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What The Stars Have In Store For March

March 04, 2022 11 min read

What The Stars Have In Store For March

The juice is well worth the squeeze in March. Not only are our love lives moving from strength to strength, but the month also strongly suggests that we can transform and reveal parts of our psyche to the outer world with confidence and support.

Pisces season is a gentle time, one that utilises the mutable energy it harnesses with great capacity. We are nimble, alert - especially to the spiritual side of life. Dreams have significance, meetings have meaning and the potency of Jupiter and Neptune merged in Pisces, gives the Sun great momentum! The best way to use this force within your life is to show up in relationships with an open heart. The intention is to highlight what you’ve gained, not dwell on what may have been lost (or appears to be gone).

Assumptions can be the bane of romantic relationships, and Pisces loves to embellish a story, making it more than it is, or more than it was. Be careful of suspicions and your own personal theories - let everyone have their chance to tell their side of the story. Often, there are many different versions of the truth - this Pisces can comprehend.

A New Moon in Pisces arrives on the 3rd of March, with a Full Moon arriving in the opposite sign, Virgo on the 18th. The New Moon is sweet and tender, grandly optimistic. Mercury and Saturn are closely aligned, suggesting that there can be a feeling of commitment - devotion and dedication to something much larger. That same day, Venus, Mars and Pluto are conjunct the Moon, furthering the idea that a dream shared, is a dream made true. Integrate yourself within your most special desire, don’t see yourself apart from it - but a part of it! On the 6th, Venus enters Aquarius and on the 10th, Mercury enters Pisces.

We’ve got all the planets moving in direct motion all month, prioritising action, achievement and lots of fun activity! We are well on our way in the year 2022, what magic can you manifest?!

The Virgo Full Moon can urge us to find a better balance within our everyday lives, and we may well be ready for it in the delusion and elusiveness that Pisces season brings. To stop and look around, especially at the finer details that make up our budget, spending and savings helps us all remain accountable, aware.

There's a need to prioritise career, health, mental clarity and exercise. Work life can take up a big chunk of our life, and our emotional wellness may be directly linked to how we’re going in our career. Even though Virgo can find it hard to express their internal thoughts and desires, now is a good time to speak what you want into existence.

Use the business savvy nature Virgo embodies and own it in your personal life, it will only propel further magic. Power dynamics are changing in the world, so our responses naturally are shifting too - aim to pace yourself but know when to push the boundaries. We can’t play it safe all the time!

See you next month, 
Srna xo


March 21 - April 19

Something from the past returns now for revision. March helps to reorient your vision and align you with the ‘larger’ lessons in life. A New Moon in Pisces moves into your 12th house of spirituality on the 3rd. You can connect with something higher, more godly - whatever that may look like for you personally. Asking for help comes under the 12th house umbrella, so use the early days of the month for introspection and solitude. A Full Moon lights up your 6th house on the 18th, attracting you to positive people. Health, career and newly desired goals are considered and you achieve a sense of importance through business and collaborative endeavours. Pisces leaves the chat in time for birthday season on the 21st, opening you up to receiving. It’s very much about you toward the end of the month, and you’re pleasantly surprised by friends and family. Mercury joins the Sun on the 28th, in your 1st house, stimulating your progressive and innovative side. It’s a fine time to look back on some of the more challenging parts of 2020/2021, and to decipher how you’ve integrated lessons learnt. What can be different for you in 2022? It’s time to live your individuality, no holds barred. You’ve got the eagle eye view now, liberate yourself.



April 20 - May 20

Evolution of the spirit requires letting go of the past. A New Moon in Pisces merges with your social 11th house of friendship. Circling back to who you wish to spend more time with, what dreams you’d like to create together, and how you can show up more in community - for those who desperately need it. New connections can be made in the first week of March, as Jupiter + Neptune align strongly with the Sun in Pisces embracing wisdom and the magic of ‘beginnings’. Venus and Mars traverse your academic 10th house in the early days of the month, helping you focus on career advancement. It might even be time to wave goodbye to an insufficient paying job, or a path your hearts no longer into. Even if you don’t have all the answers now, it may feel as though this moment triggers a karmic revelation that will align you to a different type of business victory. A Full Moon arrives in Virgo, in your romantic and fun 5th house on the 18th. Relationships may have dipped high and low over the last 6 weeks, but the fluctuation comes to halt as you begin to radiate self-love and acceptance. Light your own fire and they will come!


