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Messy by Mahlia: D.I.Y Clay Vase

Messy by Mahlia: D.I.Y Clay Vase

We're infusing the lockdown blues with a something a little pretty, a little crafty and a little-more than DIY. 

Messy by Mahlia gives us the creative know-how and simple instructions to create our very own, at-home, vase (just in time for Poppy season) and just in time to distract and entertain us whilst we're at home!

You will need:

  • Clay
  • A sponge
  • Fishing wire
  • Something sharp to cut out your base
  • A fork
  • A bowl to guide your shape of the base
  • Some water

Step 1 

Roll out your clay into an even slab. Use your bowl to guide your shape of the base, then cut out around the edges so you have a circle shape as your base.


Step 2 

Roll out a bunch of coils, roughly around the same length and width. Use your fork to score the clay. Dab some water on both the base and the coils with your sponge. 

Step 3

Start building up your vase. Using the same process of scoring and dampening the clay.

Step 4

Once you have done a few coils, start to smooth the outside of your vase. Apply pressure with your fingers from the inside and pull the clay in an upwards motion to join the clay together and smooth it out.

Step 5

When you are happy with the height on your vase, start putting the coils on the inside or the outside, depending on what shape you want your vase to be.

Step 6 

Once you have smoothed out the outside of your vase and you are happy with the shape, you can add some small coils at the top, slightly on the outer edge. Then smooth it out and manipulate the clay by pinching the edges with your fingers to create a fanned neck on your vase.

Step 7 (the finale)

You now have your very own homemade vase! Allow at least a week for your vase to dry out. You can then glaze your vase and get it fired at your local kiln.
Your vase will then be water safe and ready for flowers!
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