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Skin Science: Aasia

September 15, 2020 2 min read

Skin Science: Aasia

Name: Aasia

Age: 33

Perspective: “I feel most beautiful in my skin when I can feel comfortable.”


At IMBIBE, we celebrate what it means to feel beautiful, to feel confident and to feel empowered in your skin - at every age, at every stage and in every way.

It’s the mission we honour most, and one we want to share along the way. 

And what we know is that every woman, every person, carries their own story about what it means to them to feel incomparable in their skin; All we had to do was ask.


“ I’m looking forward to having a more voluptuous figure that can only come with age. ”


This is Aaysia. 


Aaysia totally encompasses a care-free vibrance and has a completely natural ability to be just - herself. Her bright smile, big laugh and beautiful skin completely showcases natural confidence and beauty, and we can’t get enough!

What makes you feel most beautiful in your skin?

I feel most beautiful in my skin when I am happy, healthy and comfortable.

What are you looking forward to about ageing in your body?

Having a more voluptuous shape that only comes with age.


What did you love the most about being a part of our Skincare Photoshoot?

To be amongst so many women of all ages, histories and type of beauty. It was so nice and inspirational.


“Being with women of all ages and with all types of beauty was so inspiring.”

Which step in our range are you most excited for?

I’m excited about the entire range, but probably most about all of the nourishing ingredients and skin building properties and I looooove the collagen already!



What is one beauty trend you wish you’d never met?

Coloured contact lenses and light metallic blue eye shadow! Yikes!


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