We believe that when we’re lit up, filled up, loved up, we will truly change the world. And it all starts one day at a time, with one clear intention - to make every day matter. To show up with the energy and stamina required to not only keep up, but to thrive among the pressures of daily modern life.

Our mission is to inspire every woman to know her beauty inside and out.

To curate clinically formulated products that do more with less, proving that high-performance products don't have to harm you or the planet. To re-define the everyday - not just for health - but for strength, energy and luminosity.

Because beauty that radiates on the outside always starts on the inside.

A note from our Founder, Felicity

IMBIBE started 10 years ago from my kitchen with one daughter strapped to my chest and another running around at my heels. During this time I was suffering from intensive digestive issues which later became an autoimmune diagnosis, affecting all areas of my health - my fertility between children, stress, anxiety and fatigue. My skin was prone to redness and itching and my hair was stubbornly stuck at shoulder length for years. Annoying.

I knew I wanted to feel energised and healthy so I decided to do something about it. I had reached a point where it was harder to keep going the way things were, so I decided to fix it. I spent hours reading medical reports and went through months of tests and appointments to uncover the root of my issues, so that I could fix them.

From my research I found that I needed to first fix my gut health. So I started in my kitchen making my own multi-strain probiotic drinks. I started day by day, scoring small wins at a time, and soon enough it worked! I now have my symptoms completely under control and managed through diet and lifestyle.

Thank you for being part of our journey.

IMBIBE CEO & Founder