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What the May Stars Have in Store ...

May 03, 2021 10 min read

What the May Stars Have in Store ...

The mystical and lovely astrologer and reader of the starts SRNAVERSE gives us a look into what the coming month has in store:

May is a busy month, let's run through the most important dates: Mercury enters Gemini on the 4th. Followed by Venus on the 9th, everything takes on a much more impersonal tone. Jupiter changes signs from Aquarius to Pisces on the 14th. It will slip back into Aquarius late July, but for now know that everything can feel a lot more scattered and spiritual. Before that however, we celebrate Taurus Season with a New Moon in their sign, on the 11th. It will harmonize with Neptune and Pluto, giving us good balance between the real and the fake.

On May 21st, the Sun moves into air sign Gemini. Eclipse season !intensity! begins on the 26th/27th with a Lunar Eclipse in fiery Sagittarius, concocting a whole lot of drama and chaos in its wake. The month ends on the 30th, with our 2nd retrograde, this time in the sign of Gemini, ending June 23rd. We seek freedom! Curiosity is our friend and because Mercury is the natural ruler of Gemini we can really use these 3 weeks to prepare better for what we wish to communicate in the future.


Declutter your life, Aries. Especially if red flags have been appearing for some time, but you’ve paid them no mind. As this month is a wild one, swirling with mixed feelings. It begins when Mercury moves into Gemini on the 4th, shifting into your 3rd house of communication. Venus joins a few days later, and the irony is that you may not feel like going through a tricky conversation to simplify a situation. How you think, behave and engage with others will come under the spotlight for these first two weeks, so it’s best to participate. A New Moon in Taurus brings business and increase in cash flow from the 11th. Something can develop with a certain friend or colleague, and it appears you’ve got plenty to traverse together. On the 14th, Jupiter enters Pisces and your 12th house of meditation. You will be procrastinating and looking for respite, so don’t ask much of yourself. A Lunar Eclipse in your 9th house occurs in Sagittarius on the 26th/27th, helping you embrace something you may have once pushed away. On the 30th, Mercury begins its retrograde in Gemini until late June, confusing your decisions.


 Happy Birthday Taurus, it’s time for your opulent nature to shine right on through! May is a tense month, but nothing you haven’t seen before. You are in the mood to explore and dream big, especially in your career as Mercury enters your 2nd house of finances on the 4th, joined on the 9th by Venus too. You are looking to secure the bag, so stay attentive and busy. Collaborations and business opportunities come masked in many different disguises, you must stay in charge. The New Moon in your sign activates your 1st house on the 11th, and is very prosperous as you. Be open to receiving and don’t make it a tendency to analyse every little thing about yourself. From the 26th, a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius occurs in your 8th house of mystery, secrets can come to light especially if money or legal situations are involved. The energy of this Eclipse will take a while to unfold, so look out for what transpires in the next 4-6 months. Finally, Mercury goes retrograde in Gemini on the 30th, until the 23rd of June - your 2nd house activation means you should pay extra attention to career and/or investments, spending.


It's almost ticking over to your birthday time, darling Gemini. The spotlight is on you with so much going on this month. Mercury enters your 1st house of self on the 4th, joined by Venus a few days later. Appearance, personality, reputation are all major themes - get yourself pampered. Self-care promotes good vibes all round, it also makes you a more pleasant person! The Taurus New Moon moves into your 12th house - confirming quiet time is needed before party season erupts. On the 14th, Jupiter moves into Pisces, signalling a lucky break in the monotony. Expand your dreams and goals to match what’s possible in the 'here and now'. The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse ends the month on the 26th in your 7th house of committed relations; it can be hard to unsee what occurs around this time. You will be pushed to address an imbalance/tension with a lover. Mercury, your ruler, will begin to station retrograde in your sign on the 30th, where it stays until late June - don’t act on any whims. Patience is your virtue for now.


