is developing with some sort of international twist, and it can well and truly take you by surprise. The Sun moves into Cancer on the 21st, and a few days later, on the 23rd, Mercury stations direct in the sign of Gemini. A Full Moon in sensible Capricorn lights up your 4th house of belonging and family on the 24th, bringing change to your living and home situation.


You’re doing a lot of observing this month, Scorpio. So check in on your own boundaries as well as others. Venus and Mars come into your 9th house on the 3rd, putting an international twist to all that you do. The Solar Eclipse in Gemini is the news to know about however, as it will occur in your mysterious 8th house, which coincidentally rules your Scorpio sign. Drama, illusion, intimacy and delusion can come to play within relationships - try not to assume and think the worst of other people. Instead encourage others by being your own transparent self, put energy into the right people by trusting your instincts. Mercury stations direct on the 23rd, after a tedious retrograde and you can breathe a sigh of relief and stop procrastinating. The Sun enters Cancer on the 21st, shifting the wild ‘air’ energy of Gemini - helping you pursue interests and people you have a strong connection to. A Full Moon in Capricorn occurs in your 3rd house, aligning here with Pluto. Owning and embracing a ‘lesson’ is very much this moon’s theme, roll with the punches.


June is a month of acceleration, Sagittarius. It’s not a time for negotiations, collaborations, new business ventures or contracts. However, it will be soon enough with Mercury stationing direct on the 23rd. On the 3rd, Venus and Mars merge together in your 8th house of shared finances and entangled moments of intimacy. On The 10th, the Solar Eclipse in Gemini opposes the South Node in your own sign. It’s highlighting your house of relationships, committing love and unity to someone special will make your heart soar. Sharing information and ideas feature heavily, and past memories or nostalgia (if you haven’t dealt with it) can also come up now in a very misguided way. It’s best to reflect in this moment, as nothing you see is very clear. We’ve got a lot happening as we reach the midpoint of the year. A Full Moon on the 24th aligns with Pluto in Capricorn. A Full Moon does not hide what it finds, so make sure your finances are on the right track.


Mercury retrograde is never a good time to start something brand new, Capricorn. Venus and Mars are harmonious in your 7th house of love and commitment, from the 3rd, igniting a flame in your love life. The Solar Eclipse in Gemini on the 10th sticks around until the end of the year, and for you it manifests in the 6th house, influencing everyday life. The 6th house is routine, business partnership, personal limitations and even opening up to counselling/therapy. It’s the all rounder that seeks to make you into a better human. There is a lot of ‘self improvement’ going on beneath the surfaces for you, and it’s in the simple things - like the food you choose to eat, the alcohol you don’t drink, even the books you read. The incessant retrograde energy of Saturn and Mercury and later on Uranus and Jupiter, can drive you to the brink of madness. Keep it as calm on the home front as possible. On the 24th, a Full Moon in your sign merges with Pluto, doubling the action in your 1st house of image and reputation.


The month begins with Venus and Mars colliding together in your 6th house of routine and health, Aquarius. This brings about a nice balance in regards to body & soul - aligning your energy. Keeping calm is necessary as the month progresses, because a Solar Eclipse in Gemini lights up your 5th house of fertile creativity and romance. You are encouraged to act with more joy, more play - actually stop and smell the roses with those around you. A partner may be of great support helping you refine business opportunities, or sift through the copious amount of work you have on your plate. Sometimes just talking it through with a trusted confidant can set you off on an exciting chapter you hadn’t thought of yourself. On the 21st, the Sun moves into Cancer, switching up the ‘moody’ mood of Gemini. A Capricorn Full Moon ends the month on the 24th, aligning with Pluto also here - in your 12th house of silence and privacy. Time in nature can help heal any trauma, so steal yourself away from the chaos and find inner peace.


A powerful month to rethink and reassess, Pisces. Venus and Mars merge in your 5th house of fertility, intimacy and creativity from the 3rd, making the first 2 weeks of the month a wonderful time to entertain, engage and connect with others in your life. The Gemini Solar Eclipse occurs in your cosy 4th house of home and family, meaning many of you are upgrading or renovating your own personal space. These changes can feel overwhelming as they displace you for a moment or so. Don’t sweat the small stuff. These 4th house changes are much needed and will break open the ‘2.0’ version of your life. You are conscious and consistent, as the Sun enters Cancer on the 21st, your sister sign, helping you heal any past problems or arguments. The Capricorn Full Moon on the 24th merges nicely with your sign, resonating in your 11th house of social friendship. You are gaining a new sense of community through something new occurring in your life - a move, a pregnancy, a birth, a new job?

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