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What The Stars Have In Store For May

May 11, 2022 9 min read

What The Stars Have In Store For May

By Srna

Don’t pay attention to the little troubles that the mind constantly tries to control. Often, the problems we dwell on never come to pass. Laugh it off, move on, refresh yourself. The month of May is our cue to resolve differences, get our head right and fixate on the finances, baby! Show me the money - that’s our motto for the next 31 days!

On the 1st, we have a Solar Eclipse in Taurus. We will all melt into the sensual, the tender, the soft. Taurus is seduced by art, music, theatre, even and especially a handsome face. Uranus in Taurus is conjunct the Moon and Sun here, so we can expect a little unusualness. With Venus and Jupiter close to this transit, in Pisces, we will feel inspired by our love lives. The thinking is very optimistic and friends/colleagues cooperate much easier with one another. We can feel particularly philosophical, as if we’re on the precipice of something spiritual. Taurus is open to learning, to finding solutions - it seeks to connect and encourage. Open your heart to the world, when you do, individuals who watch from afar, can give you great perspective on those little hiccups you seem to come up against.

Our second Mercury retrograde of the year begins in Gemini on the 10th of May until the 4th of June. Communication is complex, and people can be very hard to read. Gemini is mind expanding, it thrives on conversation. From this we can be quick and clever, this transit is particularly fond of witty banter. However, May isn’t totally sweet and simple. We are all up for some big changes, especially on the 11th when Jupiter leaves Pisces, and enters Aries! The key words here are: action, prosperity and empowerment. Jupiter in Aries is strong and forceful, it pushes us to be more self-sufficient, more confident. On the 16th, a Full blood Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in Scorpio opposing the Sun and Uranus. Eclipse season is powerful, in 2022 it is activating the Taurus/Scorpio axis that deals with possession, obsession, transformation, money and resources. A second New Moon occurs in Gemini right at the end of the month, on the 30th, representing opportunities to express, rebel and respond. We may all be involved in a curious situation with a friend or family member, perhaps someone is finally telling the truth about an occurrence that happened a long time ago. This can shock us or awaken us - depending on which side we choose to take. The side of righteousness is often favoured. Remember, this transit is here to refresh our energy, to clear away old debts and to set us off on our own extraordinary journey, one we don’t need to apologise for embarking on. Follow your joy, and look for symbols that represent to you, that you are on the right path forward.

See you next month xo



You get the chance to right a wrong in May. The transits are encouraging, pushing boundaries and letting you make some real progress with daily chores. Venus enters your sign on the 3rd of the month, merging with Jupiter a few days later to help you to charm your way through all types of sticky situations. In love, you are direct and spontaneous - generous with family and accepting of friends' flaws. Pluto is retrograde in Capricorn until October, which means you may face some indecision over a career pursuit. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in your 8th house in the sign of Scorpio on the 16th. Opposing the Sun, this can be a very tricky time to navigate as self-esteem related to money/love can take a hit. Mars, your ruler shifts into your sign on the 25th, giving you more energy, more life!


Let yourself move through all the obstacles you face with grace and compassion. May is a very busy month astrologically speaking, but you look set to benefit most. On the 1st, you experience the highly personal Solar Eclipse in your sign, in the 1st house of individuality. There are many hidden messages all around you, decipher them by quieting the mind and reading between the lines. On the 3rd, Venus moves into your spiritual and psychic 12th house in Aries where it merges with Jupiter on the 11th. Mercury retrogrades in Gemini that same day, where it will stay until early June. There is potential in business, but you’ve got to be discerning. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in your romantic 7th house of commitment and marriage, in the sign of Scorpio on the 16th. On the 30th, a New Moon in Gemini helps you get creative with a lover.


It’s birthday time for those born in the month of May - Gemini babies! Many well wishes to you. The process that unfolds will feel rather personal throughout the month, as if the people you meet and places you go are tailor made just for you. The Taurus Solar Eclipse is abundant on the 1st, pushing you to open your heart and not be influenced by other people's opinions. You’re allowed to like who you like! Jupiter and Venus in Aries merge with your social 11th house, refreshing you emotionally. It will be highly possible to reconnect with an old friend, especially when, Mercury, your ruler stations retrograde in your sign on the 11th! Get ready for a dizzying few weeks. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in your 6th house in Scorpio on the 16th, you’re exhilarated by a new sport or regime. The last week of the month will be potent with abundant energy, as the New Moon flourishes in your sign, and your uniquely personal 1st house.



Step through the doors that open for you. It won’t feel like a paradox or a trick, it will feel sublimely simple and easy. During the first few months of the year, you’ve been questioning if where you’re at and what you’re up to is ‘right’. Venus lights up your academic 10th house on the 3rd, helping you knuckle down and connect with authority figures/bosses. Jupiter joins Venus in Aries on the 11th, dazzling the crowd. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in your playful and tender 5th house on the 16th. Spend time with people who make you feel young at heart, who remain positive even when you’re asking for advice. On the 21st, the Sun moves into your spiritual and reflective 12th house, winding down your social appearances and reminding you how much you love hermit mode. A Gemini Moon doubles down on this 12th house energy, when a New Moon appears on the 30th.


