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INNER BEAUTY | Sara De Clercq

INNER BEAUTY | Sara De Clercq

You may recognise Sara as the face of our Vegan Collagen. 

When selecting who to shoot for our Vegan Collagen Campaign, it was important to us that our model lived by an ethos of wellness and kindness. That she stood, feet firmly planted on the earth, as a strong, aware, bold and caring woman. 

And Sara does just that. 

An NLP coach, Sara works with clients 1:1 and in groups to help them realise who they are, to love themselves, and to raise consciousness. Ultimately, her life's path is to help others be in the world, more loving and kind. 

Hi Sara! Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do…

It’s so funny that this question is asked as I work as an NLP, Integral and spiritual coach. The work that I do goes beyond the personal, beyond the personality and therefore beyond any sense of, who I am. So the question ‘who are you’ is a funny one and definitely one i’ve tried to answer many times. Without good luck haha.

Anyways, as mentioned I work as a coach, where I get to work with individuals and groups to in a sense find deeper parts of themselves. By finding what they really are, beyond the constructed and habitual set of thinking and behavioural patterns who we take ourselves to be, there is a natural fading away of stressful, insecure, overwhelming, judgemental and people pleasing kind of thoughts and behaviours. And naturally what starts to emerge is more loving, compassionate and kind thoughts for oneself and therefore others, and the natural world. As we care less, we are able to care more. For more. And that is where the true evolution in my eyes lies. 

As we care less, we are able to care more. 

 Star sign? And moon and rising if you know?

My birthday is on the 22nd of November. So I am right in the middle between Scorpio and Sagittarius. Some say I am a Scorpio, some say Sagittarius. To me it’s still a great mystery to date. Although I lean towards Scorpio. They say Scorpios know what they want and aren’t afraid to work hard and play the long game to get it. I definitely see that in myself. As well as the sometimes stingy side of the Scorpio.

 What inspired you to become a coach? 

Becoming a coach was never a childhood dream of mine. As a matter of fact I've never really considered it as something I would want to do. Up until 3 years ago now where I did my first NLP training with The Coaching Room. I had a huge awakening. Where I saw the true nature of reality as it is, rather than what I’ve ever thought or learned it was. To see the true nature of reality one has to have a total mind blank. Meaning there is NO thinking happening.

This is similar to a near death experience. This doesn't happen very often and some people never experience it. It was the greatest shock and the greatest realisation of my life. I realised in this moment, this is why we (us humans) are here, this is why we are on this planet and this is why we experience life as it is. That was naturally my calling. This is it and what I am supposed to do is what came strongly through me in that moment.

And since then I’ve been working with people to have them realise all of themselves, to embrace all of themselves, to raise consciousness (meaning what someone is able to be aware of) and therefore be in the world more loving and kind. Which in my eyes naturally solves problems like climate change, war and discrimination. The only reason those things happen is because people are not connected to their true nature. Which is always loving and kind. 

I’ve been working with people to have them realise all of themselves, to embrace all of themselves, to raise consciousness (meaning what someone is able to be aware of) and therefore be in the world more loving and kind.



Your hair is incredible. How do you care for it? 

To be honest, I don’t do much with my hair. Maybe that’s the trick haha. I swim in the ocean every day, drink lots of water, eat healthy organic locally produced food and sleep well. And I don’t experience any stress, which is probably the biggest contributor. 

How do you maintain your health? 

My mom is a yoga teacher so I basically grew up with healthy organic food, lots of natural movement, lots of walking and biking (in the Netherlands I did everything on the bike). I’ve played field hockey for 14 years. I run and do yoga everyday. Yes I love to stay active. 

Health to me is an all around picture, and also looks at mental, spiritual and social health. 

 Health to me is an all around picture, and also looks at mental, spiritual and social health. If you do work you love, hang out with people you love and have fun with, if you take care of yourself through reading and your own spiritual connection, spend time in nature etc etc. you will have a healthy body. As the thoughts that we think directly determine the health of the body.

 Best piece of advice you’ve ever been given? 

Oeff that’s a big one. I think “take care of yourself first, before you take care of others. You can’t show up for others if you can’t show up for yourself first”.

What do you miss most about home in the Netherlands?

My family and friends, and also the culture. Australia has beautiful nature, absolutely incredible. But it can’t beat European culture in my eyes. Just walking through the streets of Amsterdam or Utrecht is such a joy. The architecture and the vibe that gives is just amazing.

Favourite way to spend time off?

At the beach writing poetry and sketching/drawing whatever in my sketching book.

Favourite Book/Album/Movie/Podcast?

As I am a bit of a nerd I love all books from Integral Theory, written by Ken Wilber. Truly evolutionary, this is where my coaching for a large part is based on. Favourite films are definitely all the Harry Potter movies.

Most defining moment in your life to date?

During the NLP course the awakening experience that i’ve described earlier. 


You can find Sara at @saradeclercq and @yes_and_co on Instagram