Party Time, Excellent

November 09, 2022 2 min read

Party Time, Excellent

Don’t let that cheese board take you down. That extra glass of champagne? We’ve got you covered. Skin parched, dry, overworked? Not on our watch.

We’ve rounded up our top 5 tips to keep those lips kissable and restore those collagen levels after a few too many evenings full of champagne this festive season.

    1. Having a skin freak out?

Let’s restore those Collagen levels lost in the sea of events you’ve been attending.


My skin feels juicy and plump! And it feels light… A favourite for this summer!

  1. Kissable lips
  2. Make it your first priority in your handbag. Collagen lips will keep you kissable through to next year.

    I just love this product!! I did buy another brand after my first one ran out, definitely a waste of money! Collagen lips is amazing my lips stay hydrated for ages and that little black pot of magic lasts for ages!! Always in my handbag! ❤️

  3. Replenish your microbiome
  4. Steer away from the champagne and maintain the hydration from the inside out with our tasty Beauty Renewal (shh no one will ever know it’s not a cocktail)


    I’ve been using this product for years now, it’s a constant reorder and I make sure I always have my fridge stocked up with one. It tastes amazing too. Couldn’t live without this product!

  6. All it takes is a scoop of Miracle Collagen in that revival smoothie you’ve whisked together in hopes of restoring the lusture to your skin.


    I am nearly 70 and my hair was thinning as I aged, after about 3 months the change was amazing, now I’m not afraid to keep up the colouring to disguise the grey, with very little breakage, and my hair has kept the good volume after I commenced on the miracle collagen. I honestly can say it has worked for me, my nails are also stronger. This is my second review of this product but thought it would be good to give a long term perspective.

    1. Little less sleep than usual?

    Are your eyes the clear giveaway of some recent late nights? Restore the plump and prevent that dull eyed look with our Collagen Eyes.


    I was very impressed to see visible results after just one week of using the product! I was sceptical at first about whether or not it would work, but I definetley believe this eye cream has helped the skin around my eye appear more lifted and brighter.


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