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Ask Felicity Anything - Your Burning Q's Answered

Ask Felicity Anything - Your Burning Q's Answered

I’m offering something new here, a special “AFA” - Ask Felicity Anything - in celebration of my birthday. I’ve received hundreds of DMs asking everything from product information, and our sex range, to balancing business, motherhood and beyond. I tried to fit in as many as I could in here without verging on the boring side and turning this into an essay. I hope you love this. Any questions you’d like me to answer next time, shoot them over.



How old are you?

I recently just turned 42 and celebrated with both friends and family on 2 very different weekends. One weekend was with friends and a very beautiful table set up and a dress that made me feel like a story-tale princess, and the other was with a range of family members from 80 - 3!

I used our Miracle Collagen and Beauty Renewal in the heart-shaped chocolate I made for everyone and it was delicious.

Speaking of chocolate, if you’re looking for chocolate recipes and inspiration, look no further:

Collagen Chocolate Bounty Bars
Chocolate Covered Ice Cream Sticks
Beauty Chocolate


Best all round product for getting moisture back into my skin?

Collagen Jelly Peptide Serum and Miracle Collagen. This is your full 360 degree approach to collagen banking.

Both have very specific molecular weight collagen peptides for intense hydration and plumping in the skin - both internally and externally.

Collagen Jelly Peptide Serum is my absolute ride or die and I honestly notice it deeply in my skin when I’m not using it. It becomes lacklusture and looses its plump and bounce.

It's an incredibly hardworking and multitasking product that truly performs on a clinical level. Containing over 20 active ingredients, from collagen peptides with a specific molecular weight, multilevel hyaluronic acid, marshmallow extract and the worlds riches source of natural Vit C, kakadu plum, it brightens, tightens and plumps like a pro.


Netflix or YouTube?

Umm this is a hard one! Loving YouTube for Friday and Saturday night GRWM and Architectural Digest house tours, when I’m lying on the floor with my legs up the wall and “weekending”, you know.

There’s something soothing about walking through someone’s well thought out, well-kept home which does not contain the chaos that is my home with 3 kids and a dog!

Fav place to eat in Byron?

We are absolutely spoilt for choice here. I love The Roadhouse, Highlife, Bayleaf and Folk.

They all have a focus on fresh, seasonal, handmade and quality ingredients. Of course, they do amazing cacao and matcha drinks and perfect coffee too! 

Favourite place in Byron


How is it founding your business whilst also having young children?

Challenging! Never feels like there are sufficient hours in the day. Many moments that have taken deep courage and grit to feel like I can do both, and yes, we absolutely can do both. Having a family whilst also raising a business requires agility, determination, focus, discipline but the rewards are absolutely there.

Some days this looked like breastfeeding my baby in boardmeetings, and taking zoom supplier calls whilst pushing the pram, and other days it requires 12+ hour days in the office and scrambled eggs for dinner several nights in a row.

There is no perfect, only perfect for you, your situation and your family structure.

If you have the grit and perseverance and belief in your mission then truly, anything is possible. Go for your dreams!

How long have you been running IMBIBE?

This is my 10th year of having IMBIBE. It started - like a lot of good things do - at my kitchen table.

Come and visit us any time in our Byron Bay HQ which has a showroom attached to it, would love to meet you.

What’s a day in the life look like?

There is no average day, and utmost flexibility when it comes to routine is key for life happiness. However, if I can get in a 20 min exercise routine and a green juice, I’m pretty happy.

I get up, pour a long black double shot with Miracle Collagen and local honey. Then its into some movement or exercise (usually a pilates Fluidform workout on the app) and then straight to the office for meetings and tonnes of email and then right back home for a healthy, quick dinner with my family.

I try to get 8 hours sleep a night - I really feel it if it don’t the next day and its incredible how it really does show up on the skin if I’m not getting enough sleep.

Having CALM/SLEEP before bed has made a measurable positive impact to my sleep quality - I find I get to sleep quicker and sleep deeper.

Other things I do which do fall into a regular day in the life include:

A version of this homemade coconut and vanilla chia pudding daily at my office desk, generally.

My daily Collagen Green Juice on the drive into the office.

I always add a healthy fat source, about a tablespoon, to my Collagen Green Juice. Healthy fats are so important for hormone synthesis, metabolism, healthy hair and well moisturised skin.

I’ve been using Golden Grove Olive Oil from Greece, and love it.

You can also add avocado, flax, walnut, macadamia- whatever you can find.

A lunch bowl which looks like this, most days:


After a workout and if I’m veering to the more anxious/over busy mind side, I have a large CALM/SLEEP en route to the office:




Skincare in the AM and PM will always take front and centre of my days, this often looks rushed and in between other things, but it does always happen. It's a little moment of self care baked between the other busy busy parts to add a little more balance





Favourite IMBIBE product?

Impossible Q! But if I had to choose just one, must have product, it's Miracle Collagen. Ok fine, let's add one more in there, Collagen Lips.

Both these products are based on many years R&D and deep scientific research to deliver clinical results.

Wearing Collagen Lips Bare Silk here.

How often do you take Miracle Collagen?

Daily! In my coffee! Essential.

What's in your daily green juice?

What’s not in it, is the Q.

It's a combination of Miracle Collagen, cucumber, mint, greens, fresh turmeric, green apple, pineapple and spirulina powder. Sounds like a salad dressing, tastes amazing to me!

Can V-Oil also be used as a perfume?

Yes! It's a beautiful yet subtle scent.

Best place for coffee in Byron?

Again, we are spoilt for choice but my local is AllPress, and it also happens to be located right next door to our IMBIBE HQ.

My order is oat milk flat white or long black with honey.


Can I take CALM/SLEEP during the day, or will it make me fall asleep?

You can take it anytime of the day - I love having it after a sauna, workout or anytime I’m feeling stressed.


Is your V-Oil meant to be used in place of a lubricant?

I always say choose your own adventure with our special V-Oil. It’s designed with the whole woman in mind, for all stages of life.

Initially, I designed it to help in my pregnancy and birthing stage of life when I was looking for a 100% clean and organic natural oil to help in the birthing and postpartum repair phase.

It's amazing to use as a lubricant when I want something very special, discreet and arousing.

Because it contains super nourishing oils that are absolutely non-irritating and, in fact, very soothing to the skin, many women in our community choose it for support during perimenopause and menopausal years when dryness and irritation can become bothersome.