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The Gut/Skin Axis

The Gut/Skin Axis

If you’ve always heard that real beauty comes from the inside — then you’ve heard right, and we promise, we’re here for this. 

Of course true beauty is actually a feeling: a feeling of confidence and inspiration, a self-loved and self-known kind of joy.


“But the radiance, the glowing skin, and the dewy complexion?Yup, that’s the inner work babes.And here’s why; the magic duo: The gut/skin duo.” 


It’s a truly well-known, well researched fact that your gut health, and ultimately your microbial health, has a direct and very clear impact on your mental, emotional, physical and instinctual health. 


“Your gut and digestive system (if working optimally) works to fuel your whole body with the vitamins, minerals, fats and nutrients that you get (or don’t get) from your food.” 


It’s kind of like, you have that leafy green salad full of beautiful nuts and herbs for lunch.Your body carries it through your digestive system to be broken down, assimilated and absorbed through your guts and into your blood stream, then it’s carried to wherever those nutrients are needed: the brain, the stomach and the skin. 

 For this to happen, your digestive system needs to have the right balance of the right bacteria to break down these foods into nutrients, at the right time — all the time. 


”A healthy microbiome works kind of like sunshine from the inside out.”


You have the right balance of bacteria, you absorb the right nutrients, and like magic, all that goodness and sunshine glows and glimmers from the inside out.

It pushes all the goodness through the darkness, the crevices and cracks to beam out of you — all the way from your guts to your skin.

That’s the gut-skin axis. 

And not only is your skin absorbing all of this sunshine and goodness from your gut, but it’s also a conduit of sorts for the intricate neurological and neuroendocrine messaging system between your brain and the receptors bouncing through your body. 

This is the thing that sends happy hormones and signals to help you to sleep, think, and to act.

And just like you can see the sunshine and goodness from your gut to your skin, you can also see the storm clouds.

If you have an unhealthy gut, meaning there is a dysbiosis or imbalance of bacteria, there will be inflammation and your guts are going to push all that inflammation out of your body and out through your skin, causing acne. 


“That unhealthy gut will also allow an overgrowth of bad bacteria, or SIBO, which is directly linked to Rosacea and redness."


Without your gut health, as we know, we are unable to absorb nutrients and fats the same way or metabolize hormones, like insulin and cortisol, which becomes a causative factor in hormonal acne. 

The list goes on. 

The point is, the connection between your gut and your skin is kind of a BIG DEAL. 


So here’s the scoop: if you’re struggling with poor skin health you need to first look after your gut and stake a claim on balance, and there are two simple ways to start doing.



Specifically a high quality, rich in amino acids collagen like Imbibe’s Miracle Collagen

The amino acids found in this bio-available, high quality source act as the building blocks for cellular and tissue regeneration.


“This ability to rebuild and regenerate soft tissue cells, like your stomach lining, small intestine and colon that make the breakdown of foods and the absorption of nutrients possible.”


When your body is able to properly absorb and utilize nutrients, the healthier you can be, because you’re actually feeding your body what it needs.


“Your hair is longer, your nails are stronger, you muscles repair faster, your skin is dewier and you think more clearly. It’s a whole thing.“



Re-introducing good bacteria, or probiotics, it’s super simple and delicious with Imbibe’s Beauty Renewal.

There are two main classifications of bacteria that your guts need to break down food, re-build your immune system and to take care of your skin, both of which are found in wide spectrum in this potent elixir.

Bifidobacterium and Lactobacillus. 

Lactobacillus in its many forms, are the good bacteria that live through your digestive system. They help break down foods and nutrients, help maintain balance and keep your digestive health in check. Not only do these guys support digestion and assimilation, but they help to protect your reproductive health as well. 

Lactobacillus bacteriaare specifically known as beneficial for acne reduction and skin hydration. Bless. 

Bifidobacterium, an equal counterpart, work together as anti-microbial and anti-pathogenic bacteria in the body, helping to keep your immune system strong. These are the guys are there to fight bad bacteria and maintain balance in the gut. 

Bifidobacterium are well known to optimize immunity by influencing white blood cell production, which helps to fight off infection and decrease inflammation. Bifidobacterium are also known to help fight UV rays and increase our skins protection from the sun. It’s double the fun. 


Taking care of your skin might seem convoluted and complicated in a seriously saturated wellness market, but it doesn’t have to be. 


"Real radiance starts with your health and your true health starts in your gut. "


A healthy diet, exercise and getting outside are beautiful counterparts to creating a healthy lifestyle. 

And the rest, should truly be as simple and as delicious as we’re making it.  



This blog is based purely on the author's personal experience. It is not intended to be a substitute for medical advice or treatment. The author is neither a medical nor health professional and cannot guarantee that the information in this blog post is accurate, reliable or complete. If you use this information, you do so at your own risk and should consult a qualified medical or health practitioner before relying on any information contained in this blog.