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INNER BEAUTY | Fabienne From YCL Jewels

INNER BEAUTY | Fabienne From YCL Jewels

1. Hi Fabienne! Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do…

I am a 29 year old Taurean woman living my best life on the southern end of the Gold Coast. I decided to start a jewellery brand nine years ago, when I was 21 years old from my high school desk. It paid off, and now I am here chatting to you!



My jewels are a reminder to witness all the beauty around us daily. 


2. Your jewellery design is amazing, what's your inspiration?

Thank you! We say that our pieces are inspired by the art of everyday, and this is exactly where it all starts! A reminder to observe and be a witness to all the beauty around us daily: Nature, love, art, poetry, humans. I am inspired by it all and access this within my work every single day.

 YCL Jewelry

3. What’s a day-in-the-life like?

  • Early morning: Yoga or a walk in nature, centred time in silence in my living room. Breakfast, grab Opal, my dog, and head to work
  • Mid-morning: Team meetings, emails, daily tasks, reading business and ecommerce journals
  • Afternoon: Creative briefing and designing
  • Evening: Healthy dinner, my love-language is quality time so I love just spending time with my man and our fur babies. I also happen to love playing video games, so that's you'll find me winding down!
  • Bedtime: Reading, pulling my angel cards and setting intentions



Our words create our actions. Everything I want, I will do today.


 4. A moment that defined you?

When I started my IVF journey, a journey I was originally so nervous and fearful to start due to all the unknowns became one of my most life-altering paths.

5. Worst beauty faux pas? 

Orange fake tan and too much bronzer when I was 16. I thought I looked great!

6. What is something that you do just for you?


7. Favourite book/album/movie/podcast?

Book: The Bronze Horseman Trilogy, Song: Pure Shores - All Saints, Movie: Monsters Inc

8. You have great style - any tips for easy, chic, everyday dressing?

My style is all about androgynous comfort, I will not sacrifice my comfort (hello Taurus woman)! I love wearing natural fibers, I love oversized blazers and loafers, or a classic black silk slip dress.


9. Favourite things to do outside of work?

Reading interior books, making mood boards, rearranging my house, painting, farmers markets, and having conversations with my animals about their day.

10. What do you want to get back into at the moment (or start)?

Nothing, everything I want to do, I do. You will not ever hear me say 'I'll start in the new year, tomorrow or next week'. Our words create our actions, anything I WANT I will start working toward TODAY.

11. What is your favourite IMBIBE product?

Miracle Collagen, for sure.



You can find Fabienne at@fabienne.ycl on Instagram