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Give us your tired skin, breaking hair, exhausted nights and stressed out days. Give us your struggling immunity, grumpy gut⁠ and all your anxiety.⠀We’ll give you Protection.

PROTECT is our master formula, clinically designed with five pillars for health, beauty and defense against stress.

Our full spectrum blend combines Vitamin C and Zinc with critical Amino Acids, powerful Antioxidants and calming Adaptogens to drench your cells in the necessary nutrients for optimal immune function, stress management, and beautifully natural collagen formation.

And -- it’s absolutely delicious.

Just add 2.5 teaspoons to water and enjoy.

inner beauty must-have

Our bestseller, taking these two together is the ultimate Cool Girl solution to gut health, radiant skin and wellness. Seriously. Our Ingestible Beauty range has been scientifically formulated to work together.

Supplementing with our clinically-proven Miracle Collagen is shown to counter early signs of aging to restore the look of juicy, hydrated bouncy skin and thick strong hair and nails. Our Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate is your ultimate three-in-one probiotic concentrate that promotes skin glow and gorgeous gut health.

Together, they are everything.


our foundress

felicity evans

“I’m obsessed with bringing you the most potent and efficient products that do more with less.

Simple and highly-functional is the new Elegance.

More Beauty; More Nourishment; More Pleasure.

Why? Because you deserve it.

From our stringent quality standards to our long, slow local production methods, our exacting standards mean you’re getting the highest quality products on the market. 

Your vitality is our highest goal.”