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IMBIBE Woman | Chantelle Otten

IMBIBE Woman | Chantelle Otten

Every once in a while we meet a woman who truly bends the status quo. A woman who emulates strength, grace, integrity and creativity; a woman that’s bold. 

Chantelle Otten is one of them. 

With a newly released book and as founder of Australia’s largest sexology practice, Chantelle is a pioneer for all things sex positivity. We were fortunate enough to interview Chantelle for our IMBIBE Woman series where she discussed her career, social media and things she’s loving right now.

1. Hi Chantelle! Welcome to the Imbibe Journal! Tell us a little about yourself and what you do…

Hey there! Thanks for having me.

I’m a sexologist, so basically I’m a detective into peoples sex lives. I'm here to answer any questions you have about your sexuality and how to have fun in the bedroom. 

I also run the largest sexologist practice in Australia, and I’m an author of ‘The Sex Ed You Never Had’, my new book that discusses all the sex ed topics you never got in school. 

2. What inspired you to get into the sexual wellness space? Was there an ‘aha’ moment for you?

Yes totally! I had finished my psychology degree, but I hadn’t felt like being a generalised psychologist was for me. I guess I have always wanted an amazing life, helping others and discussing something I find super interesting. My mum sent me a Ted talk by Esther Perel on infidelity, and it just struck a chord with me. I loved how she could speak about such a taboo topic and show how complex it is. She opened my eyes. I realised that I wanted to speak about sex like this, and change our culture around sex. I wanted to show that we can be sex positive and open minded when it comes to sex!

"I realised that I wanted to speak about sex like this, and change our culture around sex. I wanted to show that we can be sex positive and open minded when it comes to sex!"

3. Is there any advice you wish you’d been given at the start of your career or anything you’d pass on to those wanting to become a sexologist?

I’ll be honest, I was given great advice. To always be curious. I learnt this halfway through my training, and it really opened my eyes. I will always learn from others around me, other sex and healthcare experts, my patients, my followers on insta and my loved ones. I am so curious. 

I guess I would have loved someone to tell me that it’s also ok to do nothing. I’m a high achiever and I used to place so much pressure on myself, I would be panicked if I wasn't doing everything all at once.

4. It’s something that so many of us find illusive, what do you think about balance? Important? Achievable? Overrated?


I guess it depends on where you are at and how you are trying to ‘balance’.

I guess I do believe in it, but I don’t think about it much. I do what I like 90% of the time. I do what I don’t like 10% of the time and I try to learn about why I don’t like it. I eat what makes me happy, and that can swing between pizza for days at a time, then move back to salads and colours. I either sleep too much or too little, but I know that my body will tell me where to go. If I’m off balance, I’ll feel the impact of that, and I will be forced to move towards balance because I love to feel good.

5. Favourite part of life at the moment?

My partner being home, my baby pooch Sauce, the smell of spring, my loved ones.

6. Star Sign (Sorry we LOVE a horoscope over here)?

Im a saggi babe. I love being a saggi. My partner is also a saggi and it’s wild. We are both soooo spot on. I love my independence and the ability to do what I want, when I want, above all else. I have always been an adventurer, risk-taker, and I’m a great business woman. Dylan is the same but chuck in sports, I suck at them and he’s obviously the GOAT.

7. Favourite book / movie/ podcast/ album/ series (we need all the recommendations we can get at the moment!)?

I’m loving my hip hop right now, I love Jack Harlow and Doja Cat. I love the book I just wrote. I am also enjoying Impeachment: American Crime Story, which is about the Monica Lewinsky and Bill Gates affair. Wow, what I story, I really can’t believe how she was treated, it makes me so sad.

Chantelle Otten

8. Love or loathe it, how do you feel the social media space has informed your career?

Social media has been a game changer for my career. It really has helped me spread sex positivity to the masses. I can’t believe that I have such a following, who trust me so much and support everything I do. I am learning so much from others on socials, and how to be a better person. I truly believe that we are using it in the most amazing way.

9. Skincare Routine - what are your daily non-negotiables?

During the day, I love my vit c cream for brightening and my moisturiser (My skin sucks it up) and sunscreen (I know how basic of me, but sunscreen is life). At night I dab v-oil on my face to wake up smelling like flowers with the freshest skin. 

10. Silver Lining for 2021?

It was hard, but I can do anything after this year. I was alone a lot this year while my partner travelled, which brought up a lot of emotions for me. I've learnt to grow from this and find understanding. I'm also so bloody grateful for my friends and family. After so much time apart, I will cherish every moment we are together.