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Your March 2021 Horoscopes: what the stars have in store

March 05, 2021 9 min read

Journal - March 2021 Horoscopes - Imbibe

This month is the perfect time to reflect on the year behind us and to let go of what no longer serves us, as we shift into Autumn; the dark half of the year. 

March is a month for vibrant energy, new perspectives and positivity endeavours with the turn of the seasons and a big, beautiful full moon in Libra around the corner. 

Astrologer SRNAVERSE shares what the stars have in store for you this month:


Aries, as you know, the 20th of March heralds in a very special season, your birthday season. With all the planets moving in direct motion, you’re charged up and ready to go! Mars, your ruler is in the 3rd house, making it an impressive time for social networking, engaging with the community or just getting a message across. Plain and simple, no attachment, just allow yourself to say what’s been manifesting inside of you. The New Moon in Pisces on the 13th, sits in the 12th house, emphasising the need for release in the first two weeks of the month. On the 21st, the Sun leaves Pisces and moves into Aries (!!), followed by Venus entering on the 22nd. There is a lot of energy in your 1st house of image, reputation and the ‘mask’ we wear. A lover is pushing to see the real you, and personal magnetism is strong. On the 28th, a Full Moon in Libra moves into your house of relationships and sets fire to romance, passion or lust. An existing relationship or old flame may feel brand new.


Taurus, March is an easy month to digest, because all the outer planets are moving in direct motion. You are seeking new goals, dreams and victories, and with the nearing of your birthday season, you realise it’s time to put some things into effect, once and for all. That way, at least you can say you tried. On the 4th of the month, Mars moves into the 2nd house of finance, debt and budget. You take a closer look at your god-given abilities, and think about switching position or career. Or maybe just asking for the pay rise you deserve. The Pisces New Moon on the 13th sits in the social 11th house of friendship and collaboration, a ‘community’ is more important than ever as you personally go through some distinct inner changes. On the 21st, the Sun enters Aries in your 12th house seeking quiet reflection - give yourself a moment or just stay in if you can’t handle everyone's vibrations. Honour yourself, especially on the 28th with the Libra Full Moon lighting up the sky in your 6th house. Health and wellbeing become a top priority, as are opportunities in work.


Gemini, you feel a sense of optimism in this new month, and nothing can wipe the smile of your face. With all the planets moving direct, you’re ready to give something or someone 100% of your attention. On the 4th, Mars moves into your sign confirming this boost of energy you’re intuitively feeling. In the 1st house, you will focus more on image, reputation and personal goals. On the 13th, a Pisces New Moon slides into your career minded 10th house. You are open to possibilities, and people pop up randomly that help you along the so-called ‘business’ ladder. On the 21st, the Sun and Venus move into Aries and your 11th house of true friendship. You seek to be a better friend or make amends with someone very dear to you. The Libra Full Moon on the 28th bodes well for your sign as it sits in your romantic 5th house. Pleasure, intimacy, lust and fertility are all big, exciting topics that keep you busy.


Cancer, when the Sun shines in Pisces, you feel right at home. This sweet energy is furthered by the fact that all the planets are moving in direct motion, helping you walk forward, not backward. Everything feels a tad more gentle and kind, you could get used to this! On the 4th, Mars engages your 12th house which rules secrecy, silence and the ‘unseen’ realm of life. At times, you can feel things before they happen, so reflect in the first 2 weeks of the month on what your intuition wants you to know. On the 13th, a Pisces New Moon moves into your adventurous 9th house. An international friend may surprise you with some news, or connect you to someone who can assist in some way. Aries season begins on the 21st, and a day later is joined by Venus in your 10th house. Commitment and career are the two main themes for now, everything revolves around them. Finally, on the 28th a Libra Full Moon falls in your 4th house of family, reminding you what’s most important is often found in the home. 


Leo, if it’s been an awkward start to the year, you can breathe easy through March. Mostly because of the fantastic direct energy from all the outer planets, pushing you to move ahead. Mars moves into your friendly 11th house on the 4th, signalling it’s time to focus on social connections. The Pisces New Moon on the 13th falls in your 8th house, followed soon after by Mercury. The 8th house is the most mysterious in astrology, so things can happen now with very little explanation. A lover or friend may be very important in this time, especially if you share finances in some way. The dual nature of the 8th house means that ‘other people’ and your destiny are deeply entwined. On the 21st, Aries takes over from Pisces season, making you feel more comfortable. You are going through a healing phase, and you want to make it known on the 28th, when a Full Moon in Libra slides into your 3rd house. The 3rd house facilitates communication and clarity, so now is the time to negotiate or perhaps, speak what’s in your heart. 


Virgo, your mood is lighter as you learn to swim in the deep seas of Pisces, your sensitive opposite sign. With all the planets in direct motion, you can put your energy into focus and see real results. On the 4th, Mars moves into your 10th house, defining your career through a stellar moment. On the 13th, a New Moon in Pisces slides into your 7th house of relationships, strengthening your current love life. You are reborn through an existing partnership, and if single, it’s possible a past lover comes back to take things to another level. Throughout 2020, you changed and grew a lot emotionally, and now you get to reap the very real benefits. On the 21st, the Sun and Venus move into Aries and you’re fired up, ready to go! The Libra Full Moon ends the month on the 28th in your 2nd house of value and finance. You are releasing old patterns that keep you from abundant cash flow, and the more you work through this shadow energy, the more you will gain in the near future. 


