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What the Stars Have In Store for September

September 02, 2021 11 min read

What the Stars Have In Store for September

The mystical and lovely astrologer and reader of the stars SRNAVERSE gives us a look into what the coming month has in store:

Happy Birthday to the meticulous and perceptive Virgo. The Virgin is practical, logical, organised and very cheeky - however, only those *allowed* close to them will know this. Virgo is the 6th sign in the zodiac, sitting opposite Pisces, its mutable sister-sign. The month starts off with a Virgo New Moon on the 6th/7th in harmony to Uranus in earthy Taurus. This means the first two weeks of September are related to the ‘mind’ - we are curious, goal orientated and extremely engaged with the intellectual side of living.

We are influenced by previous behaviours, habits and emotions, yet a sense of progress is in the air. Virgo provokes this insightful feeling, as it is insanely powerful in adapting to changing conditions. The energy that is evoked at the Virgo New Moon will last well into early October - so don’t undermine what progress can be done in business/collaboration. On the same day, Venus will trine with Jupiter in Aquarius, gifting us a breakthrough in love or luck.

Venus then enters transformational Scorpio from the 10th - making us all extra sensitive, intense and very affectionate. Love is a crucial aspect to this transit but if we’re not careful, it can veer into obsession. Mars will be in Libra from the 14th until late October, so we may not appear as assertive as usual. We fall back or let other people take the lead, mainly because Libra hates confrontation and conflict, even when it’s in an aggressive sign like Mars. The Equinox happens on the 23rd, here in Australia - occurring when the Sun crosses the equator - signifying that Spring is here. The day before however, the Sun leaves Virgo for it’s foray into Libra (22nd-Oct 23rd). Libra is an air sign associated with Venus, its ruling planet.

Represented by the scales, Libra’s are supposed to have a divine sense of balance within their life - however, it’s not always so simple to maintain. They are lovers by nature, quirky and personable. Our collective time in Libra will strive to create symmetry, harmony and equilibrium - even and especially in these dark and confusing Covid moments.

A Harvest Full Moon in Pisces lights up the sky on the 20th, with Neptune close by. Every year, this Full Moon is my favourite, partly because I’m a Pisces, but mainly because it engages with real heart power. This Full Moon always taps into the poetic nature of our emotions, and it’s even more polarising, because Virgo and Pisces are on the axis - revealing that opposites do attract. Pisces is a sentimental, sensitive and sweet water sign - and this Harvest Moon attempts to process some of its deepest, darkest, most turbulent baggage. We’ve all got it, and we all choose to carry specific memories with us. This lunation will ask why? What for?

Before the month comes to a close, we have the final Mercury retrograde beginning on the 26th/27th - in the sign of Libra. Until October 18th, many of us will be going back and forth with a past or present lover, looking at unresolved dramas that plague us. There can be a karmic element to this retrograde, and it can feel like we’re being personally prodded by the cosmos to purge feelings. Mercury in Libra can be extra judgemental, not just of self - but of others too. This transit will be about recognising ‘self’ in everything that is human. The good, the bad, the ugly and the routine. Identify with love - and you can do no wrong.


Uncertain situations shift, Aries. The month begins with a New Moon in Virgo in your 6th house - bringing in much activity. The influence will strongly feature on your health, mental wellness and physicality. Mars and the Sun are also in Virgo, giving this an extra boost. You can pick something from the past back up, or maybe your energy is just heightened. Clearing feelings of loss, grief and uncertainty can also feature heavily in these first two weeks of September. Venus then moves into Scorpio and your volatile 8th house that rules karmic love and partnership finances. If nothing appears to be changing just yet, be patient! An old flame or acquaintance can get back in touch. On the 20th, a Pisces Full Moon heals you through nature. Shifting into your meditative 12th house, you see the potential in forgiving. Make amends where necessary, and you will be rewarded. Finally, Mercury turns retrograde for the last time in the social sign of Libra, so you may be collaborating or adapting to another person's view.


