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October 29, 2021 8 min read


Astrologer SRNAVERSE is back to reveal what the stars have in store for us this November!

The November forecast is quite special as the Lunar Eclipse in earthy Taurus is activated on the 19th kicking of the next series of eclipses in the Scorpio/Taurus axis. Merging with Uranus also in Taurus - we seek validation, and can be exposed to some very clandestine matters. A Lunar Eclipse is potent, and occurs on a Full Moon when the earth is between the Sun & Moon in its orbit. Opportunities to make money, create boundaries with friends and lovers and improve our stubborn, ego streak is evident. It is encouraged to put down roots, to choose those friends that feel like family - if we can live in authenticity, magic is revealed from the shadows. Eclipses can bring about a ‘crisis’ which leads us to a major life event or change - but there’s no need to be scared, instead remain positive. But, as always, with elements of shock and surprise be prepared to ride the electric waves. 

A New Moon in notoriously private Scorpio, merges with Mars and arrives on the 4th/5th - recognising that forgiveness has a place and time - maybe today, this week, this month. Leo, Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius will feel the effects of this Moon the most, as ambiguity ripples through their personal lives. Many of us are absorbing the agitated (powerful) vibe in the air - but we can turn it all around, if we consciously choose to look at the beauty, the joy, the silver lining that ultimately always is. There is a strong motivator this month to support the endeavours of the collective (Scorpio seeks true connection) - breaking down relationship barriers and addressing relationship issues with self are combined in this interpersonal sign. It will help us prioritise intimacy - focus - desire. On the 6th, Venus and Pluto join together, resolving issues to do with home or family. There is a strong ‘behind the scenes’ component to November, heightening our vigilance to our surroundings. A friend can become a muse, a stranger can become a friend - there is a certain richness to our private life - and spiritual forces guide us to bond, instead of disconnect. 

‘Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end’ - Seneca 

Big love,



March 21 - April 19

You have a chance to rethink, Aries. On the 4th of the month, a New Moon in Scorpio connects with Mars, your ruler, in the mysterious and complex 8th house. The beginning of November can feel extremely transformative, not only for cash flow, but for relationship progress. Your instinct, which is fuelled by the 8th house, is to dig for information - to find answers that solve problems. On the 6th, Venus moves into your 10th house of ambition - encouraging career growth. On the 19th, an intense Taurus Lunar Eclipse harmonises with Uranus, also in Taurus in your house of money, giving you a push to make awkward but necessary financial changes. 


April 20 - May 20

Reality may be setting in, Taurus. November is about balance, and increasing optimism as well as romance in your life. The month feels very personal, as there is a Lunar Eclipse in your sign on the 19th, which can change the route you’re on forever. Occurring in your 1st house, you will put your own needs first, all the while taking a moment to refine and define who you are as a person. There can be drama in your love life, and emotions are heightened. Before that however, the month begins with a New Moon in Scorpio in your house of relationships, demanding a lot more of you. A big part of this cycle is compromise and negotiating, and aligning with a significant other. If you don’t take the risk in love, you’ll never know. 


May 21 - June 20

When you fail to act, change is forced upon you, Gemini. The month begins with a serious and sensuous New Moon in Scorpio, merging with the Sun in your 6th house of routine and health. With Mars here too, there can be necessary changes made to your job. In some way, you are going through a healing process and lots of negative emotions can be cleared. You feel resilient and this is an ideal time to look forward, especially if you want to change career or jump into a new role. Venus and Pluto join together in your 8th house, deepening intimacy and revealing where there is resistance. A Lunar Eclipse in Taurus occurs on the 19th, in your spiritual, secretive 12th house.


June 21 - July 22

Keep an eye out, Cancer. November is a month of responsibility, progress - love fused with service. It begins with a New Moon in Scorpio merging with the Sun and Mars, powering in your 5th house of romance. There is a demanding energy occurring around a creative interest of yours, or perhaps even your children/siblings. Intimate affairs may be tested, but if you’re on good footing there isn’t much to worry about. Venus then moves in tune with Pluto, on the 6th, in your karmic relationship house. The early weeks of November are for pleasure seeking activities but you’ll need to reinstate boundaries accordingly. On the 19th, a powerful Eclipse in Taurus shifts into your social 11th house. 


July 23 - August 22

Certain developments are made in love, Leo. This month the main theme for you is; nourishment. It’s an intense, personal time with a transformative spiral going on, taking all your energy and attention. It begins with Mars and a New Moon in Scorpio, on the 4th occurring in your 4th house of family life. Domestic squabbles are illuminated and you attempt to strike a sort of balance between work and home. Venus and Pluto hang around in the holistic 6th house most of the month, helping you refine diet. Toward the end of the month, a profound Eclipse in Taurus opposes the Sun in your ambitious 10th house. Career matters can come to a head as your professional beliefs are tested.


