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Watch: Probiotics - What Are They, Why Do They Matter And How Do You Get Enough Of The Goods?

Probiotics are fundamental to our gut health, digestion, absorption of nutrients and creating the key balance between the good and the bad -- and this is how.

In this video, our Clinical Nutritionist, Katherine, explains what probiotics are and more importantly, why we need them everyday. 

"Because when your gut microbiome is nourished, every other system of our body is nourished, supported."

Dive in and let’s uncover how to support your digestion for that skin-bounce and easy digestion.

Probiotics are fundamental to overall gut health and may assist in certain skin inflammatory conditions like acne, rosacea, dermatitis and other skin-inflammation conditions.

Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate contains the goodness of approximately 6 billion bio-fermented multi-strain probiotics per serve so it provides a daily dose of lactobacillus probiotics which in turn will assist in nourishing your microbiome and gut health.

Let’s dive in deeper with Clinical Nutritionist Katherine Hay on this topic.