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Imbibe Woman: Lara Bluett of St. Agni

Imbibe Woman: Lara Bluett of St. Agni

The impeccably lovely Lara Bluett, Creative Director and Co-Founder of St. Agni, can only be described as someone who truly emulates her brand; warm, understated and effortlessly tailored.

Having had an undeniable drive to become a business owner, Lara coupled her passion for aesthetics with the heartbeat of Byron Bay and created a luxurious slow fashion label, focused on the handcrafted art of timeless apparel. 

As a business owner, designer & mother Lara manages to stay involved in every aspect of her life in the most meaningful ways. 

Her well-rounded capacity to juggle it all, while staying positive amid uncertain times makes her and IMBIBE Women to the core and one that we needed to know just a little more about;


1. Please tell us a bit about who you are and what you do!

My Name is Lara, I'm the creative director and co-founder of St. Agni - A luxury Australian Women's label based in Byron Bay.


2. Why did you start your label and what advice do you wish someone had given you before you did?

I always had a huge urge to start my own label and I had always worked in retail and dreamt of creating my own store. I get so excited talking to people about starting a business because that start up phase is so fun! The one piece of advice I always give to anyone starting a business is 'don't overthink it' - I find so many people scare themselves out of even starting because they are so scared of failing. I really believe that if you want something to work and you believe in it enough, it will.


3. What are you doing to look after your health (emotional and physical) during this time?

When all of this started I was feeling overwhelmed and at the same time ready to fight for everything we had built - It was a strange combination of emotions. Then it sunk in and I began to feel immense gratitude for the time we have been given to pause and reflect on everything! My emotions have been so fluid over the last month, for me it’s about listening to how I'm feeling and recognising why I'm feeling this way. Sometimes a little bit of sunshine or a walk in the fresh air is all I need to make everything feel better again.

4. Most defining moment in your life to date?

Becoming a mother would have to be the most defining point in my life. It's such a unique and powerful kind of love and at the same time a fast transition into a much more selfless version on oneself. After having Jude, I view the world differently and things that mattered before don't phase me anymore - I guess everything is put into perspective.

5. What makes you feel most beautiful?

I feel most beautiful when I'm content, after a day at the beach when I can still feel the warmth on my skin.

6. What is something you’re curious about right now?

I'm most curious about the current climate of the world.. how is our world going to look 6 months from now?

I feel like I took it for granted how predictable everything was before, so much feels unknown now. 

7. Favourite Book/Album/Movie/Podcast? (We need as many pointers as we can get at the moment!!)

I'm more of a magazine person than a novel reader. I love to flick through beautiful coffee table book's - anything to do with interiors. I'm obsessed with St. Agni's recent playlist - link here. I love listening to crime podcasts or anything to do with start up's - I love hearing people’s stories.  


8. How do you balance work, health and home?

I think the Work/life balance theory is changing from splitting the hours between work and life to a more fluid approach - it's more about having the flexibility to get things done in your professional life while still having time and energy to enjoy your personal life. Work is a part of life and if you enjoy what you are doing it's going to enhance all other aspects. I'm trying not to categorise things into these three titles and just focus on doing things that make me happy whether that be work/exercise or cooking for my family. 

9. What is a topic that matters to you and what would you like people to know or do about it?

I'm really passionate about artisan made pieces. From the beginning, St. Agni has worked with artisans who hand-craft our footwear and accessories. I think people often don't realise the value of artisan made pieces and how unique they are and timely to create. In general, I think it's important for people to be educated on this and also educate themselves about the pieces they invest in.

10. How do you de-stress?

Most of the time I feel like I handle stress quite well, but occasionally it creeps up on me and that’s when I know I just need to stop and give myself some time.