Mars is in your sign all month, Cancer. This began late April, and continues to dive deep into your emotions/fears, especially those based around your 1st house of self, image, reputation. Mercury moves into Gemini on the 4th, and Venus follows soon after. Together they traverse through your spiritual 12th house, letting you explore the ‘unseen’ realms of life. More than ever, you’re after privacy and solidarity. The Taurus New Moon on the 11th meets up with Uranus in your social 11th house helping you reach out to others and take part in a conversation that makes a difference. Feelings can come and go rather fast later in the month, so relax into whatever keeps popping up. The Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius moves into your creative 5th house by the 27th, you will be seeking intimacy, fun and unusual routine. Mercury retrograde takes place on the 30th in the sign of Gemini, so be careful what you promise in the next 3 weeks, if it feels ‘far out’, it probably isn’t within your capabilities for now.


A busy month where a lot can happen, Leo. You’re feeling inspired by the people you’ve cultivated around you, it’s taken time but your squad is pretty much on point for now. On the 4th, Mercury shifts into Gemini and your 11th house of friendship. On the 9th, Venus joins Mercury here, strengthening your ‘social butterfly’ reputation. Everyone wants a piece! A few days later, the Taurus New Moon appears in your ambitious 10th house of career and progress. Some of you could be moving into a different area of business, or perhaps starting something new altogether. Jupiter then enters Pisces on the 14th and your mysterious 8th house, supporting you with money or investments. Finally, a Lunar Eclipse in sister-sign Sagittarius kicks off something truly special. Occurring on the 26/27th in your 5th house of romance, everything feels a tad sweeter. A second Mercury retrograde rolls around on the 30th, it’s time to knuckle down and apply full focus to the task at hand.


Stay on track, Virgo. Mercury, your ruler, enters Gemini on the 4th and your career driven 10th house. You are focused on business matters, the importance of being ‘practical’ and therefore, there can be some major decisions around finance and future resolutions. You are goal orientated, and the Taurus New Moon on the 11th triggers your international 9th house. You can feel very inspired, but emotions will be heightened, so clear your weekend for solitude and peace. On the 14th, Jupiter enters your loving 7th house of commitment and soul mate relations. Dream big, there is good fortune here, regardless of your personal situation. On the 26/27th, a Lunar Eclipse occurs in your 4th house of belonging. You may be considering moving location or in with a new room mate/lover. Stability is a big topic, but stay open to the messages. The month ends with a retrograde in Mercury, affecting you strongly. Surrender to the powers that be!


There is high energy this month, Libra. It’s a great time to finalise important documents and sign off on the dotted line. Mercury merges with Gemini on the 4th, in your 9th house of higher learning. You are taking into proper consideration the risk a business opportunity poses, and things will either blossom or fall apart. There is potential for deep feelings and emotional outbursts as the month grows with intensity - first with a New Moon in Taurus on the 11th, occurring in your 8th house of shared finance and intimacy. There can be a transition period in a relationship, don’t be worried if the old paradigm is dissolving to make way for the new. On the 14th, Jupiter moves into your 6th house of routine and physical health. You can come into some unexpected good fortune by the time the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius rolls around. Your 3rd house will be activated meaning constructive criticism and communication is highlighted.


Set clear boundaries, Scorpio. Mercury enters Gemini on the 4th, engaging with your 8th house of intimacy, shared finances and joint therapy. Venus joins Mercury here on the 9th, strengthening the need to go deeper into the ‘unknown’. It’s a very quirky month, with so many imploding transits, emotions will naturally be stirred. The Taurus New Moon on the 11th shifts into your committed 7th house of love, freshening up your romance routine. On the 14th, Jupiter will move into Pisces, where it will stay until late July, this will merge with your creative and playful 5th house. Keep moving forward with whatever gives you positive feelings! Don’t avoid what is challenging, instead just shine your inner light on it. It’s bound to feel personal, but that’s just the tone of the next few weeks. The Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse on the 27th switches up the mood quite a bit. It’s a good time to beautify a space, learn something new or upgrade a business arrangement. Mercury retrograde begins on the 30th, so you’ll have your hands full.