Libra, with all the planets moving direct you acknowledge the need to get going! Especially on the 4th, when Mars moves into your 9th house of adventure, travel and higher learning; helping you attain a certain level of self-mastery. You are adamant that this year will be different to what 2020 offered, and with a distinct vision for the future, it’s time to start moulding. The Pisces New Moon on the 13th falls in your 6th house of work and health, it’s an opportunity to look into your inner psyche (even the uncomfortable bits) and in turn find their purpose. You are encouraged by friends and family to look after yourself, to put yourself first for once. On the 21st, the Sun enters fiery Aries and your romantic 7th house, what you’ve been lacking in love can become tangible now. Lastly, the Full Moon (28th) at the end of the month happens in your sign signaling a moment of reflection, rest and reprieve. 


Scorpio, you feel so comfortable in Pisces season, your fellow water sign. It brings those good vibrations you may have not felt throughout January and February. Your ruler Mars moves into the esoteric 8th house on the 4th, encouraging you to dive deep into those ‘spiritual’ realms you so love to contemplate. The 8th house is about sex, transformation, taboo subjects, shared money and the psychology of being ‘human’. On the 13th, a New Moon in Pisces engages your romantic 5th house - there will be plenty of planets gathered here, confirming that love, creativity and a 'lust for life' is the general mood mid-month. The Sun shines into Aries on the 21st, and is swiftly joined by Venus the very next day. You will feel responsive, ready and responsible - the three ingredients needed to make things happen! Late in the month, a Libra Full Moon (28th) moves into your reflective 12th house. You will take a moment to consider where you’re going - where you’ve been. The moment for rejuvenation is now, as April and May pick up the pace, radically!


Sagittarius, this is a great month to say ‘yes’ to something or someone and get going on a new phase of life. On the 4th, this notion of union, partnership and community is furthered as Mars moves into your 7th house. The 7th house looks at serious commitments like marriage, children and collaborative endeavours. You may be deeply desiring a lover or basking in the glow of a ‘soul mate’ relationship. Either way, from early in the month, you’re defined by your connections to people. This theme is confirmed on the 13th, when a Pisces New Moon moves into your 4th house of family. Mercury follows suit a few days later strengthening this part of your chart. There is a big focus on your home, the people who 'come and go' and the healing of a fractured relationship. On the 21st, the Sun moves into your sister sign, Aries, giving you a break from the turbulent waters of Pisces. Finally, a Full Moon in Libra moves into your social 11th house on the 28th. You’ll be bombarded with emails, calls and invites, only pick what you wish!


Capricorn, so far, so good. And, it keeps getting better throughout March with a plethora of planets moving all in forward unison. Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury and even Pluto are direct until late-April, giving you time to shift certain outdated dynamics. On the 4th, Mars moves into your 6th house of routine and inner care, reinvigorating your overall wellbeing. You are devoted to maintaining a healthy outlook on life, as well as not sweating the small stuff. On the 13th, a Pisces New Moon engages with your communicative 3rd house, helping you network and get your ‘name’ out there. Mercury joins the Moon (and a few other planets) here on the 16th, confirming that the local community and your relationship to colleagues and peers is truly important in this time. It’s more than just how you come across, it’s how you choose to respond to negativity and in which way you assert yourself. The deep waters of Pisces come to an end on the 21st, when the Sun enters Aries and your 4th house. The subject of family is very important, and you adapt to whatever needs to be done. On the 28th, a Libra Full Moon culminates in your 10th house of career and achievements, valuing teamwork, focus and drive. 


Aquarius, there is something so fluid about the way things have connected for you lately. In March, you’ll see more of your intentions manifest, especially as most of the outer planets like Saturn + Jupiter (both in your sign), Mercury, Uranus and Pluto are in direct motion until late-April. On the 4th, Mars moves into your 5th house of creative playfulness, giving you a boost in romance, fertility, culture. You may be smitten by someone new, or just relishing intimate moments with an old love. On the 13th, a Pisces New Moon lights up your 2nd house of finance, values and service. The 2nd house rules the tangible, materialistic things in our life. Mid-month therefore could be about acquiring possessions and/or perhaps reflecting on your current cash situation and figuring a way to refine spending. The Sun moves into Aries on the 21st, and you’re ready to communicate with the community. Libra, your fellow air sign, plays host to the Full Moon on the 28th. Activating your 9th house of wonder and wander, big questions emerge from your subconscious. 


Pisces, birthday wishes are in order! Another year wiser, another year of colourful, multivalent memories to cherish. After a difficult January and February, March comes to soothe your woes. It begins on the 4th, with Mars entering your 4th house of home and family, backing the idea that ‘blood is thicker than water’. Nesting, renovating, updating is all part of the 4th house too, and you could be indulging in anything comforting or familiar. On the 13th, your moment is strengthened when the New Moon in your sign enters your 1st house of image, reputation and personality. It’s a good time to manifest new goals and dreams, as the stars are backing you in almost everything you pursue! On the 21st, you wave good-bye to your birthday month, as the Sun enters Aries, joined by Venus. The pressure lifts as you step out of the limelight for now. On the 28th, a Full Moon in Libra sits in your 8th house of transformation, dual finances and rebirth. You can take a closer look at deeply personal issues, and redirect your finances. 


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