August 23 - September 22

Don’t feel as though you have to solve everything, Virgo. This month is quite intense and powerful - as the new eclipse axis (Taurus/Scorpio) is introduced. Life can feel unsure or unusual - and this is exciting as well as overwhelming. A New Moon in Scorpio merges with the Sun and Mars in your communicative 3rd house on the 4th of the month. Drama can appear in the form of sibling rivalry, education, and transportation. On the 6th, Mercury, your ruler, also joins this 3rd house of ‘learning’, deepening it’s experience in your life. On the 19th, the Lunar Eclipse occurs in your 9th house of personal beliefs - look for third options in education or career. 


September 23 - October 22

You’re approaching a huge shift, Libra. November can feel somewhat challenging, as you complete outstanding projects that have been held up because of all the retrograde planets. Movement is felt from the 4th, on the New Moon in Scorpio merging with the Sun in your 2nd house of finances. There is a cosmic push out of the comfort zone, to make some serious cash changes, finally. Venus and Pluto come together on the 6th in your familiar 4th house of family. Uncomfortable drama surrounding a parent or sibling, can offer a fresh perspective now. On the 19th, a Taurus Eclipse occurs in your mysterious 8th house, helping you manage resources better. 


October 23 - November 21

Intuition is especially strong, Scorpio - as you celebrate another trip around the sun. The month begins with a powerful New Moon in your sign, merging with Mars and the Sun in your 1st house of personality. This will bring up themes of dependence and independence - and where you’re at on an emotional scale. Mars brings many new beginnings your way, and you have a desire for action, travel and experience. On the 6th, Venus and Pluto shift into your communicative 3rd house, encouraging you to share your heart with those who’ve shown you they’ll be there. A very personal Lunar Eclipse takes place on the 19th, introducing a new set of eclipses - in your sign and your opposite sign of Taurus. This Eclipse will fall in your house of relationships, showing you what’s not good enough anymore - feelings will be brought up to be cleared once and for all. 


November 22 - December 21

Stay in your heart centre, Sagittarius. The month can change within the blink of an eye - so keep yourself present - in the moment, as much as possible. A New Moon in Scorpio is potent in your spiritual 12th house, overwhelms you with the need for privacy and solitude. A work project may come to fruition now, and more personal matters wish to be pursued. On the 6th, Venus and Pluto meet in your financial 2nd house, bringing good news about cash flow. On the 19th, a transformational Taurus Lunar Eclipse sets plans into motion, occurring in your 6th house of psyche. The internal world will be just as important as the physical - and there can be a big reality check in terms of career direction. 


December 22 - January 19

November brings the magic, Capricorn. The month is important as we set off on a new Eclipse cycle in the signs of Taurus and Scorpio. Some of you may feel like crawling under the covers to rest - others will have a renewed sense of optimism for the last weeks of 2021. On the 4th, a New Moon in Scorpio merges with the Sun, in your social 11th house. Friendships may be tested, but you show your character by remaining cool. People can validate you, but a romantic partner can test you - it’s all in the perspective. On the 19th, a very unique Lunar Eclipse in sister-sign Taurus, shifts into the creative, artistic and open minded 5th house. Nurture the entertaining side of your life, this will bring more joy.


January 20 - February 18

If you stay in a place of integrity, the rest follows, Aquarius. November is special for many reasons that you’ll soon come to find! A New Moon in Scorpio merges with the Sun and Mars in your ambitious 10th house. Career performance is a big theme in the first two weeks, and you’ll be asked to review your status honestly. On the 6th, Venus and Pluto dance together helping you raise the vibrations in your life through movement, meditation and community. A past love may call you out of the blue or you may just be dreaming about the good times you shared. Either way, old memories come flooding back in some form. On the 19th, a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus merges with Uranus in your 4th house of family. 


February 19 - March 20

There’s a sense of adventure felt in your current situation, Pisces. November can feel magical and spiritual because of the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus looming. However, before then, a Scorpio New Moon merges with Mars and the Sun on the 4th, in your 9th house of philosophy. You seek a wide audience to show off what you’ve learnt -  an old book or quote may come in handy when trying to express yourself. Venus and Pluto join together in your social 11th house, embracing the idea that friends can become family. Emotions are heightened and connections are strengthened. On the 19th, a Lunar Eclipse merges with eccentric Uranus, in your communicative 3rd house. Drama can surround how you say what you say - does it match what is in your heart?


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