May 21 - June 20

Evolve or stay stuck in karmic patterns, the choice is yours! A Pisces New Moon arrives on the 3rd, in your 10th house of ambition. It is accentuated heavily as Jupiter and Neptune merge with the Sun here. Is your career moving in the right direction? Do you leave work unsatisfied and undervalued? Is there a hobby that is more closely aligned to your heart?! This New Moon will shine a light on your future and which area you wish to take things in. The 7th can be a multi-layered day, one where you draw energy from collaborative efforts or creative outlets. Anything is possible, especially on the 13th, as Neptune and the Sun join together to make manifestations tangible. All in all, you seem to be enjoying yourself as you spend more time aligned to people who boost your mood. A Virgo Full Moon activates the 4th house of family, helping you to surrender to an on-going family drama. How can you set clear, fierce boundaries, while also being there for your closest circle? If you genuinely come from a place of humility, grace and compassion, they will respect and admire your stance, whatever it may be.


June 21 - July 22

It is time to handle a difficult and long-standing situation. Structures in the workplace require you to speak up and stand for what you believe in, regardless of what haughty mentors may think. Intellectual stimulation enhances your mood, especially on the 3rd when a Pisces New Moon hits your 9th house of travel, opportunity and philosophy. If power issues surface in a friendship or intimate situation, you’re ready for battle. Go slowly though, some people may be more talk than action, you don’t want to burn yourself out in the process. Venus and Mars meet in your intimate 8th house early on in the month, willing you to look at yourself through the eyes of another! You may be extra vulnerable to a lover, but this only moves your relationship further forward. Your intuition is strong and the Pisces energy harmonises with your water placement. A Virgo Full Moon arrives on the 18th, opposing the Sun, in your 3rd house of objective thinking. Communication is highlighted and you wish to share specific thoughts and feelings with friends and new acquaintances. Only take on the data that is useful, in this way you’re not wasting precious energy.



July 23 - August 22

A last minute change may bring a much needed shift in perspective. A Pisces New Moon arrives on the 3rd in your 8th house of mystery and intimacy. Some of you could be seeking out a partner you’ve been thinking about from your past, others are falling deeply in love with an intriguing, ‘not-my-usual-type’ of individual. The thrill is very much in the chase, the way you court one another. Others may be mixing business with pleasure and heating up lunch breaks with a work acquaintance. Be careful what you get yourself into, it seems like one person falls much harder! On the 7th, Mercury squares the Moon's Node and can make you jump at shadows. Is there something you need to confront? Stand for something, otherwise you can fall for anything. A Virgo Full Moon occurs in your 2nd house of skill, assets and finance on the 18th. Virgo is naturally calculating and at times clinical in their approach, and although this isn’t very you, this energy could help you to set boundaries financially and refine your spending, big time. Use practical and logical thinking to further your goals, that’s how things are manifested faster! On the 21st, Aries season begins, making you feel a little more comfortable due to its similar fiery energy!



August 23 - September 22

Don’t rush into judging a situation, you still know nothing about! A Pisces New Moon arrives on the 3rd, in your romantic and committed 7th house of true love. You are supported by partners, and there are words that wish to be exchanged, totally and with vulnerability. If you are single, it is a superb time to get out into the social world and make yourself available as there are many people you could connect with. You’ve reached an expansive level of consciousness, one that doesn’t limit or strictly define who and how you love. You feel more free, more pioneering, therefore opportunities present themselves. A Full Moon in Virgo lights up your 1st house of self, opposing your mutable sister-sign Pisces on the 18th, letting you have a long, hard look at yourself through the eyes of others - and through a core moment of clarity. Many of you could be overcoming obstacles and small but significant inner changes show that the hard work you’ve done over time, now makes more sense spiritually. You have the forward momentum of the planets backing you, demanding you stay grounded and aligned to the journey before you. On the 21st, Aries season moves into your 8th house, mudding the water financially.


September 23 - October 22

Remain compassionate, you never know what someone is going through. The situation you may be facing personally does not require you to run the show, so stand back and relinquish control. A Pisces New Moon arrives on the 3rd, in your 6th house of health and wellness. Career can be reshaped early in the month with this transit, so if you’ve been wishing to change direction or move away entirely now is a great time. Mercury merges with the Moon on the 10th, in your 6th house, confirming there is a wise lesson here to be learnt. Everything stems from a positive mindset and past experiences may remind us that what we perceive as real is very objective. A Full Moon in Virgo lights up your 12th house of privacy and solitude on the 18th. You may seek out quiet environments or friends who don’t expect too much from you. Comfortable silences in relationships may make you feel very secure, and you can have a moment of gratitude for the people who surround you. Aries season begins on the 21st, moving you more toward love and commitment, as the 7th house of romance is lit up.



