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Watch: Collagen - Have We Finally Found The Fountain Of Youth?

February 26, 2020 2 min read

Watch: Collagen - Have We Finally Found The Fountain Of Youth?

The building blocks for life, skin, gut health and good health are all the same. 

Can we heal ourselves from the inside out with collagen? 

Turns out, from our 20’s our collagen production sadly starts to slow down. And that’s when we see skin sagging, wrinkles and general loss of skin elasticity. 

You know when your skin used to feel bouncy and juicy and now you can see it’s has its luminosity and bounce?

Well, that’s collagen decline.


"When we have enough collagen in the skin, this is where we start to see even skin tone."


We start to see inflammation decreasing in the skin cells and we start to see this nice plump and firmness of our skin and that is a sign that our skin is naturally hydrated and fresh and vibrant and glowing. 

That's what we all really want to achieve at the end of the day and that's why I absolutely love Miracle Collagen for those skin healing and skin rejuvenating benefits and properties. 

Miracle Collagen contains 18 different forms of amino acids, non-essential and essential, and one of these amino acids that's really important is glycine. 

It's really beneficial for wound healing and when we think of wound healing, we naturally think of our skin and our skin health, so it helps really repair any type of tissue damage caused from things like acne, acne scarring, rosacea, any type of skin inflammation, glycine helps repair those connective tissues. 

It's bio available and highly absorbed protein and protein contains essential amino acids. 

These essential amino acids are the building blocks and the foundation to our whole entire body, our organs, our internal health, and our external health. 

Let’s dive in deeper into this topic and uncover more about the benefits of collagen with Clinical Nutritionist Katherine Hay.