A chance encounter changes things, Taurus. The first 3 weeks of the month are exceptional for productivity and business orientated goals. On the 7th, a New Moon in Virgo shifts into your romantic 5th house. Joined by the Sun and Mars, your relationships have great potential for a new beginning. Claim your partner - be confident and let those creative, poetic juices out! Venus enters Scorpio early in the month, helping the magic unfold in your 7th house. Again, this house is completely and utterly about intimacy and commitment in love. Put in motion a cherished heart desire, as Venus helps you follow through with self-confidence. The Pisces Full Moon resonates with Neptune in the 11th house helping you connect with a team of people. You are in an expansive part of the year, and it’s about remaining tactful. Finally, the Sun moves into Libra giving you a boost. On the 26th, Mercury stations retrograde and brings you back to something from a long time ago.


Hidden issues erupt, Gemini. Best to stay awake to what is happening around you, as your ruler Mercury gets ready to station retrograde for the final time this year. The month begins when a New Moon enters into Virgo, meeting Mars and the Sun in your domestic 4th house. You are encouraged to make things work, to forgive and forget. On the 11th, Venus moves into sexy Scorpio and your holistic 6th house. Work, health and wellbeing are influential - it’s time to love life. Money prospects can improve as you settle down with finances. Keep a strong foundation around you, especially when a Full Moon in Pisces comes around on the 20th. There is a strong desire for play, travel, freedom and positivity. On the 23rd, the Sun enters Libra and your romantic, carefree 5th house - don’t limit yourself!


Make the best of whatever comes, Cancer. September is about perseverance - and I would advise against being too risky. On the 7th, a logical New Moon in Virgo shifts into your 3rd house. Joined by the Sun and Mars, you choose to put plans into action by making the call or sending an email. On the 11th, Venus moves into Scorpio and your playful 5th house. Happy moments uplift you as you focus on creative projects or personal enhancements. A Pisces Full Moon is joined by Neptune in the night sky on the 20th, happening in your 9th house of recreation. You can have some good laughs with friends, while something more spiritual culminates behind the scenes. Connecting with people far and wide features heavily! On the 26th, Mercury stations retrograde giving you a break to procrastinate. You may experience some social envy, but it’s not worth the angst.


A little self-discipline goes a long way, Leo. A New Moon in Virgo ties in with this theme of practicality, appearing in your financial 2nd house. Joined by the Sun and Mars, you’re triggered by others who seem to be further up the ladder. This entices you to refine some of your inner most goals and values, aligning them to your true core purpose. On the 10th, Venus enters sexy Scorpio and your 4th house of domestic living. The people in your life will be very important mid-month, and you wish to take charge of a current situation. A serious relationship could be getting more intense, but make sure you’re not sugarcoating feelings that need to be expressed. Toward the end of the month, we have a beautiful Harvest Moon in Pisces, joined by Neptune. It’s a moment to allow past emotions to come up and be released. Surrender to being nurtured by others, and come into your heart space. Mercury turns retrograde in Libra on the 25th until mid-October, screwing contracts and negotiations.


Birthday Baby, Virgo. The month begins with a beautiful New Moon in your sign on the 7th, harmonising with Uranus. Boosting your energy, charisma and karma - occurring in your 1st house of image and personality. It’s time to put the attention on you, so do things that beautify your life. You may have a sudden desire to try something new, and the Sun in your sign gifts you the courage to do it! Despite any residual worries, you think big and take action where needed. Venus then enters Scorpio in your 3rd house of communication - on the 7th of the month. There is emphasis on your reputation, pace of life and emotional progress. Don’t be afraid to ask for help in sorting options out. On the 23rd, the Sun enters Libra and waves goodbye to you for another year. The Full Moon in your opposite sign, Pisces enters the night sky on the 20th. It’s shifting into your house of relationships, merging with Neptune giving extra affection and care to those who are #1 in your life. The month ends with Mercury, your ruler, entering Libra and its final retrograde on the 25th.


Time flies, Libra. Birthday season is fast approaching so naturally there is excitement in the air. The month starts with a New Moon in Virgo on the 7th entering your 12th house of privacy and enlightenment. You are being encouraged to explore meditation, nature and silence. The first two weeks can feel slow and steady, almost as if they’re gearing up for something quite special later on. From the 11th, Venus enters Scorpio and your financial 2nd house. Work with your most valuable skills - in this way, you may find out how to make more money through side projects and collaborations. A Harvest Full Moon in Pisces lights up the sky on the 20th, focusing on you and your 6th house of health and mental wellbeing. What are your intentions for the rest of the year? Write them down on this moon. On the 23rd, a day after Spring equinox, the Sun leaves practical Virgo for your sign. Mercury shifts into retrograde for the final time this year, in your sign on the 25th! Until October 18th, you return back to an old project, love or housing situation.