October 23 - November 21

If you’ve felt unsettled in the past weeks, you can now soothe your mind throughout Pisces season. The energetic element of the month offers many opportunities and intriguing circumstances that you won’t wish to refuse - participation in every bit of your life is now at the top of your mind! A Pisces New Moon arrives on the 3rd, in your playful and adventurous 5th house. You may feel enchanted by a new partnership or just very expressive and creative within your daily work life. You can overcome something that may be holding you back around the 7th, as Venus and Mars push you to break away. A Full Moon in Virgo arrives on the 18th in your 11th house of friendship circles. You may be joining forces on a cool project with a long-time friend; a podcast, design or event collaboration! If you feel the pressure to be everywhere at once, just take a step back. The ones who matter will respect your boundaries. This month is not a race, so listen to your body and let meaningless chatter roll off your back, it does not define you.



November 22 - December 21

Listen to those around you with an open mind. The month can feel like quite a journey, as you navigate a transitory time. A Pisces New Moon arrives on the 3rd, in your family orientated 4th house. You may be thinking a lot about where you belong and where you wish to put down steady roots. Personally and professionally, you could be spending more time with people who feel like family, regardless of their status. You have learnt a few lessons in this arena of home life throughout 2020 and 2021, and you are determined not to burn any more bridges. Love sparks may be flying, and it's quite nice to be so excited about something. A Full Moon in Virgo lights up your 10th house on the 18th, encouraging you to receive within your career. If someone has a compliment for you, honour it and recognise your hard work. Explore the natural redirection that may be occurring in business and engage with your goals and dreams around this date, as it's extremely potent for furthering and advancing your work life.



December 22 - January 19

Work smart, not hard! March has many healing properties as the Sun engages sensitive Pisces. Personally you may be going through a very intuitive experience, where you must listen more to your heart than your head. Venus and Mars dance together on the 7th, focusing on keeping the faith, especially and most importantly when the going gets tough in romance, friendship and family dynamics. Love requires work, expressing yourself is a big part of this equation, so there will be no shortage of emotion early on in the month. A Pisces New Moon arrives on the 3rd, in your communicative 3rd house of responsibility and negotiation. You can seek more structure and order in your day to day life, focusing on business and your collaborative relations. A Full Moon in Virgo lights up your 9th house of adventure and travel, encouraging you to tackle problems head on. Nurture your ambitions but don’t forget to dream a little dream, that makes your soul soar!



January 20 - February 18

A personal discovery leads to much needed insight on what hardship a friend or relative may be going through. You make a good sounding board and an excellent councillor. You have strong intuition so use it when feeling uncertain, especially if circumstances leave you feeling rather puzzled. A desire to work things out and patch things up are met enthusiastically by an ex or romantic partner. A Pisces New Moon arrives on the 3rd, in your financial 2nd house. You may be working behind the scenes and feeling very rewarded by personal responsibilities. Life may be simple, balanced and enriching, you prefer familiar settings and people who don’t expect too much of you right now. Venus and Mars merge in your sign, releasing negativity. This transit is very favourable and fulfilling, so you may look at ways to advance yourself romantically, physically and spiritually. A Full Moon in Virgo lights up your 8th house of mystery and money, it could be time to discuss a sensitive topic like prenups, joint accounts or shared savings.


February 19 - March 20

Your birthday month brings intuition and harmony, but it's up to you to integrate it within your daily reality. A Pisces New Moon arrives on the 3rd, in your 1st house of self - mirroring what is going on internally, externally. Lots of opportunities present themselves in all avenues of your life, use this time for manifesting the (im)possible. With Jupiter and Neptune aligning with the Sun and Moon, you get a double dose of luck and blessing. Many of you could be feeling very reflective as you turn another year older. A vastly different perspective on an old situation floods you with emotion, as you comprehend how much you’ve matured and grown. On the 10th, Mercury moves into your sign confirming the urge to get on top of things, to get clear about your 2022 direction. You get a boost from like-minded people and could very well be on the precipice of committing to a giant project or person! A Full Moon in Virgo lights up your 7th house, it's time to engage fully and authentically with a partner and nourish the relationship with humour and kindness.



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