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Felicity's Skin Guide

Felicity's Skin Guide

Late nights, early mornings, champagne's on arrival, canapes as you mingle, caffeine to keep it all going - it’s fun but also a lot.

A system in a state of stress can show up on the skin as inflammation, redness, dermatitis, break outs, flare ups and looking like you need a good night's sleep and an extra shot of collagen.

Which you probably do. Let’s fix it darling.

Today, I’m diving into skin stress, and how to prep your skin for the festive season.

0.1 Thirsty work means thirsty skin.

A waterfall of hydration is how I describe our Collagen Restore Serum. It’s literally like having your own private waterfall for your face.

Featuring cucumber fruit extract, certified organic seaweed, super low molecular weight Hyaluronic Acid and mineral rich sustainable sea kelp extracts stimulate collagen synthesis and tissue repair to clinically restore plump, hydrated skin and actively reduce wrinkle length and depth.

It’s my favourite, and I don’t have favourites.

02. Sugar and spice are not all things nice.

All that sugar and salt that we tend to have at this time of the year can wreck havoc with our hormonal system and also our gut which can show up on the skin.

Cellular hydration starts from within and is locked in from without.

Cellular hydration starts from within and is locked in from without.

This is why we always recommend to start your wellness steps with our Gut + Skin Bundle as your first step in your Festive Ready Skincare Routine.

Miracle Collagen works as an internal scaffolding and lifting system for the skin to lift, plump and hydrate within the cellular matrix of the skin, literally plumping the skin from within.

Probiotics are like comforting cushioning for the gut.

They help feed the microbial diversity within the gastrointestinal ecosystem, helping ease the symptoms and discomfort, indigestion and bloating that comes with overindulging in that cheese board and let’s face it, mimosas at any hour.

We have used a broad base of multi-strain probiotics in our Beauty Renewal including gut-loving Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium multi-strain probiotics which are known to have a host of benefits to the microbiome.


03. Late Nights = Tired Skin

Don’t let those late nights spoil your glow. Removing those under-eye bags and moving out the tired from the face is totally achievable.

Vibrating at 5,000 sonic vibrations a minute, and delivering collagen stimulation with every pulse, it's the one vibrating tool we go to sleep with and wake up with.

It's the one vibrating tool we go to sleep with and wake up with.

04. Causes of Collagen Degradation

    Collagen naturally starts to decline from our early 20s and with that we start to see wrinkles, skin sagging and general dullness within the skin.

    We are all for aging and celebrate the process of life.

    Good news is that there are tangible things we can all do to help our collagen formation and the flow on effect of this is we will generally start to feel better.

    If you’d like to dive in deeper here, check out Why Our Collagen Is Better: The Marine vs Bovine Collagen Debate and The 3 Biggest Myths About Collagen

    VIT C & Zinc

    Eating sufficient Vit C & Zinc helps to support the collagen formation in the skin and extra bonus, also makes you feel great too! Try oysters, nuts, seeds, and other Vit rich foods like Bell peppers, Strawberries, Tomatoes and Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower)


    Protect your collagen! Wear a broad rimmed hat and a all natural zinc sunscreen. Mumma told you so!


    Give your skin the best chance of ageing well. 2 teaspoons of Miracle Collagen daily is all it takes to keep the skin plump from within. I take mine daily in either water or my coffee/tea in the AM. Best thing is its totally odourless and flavourless so you won’t even know you're taking it.

    I hope these pointers have helped you get your skin ready to thrive this Festive Season. Any Q’s? We’re only a phone call away.


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