Let the storm pass, Scorpio. Life is moving fast and it’s coming up to your birthday soon enough. A New Moon introduces the month of September in the sign of Virgo on the 7th. Occurring in your 11th house of social situations, you will have phone calls aplenty. Inspired by creative groups you have much in common with is empowering, and with Mars and the Sun here too, everything is emphasised. On the 11th, Venus enters your sign - attracting good karma and popularity. You are keen to connect with others and give people the benefit of the doubt. A Pisces Full Moon is sublime, joining with Neptune in your romantic and playful 5th house. Children are highlighted, or maybe you feel more light hearted. On the 23rd, the Sun leaves Virgo for Libra and shifts into your 12th house of meditation and privacy. Mercury will retrograde in Libra until mid-October, so make sure the first three weeks of the month are used for completion.


There’s a silver lining here somewhere, Sagittarius. September begins with a logical but sweet Virgo New Moon on the 7th, joined by Uranus in Taurus. Entering your ambitious 10th house, it will be evident that work and career take precedence over everything else. There can be surprise news about your career, and it’s important to listen to intuition surrounding this situation. On the 15th, Mars enters your social 11th house, confirming it’s all about the people who surround you. Friends that feel like family don’t just happen on their own, you have to be a proactive and kind individual. On the 20th, a Pisces Full Moon merges with Neptune in your 4th house of home, family and living. Some may be having a sea change, or perhaps just re-connecting with an old friend/family member. On the 25th, Mercury, the planet of communication, turns retrograde for the final time in flirtatious Libra. Use the first three weeks to sign any important contracts and negotiations.


A sense of satisfaction washes over you, Capricorn. The month begins with a complimentary New Moon in Virgo (your sister sign) harmonising with Uranus in Taurus on the 7th. The energy is extremely earthy as it shifts into your 9th house of education, enlightenment and travel. There is passion behind a new project and it can feel like a ‘coming home’ of sorts. Venus enters secretive Scorpio on the 11th, shifting into your 11th house of friendship. Big groups of people will be important or perhaps you just appreciate having a lover that’s also a very close friend. You are in someone's corner 100% and expect the same from other people in your circle. On the 20th, a romantic Pisces Full Moon harmonises with Neptune in your 3rd house of communication. You are trusting intuition, so listen to the messages you receive. The final Mercury retrograde begins on the 25th of the month, joining the Sun in Libra. Finish off projects, don’t begin anything!


Good judgement is needed, Aquarius. A New Moon in Virgo joins the Sun and Mars in your intimate 8th house. Shared finances come under this guise, so partnerships play a big role in the first 3 weeks of the month. This energy is followed by Venus in Scorpio on the 11th of the month in your career driven 10th house. Don’t make any assumptions, anything can happen - especially if you’ve been accomplishing and ticking off the ’to do’ list. You may receive good news or be accepted into a new role! On the 20th, a special Harvest Moon in Pisces lights up the sky and your 2nd house of finances and values. There is always a third option when it comes to opportunity, so if things look black and white, believe me they’re not. On the 23rd, the Sun enters sister sign Libra and your educational, enterprising 9th house. The final Mercury retrograde begins on the 25th, in Libra, affecting reality with its sluggish backspin. Do everything you can in the first 3 weeks to have a concise October.


Make an unexpected move, Pisces. September always appeals to you, as the Harvest Moon in your sign lights up the sky. Before the Full Moon magic however, we have a New Moon in your opposite sign of Virgo. The Sun and Mars join here in your 7th house of commitment and love, confirming it’s time for some action in partnership. A door is opened to an individual that was previously closed before. Venus then enters Scorpio on the 11th, in your knowledgeable 9th house of philosophy and education. You are sharing ideas and thoughts that you are passionate about, and spirituality may be meaningful at this time too. You search for substance in those around you, and Mars in your 8th house of intimacy and money proves this for you from the 15th. The Full Moon in your sign merges with Neptune on the 20th, occurring in your 1st house. Encourage yourself to put yourself first - intuition will guide you to where you need to be. On the 25th, a final Mercury retrograde occurs in Libra releasing you from past trauma, especially around love and sex. 


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