In Honour Of Women's Day ...

March 21, 2021 1 min read

Journal - In Honour Of Women's Day - Imbibe

It feels like one of the greatest honours to spend everyday surrounded by inspiring, smart, driven, charming, empowered women; in our office, in our community, and within the industry. 

It is nothing short of completely incredible.

We are grateful for this space that we share everyday, but when it comes to International Women’s Day, we wanted to bring the inspiration full-circle with an evening to transcend knowledge, humour, inspiration and everything in between to a diverse group of women that we love to love.


Hosted at the beautiful Del Rainbow Store in Byron Bay, we were able to bring together an expert panel of knowledge, experience, shared empowerment (and a few cocktails) with our guest speakers:

Aicha Robertson

Owner & Designer behind The Great Beyond & Content Creator with The Heist - a digital publishing project dedicated to fashion creativity and discovery.

Fabienne Costa

Founder, CEO & Creative Director of award winning, jewellery brand YCL Jewels.

Felicity Evans

Founder & CEO extraordinaire of IMBIBE.

Hannah Ashford

Director of Fellowship & Community with The Karman Project. 

Tamara Smith

CEO of Suited to Success, a not-for-profit organisation that helps people overcome some of the barriers in finding employment. 

Bianca Gregg

 Founder & Co-Director of Del Rainbow.

Collective donations were made to Dress for Success, a program designed to help women achieve economic independence through support, professional attire and development tools as well as Share the Dignity - a program designed to support women's health and period Poverty. 

An incredible ‘Thank You’ goes out to everyone who joined us, donated, or shared their expertise with this group of wonderful women, including Sunly Seltzer,Husk Distillers and LX Collection Candles


Sending Love & Hugs x IMBIBE


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