Miracle Collagen
Miracle CollagenMiracle CollagenMiracle CollagenMiracle CollagenMiracle CollagenMiracle CollagenMiracle Collagen

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Note: For the 300g Collagen Pouch - Contents have to be put into an air tight container after opening and stored in the fridge. The compostable pouch is not intended to be re-sealed.


  • Skin, Hair & Nail Strength 
  • Skin Elasticity and Hydration 
  • Collagen Production 
  • Skin-Bounce  

Our Miracle Collagen is clinically shown to activate within the skin matrix, reducing wrinkle depth, increasing skin elasticity, and significantly benefiting both hair thickness and structure to prevent hair damage and loss.


As we age, our collagen production naturally and steadily declines, leading to dull, flat, listless skin that is truly in need of plumped and restored luminosity.

Our Bioactive Collagen Peptides are clinically shown to activate within the skin matrix, reducing wrinkle depth, increasing skin elasticity, and significantly impacting both hair thickness and structure to prevent damage and loss.

And this is why we call it Miracle Collagen.

With a low Molecular Weight of 2 kilo daltons (2kDA), these bioactive, highly bioavailable collagen peptides deliver 18 essential and non-essential amino acids to the body, providing critical elements necessary for gut repair, cellular rejuvenation and redefining skins appearance.

This next-generation combination of bioavailable collagen peptides are also clinically shown to stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen and to help redefine the smoothest, bounciest, most radiant-looking skin.


After 4 weeks:
Significant reduction of wrinkle depth

After 12 weeks:
65% increase of collagen in the skin
32% decrease in crows’ feet
18% increase in elastin in the skin
75% reported stronger, longer nails

After 16 weeks:
Significant increase of 31% in proliferation of human hair follicle cells
Significant increase in hair thickness

After 24 weeks:
Significantly higher dermal density and decreased skin waviness appearing as cellulite.
75 % perceive their nails as longer
71 % said their nails grew faster


Our Miracle Collagen bioactive peptides can be so well absorbed by the body because they are water-soluble, and – unlike other proteins – have a very simple molecular peptide structure and unique peptide molecular structure that is very easy for the body to absorb.


Bioactive Collagen Peptides: Clinically shown to stimulate fresh collagen in the skin, reducing wrinkle depth, increasing skin elasticity and strengthening hair thickness and strength. 

Bioavailable Amino Acid Profile: Miracle Collagen contains a specific molecular weight of 2kDa and has a very short amino acid chain, and is highly absorbable and bioactive in the body. This means less fluff and more potency for your results.  

Concentrated Formulation: The high-performance of our Miracle Collagen means that every molecule is working for you. This is why, unlike other products, you will never see any excipients, bulking agents and fillers in our products. Pure concentration = better performance for you.  

  • Bioactive bovine collagen peptides types 1 and 3.  
  • 0% fat
  • 0% sugar
  • 95% protein
  • 18 amino acids

Get to know our High Performance Ingredients used throughout our product range. 


Shake well before use to activate. 

Add approximately 1 metric teaspoon to any hot or cold food or beverage and take daily. Double dose for accelerated benefits! 

Can be added to hot drinks and will not lose potency. 

Fully dissolvable in hot or cold liquids and tasteless and odourless. 

Refrigerate after opening. Keep lid screwed on tight. Use dry clean spoon.

For the 300g Collagen Pouch: Contents have to be put into an air tight container after opening and stored in the fridge. The compostable pouch is not intended to be re-sealed.


Serving size is 2.5g or approximately 1 teaspoons.  In the 100g jar there are approximately 40 serves.  In the 300g bag there are approximately 120 serves. Miracle Collagen is hygroscopic in nature, with a specific molecular weight and a variable bulk density. Settling will occur, meaning the volume of the serving size is subject to change, although the weight will always remain the same. 


  • Bioactive collagen peptides
  • Clinically tested for bio-availability and potency
  • Specific collagen peptide molecular weight on average of 2kDa
  • Shown to stimulate collagen in the skin
  • Highest-quality animals from global certified livestock welfare animals
  • Superior amino acid profile
  • Superior dissolvability and tasteless
  • High bioavailability for easy and quick digestion
  • Certified Non-GMO
  • Certified Kosher
  • Certified Halal
  • No fillers, flavourings, soy, corn, dairy, sugar, chemicals, fake flavourings, preservatives, artificial colours, stabilisers or food acids or gluten. 
  • Stringently tested for pesticides and contains no pesticides or heavy metals.
  • Low molecular weight to stimulate collagen production in your skin cells. 
  • Globally sourced from small-scale farmers.
  • Created in Byron Bay, Australia. 


  • Fillers and flavours
  • Low quality hydrolysed protein
  • Factory farmed animals (including factory farmed fish)
  • Organic fruit and vegetable powders claiming to be collagen
  • Gluggy and horrible tasting and smelling collagen
  • Harsh flavours and fillers which can cause bloating and upset tummy 
  • Preservatives, sulfides, peroxides, flavours and additives 
  • Shellfish
  • Lactose


Is this product safe for me to take when pregnant or breastfeeding?

Yes! Our Miracle Collagen is 100% fine for you to take if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.

Is Miracle Collagen Vegan?

Nope, it is bovine. Actually, there is no such thing as “vegan” collagen. The companies that are promoting a “vegan” source of collagen are simply misleading you with their marketing. Collagen, by very definition is the connective tissue found in animals. If you’d like to know more, please take a moment to look at this blog post for more info.

Is this safe for my kids to take?

Yes, Miracle Collagen is fine for children to take. We love it mixed into smoothies.

Where do you source your collagen for Miracle Collagen?

We scoured the globe to source the most potent bioactive collagen for you, because we don’t settle for anything less than the best (and neither should you). Our collagen comes from global sources, including Germany, Brazil, Sweden, Switzerland, Norway and others. You can be assured that we have the highest level of stringent quality control and assurance.

Is this shelf stable (do I need to refrigerate it?)

No refrigeration necessary. Just keep it in a cool dark place.

How soon will I receive my package?

We pack orders daily, and provided we receive your order by 11am, it will be sent on the same day. For more on our shipping terms, please take a look here

Why is this product packed in plastic?

If you are  looking for a fully biodegradable and compostable packaging., please click here. We have removed the plastic scoop. This package is entirely re-useable and recyclable.

Is this just a protein powder? 

Whilst our Miracle Collagen contains just protein, it is not designed as a pure protein powder. The difference with our incredibly high-quality bio-active and bioavailable collagen peptides is that they have a collagen-stimulating effect on skin cells. So that after taking it, you skin cells are shown to actually produce more collagen for bouncy, plump skin. It’s far superior than a protein powder. 

When can I expect to see results? 

Every individual is different, so we can’t offer guarantees about when you will see exact results. However, if you read the reviews below you will see that most people experience results within 30 days of taking 2 teaspoons of Miracle Collagen daily. 

Can I add the Miracle Collagen to Beauty Renewal or other foods or drinks?

Yes absolutely! And because it’s tasteless and odourless you won’t even know it’s there.

How often should I take Miracle Collagen?

Our potent Miracle Collagen is designed to be taken daily for best results. In fact, because it’s a high-quality food product, it can be taken twice a day if yo’d like deeper nourishment.

Does it contain shellfish?

No, it doesn't.

Is it lactose-free?

Yes, it is lactose-free.

Is it certified halal?

Yes, it is!








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