Makeup-Free Selfie

October 18, 2022 2 min read

Makeup-Free Selfie

I’ve always been more interested in skin health as a barometer of internal and intestinal health and wellness, rather than as a marker of ageing.

I turned 40 earlier this year and with that, came caring less about external appearance and caring more about how strong and energetic I felt. Make-up free selfie? I’m going there.

I’m deeply obsessed with science and getting it right. Studying clinical trials, the latest ingredient technology, and forging ahead with product innovations backed by clinical data that will make a measurable difference to your life. Strength, wellness, vitality - this is what we care for most about.

Here’s how I do it:

  2. I can tell you from first hand experience, taking our unique bioactive Miracle Collagen daily for the last 3 years, this product has single handedly changed my skin, hair and face shape.

    This is my absolute, desert island must-have, ride or die. From our 20’s, our collagen naturally starts to decline and this is where we see the skin sagging, loss of firmness and elasticity.

    I LOVE IT!



  4. This is the most un-sexy but most overlooked aspect to health, wellness, vitality. It’s called beauty sleep for a reason. With the overwhelm of notifications, calls, working, parenting, running a home and trying to keep up with all the other things (work, friends, parents, children, exercise), we actually need more sleep than we think we do. A minimum of seven hours, eight hours is better. Do whatever you have to do to prioritize this.

    For me this means getting into bed as soon as I can once the kids are in bed etc.



  6. A waterfall for the skin. Seriously. Targeting volume loss, hydration and wrinkle depth and length, and providing serious moisture to the skin, this serum I use religiously day and night.

    It also contains Kakadu Plum with impressive all natural vitamin C for skin brightening.



  8. Really, but not really. Gentle exfoliation is key to helping the skin stay luminous and bright. Why? Because it increases the rate of cellular turnover, encouraging fresh collagen. I do this at least four times a week at night time, and wake up with skin that looks like it’s had a holiday (even when it hasn't).



  10. We took years to formulate Collagen Eyes, because I really wanted it to over deliver. Packing in all natural retinol, it's our bye bye to botox that we are all about. It brightens, hydrates, puts a pause on sun damage and ageing skin. It has made an immense difference to the brightening around my eye area.

    I also use it on my 11’s, the area between my eyebrows and down the nasolabial fold.

    Find it here:



I love the process of fermentation - so much so that I wrote a book on the subject several years ago called "Probiotic Drinks at Home".

But I knew that I needed to take my kitchen trials to the next level and bring to you a multi-strain probiotic not just for gut health - but for the skin too.

And so, our bestselling Beauty Renewal was born.



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