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IMBIBE Woman | Bianca Gregg

IMBIBE Woman | Bianca Gregg

Every once in a while we meet someone who completely blows our socks off; someone who completely embodies and inspires a balanced, creative, bad-ass, flow-state — and Bianca Gregg Co-Founder + Director of Del Rainbow and Del Rainbow Store happens to be one of them!

Punchy, vibrant and taking the world by storm, we loved Bianca as soon as we met her, and we knew you would too!

Find out more about why we’re so committed to the rainbow-inspired moments below:

1. Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do?

I am the Co-Founder and Director of Del Rainbow, a Global Sales and Brand Development agency focused on championing brands with intention. I believe everything holds an energy and working from the core ethos of the brand is imperative to me. It goes beyond storytelling for us; Where it is so important to capture a story, we go deeper. We work with our clients to understand their ‘why’ behind what it is they do, so that we can deliver that message from an authentic place. We ensure this energetic transference of the brand's story is passed from brand - Del Rainbow - buyer and to the consumer.

We work within the global market, wholesaling our brands to the world’s leading retailers, such as Net-A-Porter, Browns, Selfridges, Harrods, Galeries Lafayette, Matches Fashion, SAKS, plus top tier premium boutiques globally.
We work with each brand ‘internally’ yet ‘externally’ to ensure we deliver excellence to the retailers and global consumer, really connecting them to the brand story and true essence. Unique to Del Rainbow, we have multiple arms; we represent our brands under our arc for global wholesale, we also recently launched wholesale management where we manage the entire backend for our partners from sale to dispatch, as well as consulting and marketing for all stages of business growth.

We have also expanded and now have our Del Rainbow Store right next to our Showroom & HQ!

Del Rainbow store is focused on emulating the showroom experience with an offering grounded in sustainability. We invite our customers to come in, enjoy the experience of browsing luxury products, while discovering the sustainable attributes and conscious decisions behind each piece. I truly believe in harnessing positivity and light in all that you do; I have a very focused vision on incorporating spirituality, manifestation and rainbow energy into every moment of my world.

2. How did you get into Fashion and what keeps you going?

I began studying arts/law and wasn’t feeling fulfilled when one day my Aunt said to me, “You love fashion, why don’t you follow that path?",

That was what kick-started everything. I was nannying at the time for Liane Rossler (a real-life angel and Co-founder of Dinosaur Designs, who is also a sustainability warrior), who helped me get into the industry with my first internship at ACP (now Bauer Media), where I worked in the Fashion Closet within various magazines.

Following this, I worked as an assistant for some incredible industry leading stylists, before I stepped into agency work in a showroom across wholesale and PR where I became a brand manager. I absolutely loved brand management; diving into the back-end structure of how brands operate, business development, expanding wholesale and growth strategy. I also saw a significant gap in this world, and the opportunity to expand our amazing Australian talent offshore.

I started my first Sales & PR company at 21 which was a great learning experience as it propelled me to trust my gut in operating differently, then I stepped out on my own for two years as a sole trader, finding my true authenticity in how I work and how I uniquely represent and guide brands, to then creating Del Rainbow with my fiancé Arlen. This is where it all began 11 years ago.

Del Rainbow is now just over two years old and it is such a wonderful thing. Creating joy and growth for others is what keeps me going every day. That is what brings me true joy in life. This is a part of my ‘why’ - to bring people together, create growth and bring aspirations to fruition, inspire others by going forward with love and reaching the authenticity in each person.

I love creating every day, adapting and bringing awareness to each moment by holding the belief that everything carries an energy and to be the energy you want to attract. I love storytelling and the opportunity to work from passion, so getting to tell the stories of all of the incredible people behind the brands we work with is a delight every day. My team is also what keeps me going, the moment I walk into our office we are all excited to create together and we have such a magic energy. They are the most dynamic and incredible bunch of individuals that I am lucky to call my colleagues, dear friends and family. I love taking on each day together, it is so powerful.


3. Is there anything new and exciting that you're working on that you can share with us?

We launched Del Rainbow Store last month, which has been a wonderful and exciting start to the journey of the DR expansion! The Del Rainbow Store is right next door to our office and HQ in Byron Bay (also next door to Edwards & Co Salon). It is such a bright and inspiring space that offers customers the chance to explore and discover all of the brands that we represent within Del Rainbow, plus some extra additions that we love.

Each brand ticks off the sustainability attributes that we require for representation and that we set as a standard within Del Rainbow. It allows customers to truly experience the connection of sustainability marrying luxury and that you do not have to compromise. We aim to have a space for education and experience, where each designer has their own space, emulating the showroom. To us designers are artists and within Del Rainbow Store, you can experience this energy. We have some exciting events kicking off in-store before the end of the year, a life-drawing experience celebrating the female form with a resident artist, a sustainability panel and education series. We also have something very exciting within Del Rainbow in the works for 2021, so stay tuned!


“Everything seemed to really flourish when we moved here, and all fell into place. Del Rainbow has been the greatest gift in my life.”