Once bitten, twice shy. Yet, in this wild month where Uranus and the North Node move close to your sign, its best to throw caution to the wind and go for it. Venus spends some time in your 9th house of travel and philosophy this month, and you set your sights on greener pastures. If you’ve wanted to move away or travel to far out destinations, this could be the time where you pick up and go. Jupiter joins Aries on the 11th, opening you to destined introductions. Mercury stations retrograde in your social 11th house of friendship on the 10th in Gemini. Gemini is big on conversation, so over the course of the next 4 weeks you’ll be doing A LOT of talking. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in your 6th house in Scorpio on the 16th. It’s evident a lifestyle overhaul is in the works, get ready to meet all sorts of unique people on this new part of your journey.


May is a very busy month, astrologically speaking, and you particularly will feel the pinch, attempting to be everywhere at once. You’re in a rather introspective mood due to the impending decisions you have to make in business. Luckily, you have colleagues or partners who make this consideration creative and fun. Venus and Jupiter merge in your 8th house of mystery and shared finances on the 11th, revising what you’re looking for in a partner. Mercury, your ruler stations retrograde on the 11th in Gemini, representing a very quirky few weeks that are based around intimate conversations. You can meet someone or find out news that sets you off in a completely unique direction around the 20th. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in Scorpio on the 16th, adjusting your expectations with friends and family will be necessary so you’re not disappointed.



Concentrate on what’s going on in front of you. The month of May is all about improving your current situation and giving yourself added advantage over lifestyle triggers like drinking/time wasters. Venus and Jupiter in Aries merge together on the 11th, filling you with love for a partner, as the transit spends time in your house of relationships and exudes warmth and tenderness. You may have long distance on your mind or someone from a far away culture, conversations via email or the phone seem to take up your time. Mercury stations retrograde on the 10th in Gemini, in your philosophical 9th house of travel and dreams. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in your 2nd house of finances in Scorpio. Financial disruptions are likely, however you feel empowered by this to get on top of your debt. A New Moon in Gemini merges with the Sun, doubling down on the 9th house energy of education and philosophy.



Tackle tasks early on, as this month has the ability to really slip away from you. Venus and Jupiter spend some time in Aries and your 6th house of inner health. You seek freedom through movement or after-work activities with groups of people, where you can really expel some energy and have fun. Mercury shifts into retrograde in Gemini on the 10th, where it will stay to confuse us all until early June. This retrograde is a reminder not to buy brand new appliances, not to sign too many documents or make too many promises. Gemini is expressive by nature and will pull you out of your shell. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in your sign on the 16th, and is potent until the 20th, in the very personal 1st house of self, confirming this is a very important month for you. Your reputation, feelings, desires and boundaries are being tested. Don’t shy away, invite them in.


You learn something new about yourself this month. Venus and Jupiter dance around your playful and romantic 5th house, bringing a chance encounter on the 11th. A lover may be paying extra attention to you, making you feel like a star. Mercury is retrograde on the 10th, in Gemini, traversing through your house of relations. You will be trying to create a comfortable home life for a child, friend or elderly family member. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in your spiritual 12th house on the 16th in the sign of Scorpio. This is a very reflective, quiet and dark time of the month, where you turn inward and ask yourself some hard hitting questions. Be ready for the answers to surprise you but not shock you. On the 30th, a Gemini New Moon opens you to indulgence, beauty and comfort.


Be a role model of integrity. May is wonderful for attracting positive conversation about your future in career and love. Venus and Jupiter are solely focused on family, children and close friends this month. With the 4th house accentuated, it’s evident that being engaged with the people closest to you will now mean the most. Mercury retrogrades in Gemini until June 4th in your 6th house of physicality, diet and career progress. Some of you could be volunteering your time to a community project or an elderly friend. Adapt a ‘can do’ attitude and you’ll see that everything gets completed in record time. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in Scorpio and your social 11th house on the 16th. Opposing the Taurus Sun, this transit can develop feelings for a friend.


Tap into your creativity. This month is very busy with many tricky transits, so it's on you to remain enthusiastic and grateful for the good that pops up in your everyday life. Venus and Jupiter in Aries spend time in your 3rd house of communication, satisfying your need to talk and resolve. Mental stimulation is big for you, so a partner that keeps you intrigued is imperative. Mercury stations retrograde in sister-sign Gemini until early June, giving you the gift of the gab in the romantic 5th house. It’s evident you’ll be doing a lot of talking with a lover this month, or perhaps just speed dating. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in your 10th house in Scorpio opposing the Taurus Sun on the 16th. Exercise patience with business colleagues and push people along.


You’re up for a challenge this month. Venus and Jupiter twirl around your financial 2nd house in Aries, reassessing your skills for a resume tune up. It could be time to finish up with a project that no longer feels creative or collaborate with a friend on an inspirational hobby. Mercury retrograde in Gemini on the 10th can feel a little intense, confusing our speech and mannerisms as we try to imitate other people. Take a moment to reflect on all the good in your life - and the parts you like about yourself. The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs in Scorpio in your 9th house of spiritual evolution. Be part of an organisation or connection that reinvigorates you. On the 30th, a New Moon in Gemini activates your 4th house of family. Something big is happening in relation to children, and if you’ve been trying to get pregnant now is the time for some of you!




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