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Dry Brushing vs. Body Contour Gua Sha

Dry Brushing vs. Body Contour Gua Sha

Have you ever tried Dry Body Brushing or Body Gua Sha?

Picking the ultimate at-home spa treatment can be tricky, and there’s no denying that we are obsessed with the simplicity and therapeutic practice of Body Gua Sha.

Both of these techniques have been around for centuries, they are the oldest trick in the book (quite literally). Chances are you have heard at least a little bit about these beauty tools, but if you’re brand new or simply just curious about their benefits, we have taken the hard work out if it for you. Read on as we explain. 

Dry Body Brushing 

What is dry brushing?

Originated over 5,000 years ago (we told you…oldest trick!) in India, and is a method of exfoliation. By using a firm bristle brush, you gently massage your skin in an upward motion to increase circulation, exfoliation, and assist in lymphatic drainage.

How does it work?

While dry brushing increases blood flow, its purpose is to assist in the stimulation of collagen, and elasticity in the skin. When dry brushing your body, it’s best to start at the bottom and work your way up by brushing in a circular motion upwards in the direction of your heart. 


How often, and what are the benefits?

We know over-exfoliation can lead to skin irritation and it can also compromise the skin barrier, so, when it comes to dry brushing we recommend 1-2 times per week - be gentle! 

Dry brushing has many benefits like boosting circulation, increasing blood flow, exfoliation and the stimulation of collagen in the skin. Dry brushing isn’t for everyone and is not recommended for those with sensitive skin, which is why Contour Body Gua Sha could be more suitable for you.

Body Contour Gua Sha 

What is body Gua Sha?

Body Gua Sha is an ancient traditional Chinese medicine technique that improves lymphatic drainage and assists in detoxification. Mostly used on the face for a more contoured and glowy complexion. So just imagine what it can do for the rest of your body.

How does it work?

Gua Sha practices the pulling and pushing of the skin to release tension, increase circulation, stimulate collagen and cellulite, as well as to detoxify the body. While using pressure, Contour Body Gua Sha releases the myofascial, stimulating oxygen, nutrients, and blood cells to the skin's surface to heal and soothe your natural curves, and contour! 

Use firm sweeping strokes that move upward from the ankles towards the heart.

How often, and what are the benefits?

Gua Sha is known to be gentler on the skin when compared with dry brushing. Due to its more gentle approach, we recommend using it over the body up to four times a week to achieve optimal results. 

Body Gua Sha has major benefits like reducing the appearance of cellulite, improving lymphatic flow and drainage, and assisting in detoxification. Gua Sha also relieves muscle tension and stress and is known to improve sleep.