We're almost at the half-way point, Sagittarius. There are storms brewing! And you’ll see what I mean as you continue to read. It all begins on the 4th, when Mercury enters your 7th house of relationships. Venus follows suit on the 9th, strengthening love, communication, lust and promise. It’s all about past, present and future lovers. If it’s constant chaos, it might be time to look into your relationship with self. Oftentimes we mirror onto people, how we feel deep within. The Taurus New Moon on the 11th is guided by Uranus also in Taurus. Occurring in your 6th house of routine and mental/physical health, it’s time for your general check up and check in. On the 16th, Jupiter, your ruler, leaves Aquarius for Pisces and your 4th house of home and belonging. There may be good news connected to family, make space to share yourself with those closest to you. Finally, the Lunar Eclipse in your sign lights up the sky around the 27th. This is a powerful moment for alignment, surrender and reinvention of self. The 1st house will be pushing you to remain authentic, your vision and voice is important!


You’ve got a rather genius solution to a personal problem, Capricorn. On the 4th, Mercury enters your 6th house of work and health, putting time and devotion into your most basic human needs. On the 11th, a New Moon in sister sign Taurus shifts into the 5th house of fertility, romance and creative endeavours. You are open to trying something new as those around you encourage and inspire you. There is a certain boost mid-month, that drives intuition and transparency. You will welcome this breath of fresh air in an otherwise intense and awkward month. On the 16th, Jupiter enters Pisces where it remains until late July. Transiting through your 3rd house of communication, there is a message you need to convey. It could be in business or in love, only time will tell. Finally, the Sagittarius Lunar Eclipse lights up the sky from the 26th, occurring in your 12th house of privacy and spirituality. Eclipses are no joke, so you’ll really dive deep into your own psyche - everything is getting a good 'look over'. Mercury stations retrograde on the 30th, free yourself by expressing what's in your heart.


Stay on track, Aquarius. There is a lot changing in the next couple of months and it’s enough to make your head spin. May begins when Mercury enters your 5th house of fertility and romance, on the 4th. It is joined by Venus on the 9th, strengthening opportunities around love and resolution. If something is wrapping up in your life, be thankful it has concluded so well. The Taurus New Moon on the 11th aligns with Uranus in Taurus, and shifts into your 4th house of belonging and lifestyle. You could be welcoming a new addition to the family, or it may just be that you’re moving onto greener pastures. Jupiter then changes signs, leaving your sign (!!) giving you some reprieve until late July, when it circles back into your sign. It enters Pisces on the 14th, a very mystical and dreamy sign that helps you streamline your 2nd house of talents and service. On the 26th, a Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius sets off the eclipse drama, and you’re keen to change your social dynamics. Finally, Mercury moves retrograde on the 30th, helping you move on from something that didn’t work out the way you initially hoped.


A lesson from the past circles back, Pisces. It all begins when Mercury in Gemini enters your 4th house of home and family, joined by Venus on the 9th. This big focus on your ‘home base’ can take some adjustment, but just avoid letting little things become big things. Instead work with the challenges, and know it’s all piecing together in a more comfortable way. The Taurus New Moon on the 11th shifts energy by moving into your 2nd house of service, finance and collaboration. It’s time to give more attention to your savings - even if it feels boring! The major news comes on the 14th, when Jupiter (planet of expansion) leaves Aquarius to enter your sign, where it will stay until late July. This is a very exciting, soulful time - basically any limitations you’ve placed on yourself can now be dispelled. On the 26th, a stellar career moment can appear when the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius appears. Changes occur in your 10th house of career, and what drives your ambition may be rather different to a few years back. Finally, Mercury retrograde brings back a person from your past, the next 3 weeks will be emotional, so fly under the radar for now.


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