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Before + After: Cloe's Story

July 18, 2021 2 min read

Before + After: Cloe's Story

We always safe the proof is in the pudding (*whatever that means) and so, when we get asked about the range and why it works, we always direct people to the proverbial-pudding: which in this case, is Cloe.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen such amazing skin transformation from a focus on clinical, clean, gut-health approved ingestible beauty products (like Beauty Renewal and Miracle Collagen), but it never gets any less exciting.

The before and afters that we see - whether shared with us, or are just for you - are why we do what we do.

And when we received these pictures in our Inbox, we wanted you to get excited too!

So this is Cloe:



Day 1: Starting IMBIBE


I started IMBIBE after watching someone’s story on IG, and thought to myself, ‘why not!?’. I’ve tried almost everything else, so I went out on a limb and made my first order.

I’ve struggled with on-and-off acne for over 10 years, which finally improved after I started Roaccutane. Everytime my skin improved I would go off, and everytime it flared up again I would go back on, ending up on-and-off Roaccutane multiple times over multiple years. The ups and downs of my skin were always in sync with Roaccutane being in or out of my system.


“I’m so stoked with my results - I feel much more comfortable in my own skin!”


 Day 14: Two Weeks In




After 2 weeks with IMBIBE, I started seeing little results; a little less inflamed, and not as many newbies popping up. It’s just kind of better and better each day! I’m at a point now where I still continue to get little breakouts, but they are under control and I’m so stoked with my results - I feel much more comfortable in my own skin!

I believe the Miracle Collagen along with some at home AHA treatments have really helped with my scarring too.


 Day 30: I'm Stoked

Thank You for creating such a beautiful product!


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