4. Most defining moment in your life to date?

Moving to Byron Bay and beginning Del Rainbow. This was where everything came to fruition, we were just a team of two (Arlen & me) when we began, growing to a team of 11 in just two short years. This is a place of opportunity and it allows us to do what we do on a global scale and have a wonderful lifestyle. Everything seemed to really flourish when we moved here, and all fell into place. Del Rainbow has been the greatest gift in my life. I get to create with the man I love, the greatest team in the universe and grow a global business achieving excellence in all that we do for wonderful people.

5. Pot luck dinner fallback?

French Fries!

6. Favourite way to spend a day off?

Starting the day with a morning meditation and incense to centre and align. Followed by breakfast and coffee at Bayleaf Café (I get the sweet potato flat bread every time). A beach walk with Arlen and our two British Bulldogs, Meatloaf & King. Sunshine and swims at Wategos and a Brookies Gin & Tonic with Imbibe Beauty Renewal to end the day, watching the sunset on the balcony.

7. Best piece of advice you've been given to-date?

Trust the process, everything is perfect as it is, always. Meaning at every moment, the good, the bad - it is all perfect, as it is exactly where you are supposed to be.

8. Favourite Book/Album/Movie/Podcast? (We love a good podcast!)

Currently I am reading ‘Becoming Supernatural’ by Dr.Joe Dispenza, which I absolutely love. On the playlist is Travis Scott Astro World, I always need a little bit of rap and hip hop in my daily vibe. Podcasts I am going between are; Fashion No Filter by Camille Charriere (my dream girl), Monica De La Villardière & Everything Is The Best by Pia Baroncini + Unlocking Us with Brené Brown. Movie; The Gentlemen by Guy Richie.


9. How do you balance work/life/home/stress? (the everyday struggle for us!)

I also truly struggle with the idea of ‘balance’ as I tend to mirror the contrast of this is that I live right in between both the Del Rainbow HQ/Showroom and Store and have huge days/weeks/months. However, I make sure I look at my work as a part of who I am and this lights me up. It is an extension of all that I am and with the ability to create every day, it helps create a balance for me in my approach, as each day is a fresh experience and always exciting. I look to the bigger picture and am always manifesting on a new goal.

I feel living in Byron Bay and the atmosphere and way of life here naturally creates a balance as you can be outputting a lot of energy and time in what you are doing, however when you step outside you feel a sense of calm based on the community and the beauty of all that Byron is. We are dealing with the people all over the globe, on all time-zones, so our workdays are long and filled. However, it is also this pace that fuels my energy levels. I do have a strong sense of spirituality and mindfulness which is what truly helps me have alignment and balance. I am huge on meditation and bringing this into every day. Even if I am at my desk, I do a quick body scan of my chakras to keep me in check. I try and hold a clear headspace so I can work from my higher self, which keeps me in alignment, balanced and fulfilled. I recommend the Insight Timer App for daily meditations.


“Success to me is feeling the joy by creating for others and helping to fulfil and achieve their desires by doing what you do. We are all a part of each other’s journey.”

9. What marks success for you?

Success to me is feeling the joy by creating for others and helping to fulfil and achieve their desires by doing what you do. We are all apart of each other’s journey. It is true that helping others succeed can be your greatest success. This can be for our clients, our team and anyone around me. When I get to see this come to life and I am able to help others, it is what marks the personal and professional version of success to me. This also keeps success as an on-going and uplifting experience that continues to unfold, almost daily.

10. Star Sign? If you believe in them!

Aquarius! I had my birth chart done by SRNAVERSE and she broke it down for me; SUN IN AQUARIUS, MOON IN ARIES, RISING IN GEMINI.

11. Go-To desk-to-dinner outfit?

Harris Tapper Wallace Trousers with Sleeping With Jacques Sylvia Blouse, St.Agni Nikkou Sandal in Ecru and Georgia Jay Python Bean Baguette. What a vibe.

12. Silver lining for 2020?

2020 has been the biggest growth year for all of us, I like to think of this year as the rise of the Phoenix. It has pushed us all to rise every day and bring strong adapting and creating energy. For me, this year has really solidified the inner power and strength that we all hold and has truly brought us together as a collective. I feel throughout this year it has also brought us back to human connection and the importance of this throughout our lives. It has given us the time to assess what is important and how to go forth together. I have never seen more creativity and flow happening, that is what 2020 has created for us. I have loved this year as it has shown me that we can shine through anything and grow.

I also have had the mentality through this year to pivot and thrive, so this space has given me the propelling energy to just go for it and amazing things have transpired from that space. I think that those who are creating will see such greatness long-term from this moment in time. Every moment brings a gift, we just have to shift perspective.


This blog is based purely on the author's personal experience. It is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment. The author is neither a medical nor health professional and cannot guarantee that the information in this blog post is accurate, reliable or complete. If you use this information, you do so at your own risk and should consult a qualified medical or health practitioner before relying on any information contained in this blog.