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Inner Beauty | Rowie Moore

Inner Beauty | Rowie Moore

We sat down with Rowie Moore, a self-taught and local designer with the creative freedom that fuelled her artistic talent and drive that led her to launch the brand we all know and love, ROWIE The Label. An independent, women-led fashion label here in her hometown of Byron Bay, where she gathered a loyal following by selling handmade pieces at local market stores in coastal towns, has grown her brand into an internationally recognised label.

Rowie and the brand pride themselves on using high-quality, small-run production and artisanal craftsmanship while sourcing sustainable, natural materials wherever possible.

We were fortunate enough to speak with the designer of all things ROWIE - label and designer herself, about beauty, style, and styling tips! Here's what Rowie had to say.


Hi Rowie, you're fabulous! Can you please share who you are and what you do? 

Hi! My name is Rowie, and I'm the lady behind ROWIE The Label. As we're a small team, my role is spread across many elements of the business. Still, generally, I am most focused on the creative parts, like designing the collections and photoshoot production. 

What made you start your label, and what advice do you wish someone had given you before you did? 

I started making clothes at eight years old and was selling things to my friends by the time I was 14. Growing up surrounded by creative people, it just felt natural to be creative, so it wasn't so much a decision to start a label. It just kind of happened.

As the label started so organically, it's hard to imagine one piece of advice someone could have given me that would've changed my life, haha. Still, the advice I would give my younger self now would be to believe in yourself, work hard, trust the process, don't give up, and anything is possible!  

What's a day-in-the-life like?

On a perfect day, I get up with the sun, and if I have time, my partner and I go down to the beach and watch the waves. I then race home to get my son ready for school and myself ready for work. When I get to the office, I start with a batch of brewed coffee, and the day begins with emails, meetings, planning, and designing all rolled into one! I like to end with a walk to wash away the day, and then generally, it's home to cook dinner and get to bed early.


Trust the process, don't give up, and anything is possible!


What is a moment that defined you, or defined your life? 

Gosh, there are so many!!! But I also don't believe that one moment can define you. I hope always to be evolving and learning. 

What is your day-to-day beauty routine like?

I don't have much of a beauty routine, except I eat well, sleep well, drink lots of water, try not to stress, and love a glass of red, haha. But, I've always believed in looking after your skin from the inside out, and I swear by my Imbibe Miracle Collagen & Omega 3 oils taken internally. 

I hope always to be evolving and learning.


What is your favourite book, your current favourite album, movie or podcast you like to listen to? 

One of my all-time favourite books is Healing with Whole Foods! It's my go-to for everything, especially where health is concerned! In addition, I currently love listening to the Grim Grimmer Grimmest fairytales podcast with my son in the car. I'm still such a kid when it comes to stories, and I love getting lost in fantasy.


As the owner of a fashion label you undoubtedly have great style - any tips for easy, chic, everyday dressing? 

I'm all about comfort dressing, but making it chic! You want to have a few essential wardrobe staples: a good pair of jeans, an oversized shirt - I always used to steal from hubby as I could wear them as a dress if it got hot, so we started making oversized shirts for the girls too! I love a good pair of suit pants, and a tailored blazer will make any outfit. I think the secret to good style is to find what suits you and what you feel good in… and good shoes can make any outfit! 

How do you balance work, health, and home? 

I don't always balance it well, but I'm good at knowing what I need. For me, it's about taking a deep breath in and a deep breath out, knowing what I can do and what I can't, what's worth stressing over and what's not. It's taken me years to learn to let go and not take everything home with me, but now I think I'm pretty good at it. Walking or any exercise and the ocean are my ways to reset. I get a lot of pre-made meals from the Bay Grocer, haha, and I have a very supportive family, so together, we all make it work. 

How do you de-stress? 

Going for a walk in nature is my de-stress medicine. 

What does beauty mean to you personally, and what is your favourite IMBIBE product?

The Gold Sculpting Tool is amazing! Beauty to me means being healthy and happy. I'm a big believer that beauty shines from within, so, for me, I feel most beautiful when I'm happy.