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Skin Science: Felicity

Skin Science: Felicity

Name: Felicity

Age: 38

Perspective: “I think beauty is when you let your skin tell your story, without anything to hide.”


At IMBIBE, we celebrate what it means to feel beautiful, to feel confident and to feel empowered in your skin - at every age, at every stage and in every way.

It’s the mission we honour most, and one we want to share along the way.  

And what we know is that every woman, every person, carries their own story about what it means to them to feel incomparable in their skin; All we had to do was ask.


“Constantly reinventing myself, trying new things and aging gracefully.Being the true trailblazer that I am.


This is Felicity. 


Business powerhouse, wife and mother of two with an unrelenting drive to deliver the most effective, potent, nutritionally rich ingredients and formulations to women all over the world, making everyone feel truly beautiful from the inside out.  

What makes you feel most beautiful in your skin?

I think what makes me feel most beautiful in my skin, is how authentic I’ve learned to feel as I get older. I feel true ownership over my body, my beauty and my skin. Flaws and all. 

What are you looking forward to about ageing in your body?

The way that my body continues to grow and stretch and age, to be able to hold all the memories and experiences that come with time. I think my skin tells my story, and I have really lived every moment of it with pride. 

What did you love the most about being a part of our Skincare Photoshoot?

The most important part about our Skin Care shoot was to showcase beauty in every stage, and at every age, while bringing out the most natural, complete sense of beauty that each person had. It was so crucial to me that we really show women feeling their most natural, comfortable and confident to encompass how we want to help make women feel in their skin.

“I can't remember exactly how old I was but I remember when thin eyebrows came in. I decided plucking was too hard so I shaved them. My mother nearly had a fit."

Which step in our range are you most excited for?

Naturally I am excited to try the whole range. I developed this range to really speak to the things I’m looking for; clean, organic and actively countering dryness, irritation and accelerated aging, while being able to really bring out every woman's natural radiance. 

What is one beauty trend you wish you’d never met?

I would like to forget every beauty trend that told me I had to wear something or be something that I wasn’t. Every trend that taught women to be taller, skinnier, smoother, tighter than we were - those are the ones I’d like to forgive and forget!