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Watch: What Does Everyone Mean When They Say ‘Gut Health’ And Why Does It Matter So Much?

How does your gut health play a vital role in the ups and downs of everyday life, and how do we take care of it, long term?

The term “gut health” is all over our social media accounts and everyone seems to be speaking about it.

"In this video, we break down gut health: what it is; what it means and how you can care for your gut health now for a better tomorrow."

Our gut actually contains around 80% of our immune system - so taking good care of your gut health is crucial to also ensuring your immunity is in tip-top shape.

Our Clinical Nutritionist, Katherine Hay, dives into the enteric nervous system and the brain:gut connection.

We also dive into the stress response and why we need to nourish our gut to counter any stress we may be experiencing.

Supplementing daily with Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate can help assist with nourishing our gut health which in turn will lead to overall health and vitality.

Get cozy and let’s uncover more with Clinical Nutritionist Katherine Hay.