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Empowered Ageing with Miracle Collagen

Empowered Ageing with Miracle Collagen

I’m a CEO of a fast-growing ingestible beauty company, mother to two gorgeous girls, a wife to a tirelessly devoted man, an author, a fermentation expert, a public speaker and I’m nearly forty.

When I was younger, I dreaded this time arriving. I was very much ‘anti-aging’.I guess in a way, I believed that age would not only steal my youth but my health, my vitality and all the opportunities that often accompanied being young.

I was relentlessly ambitious back then, I was driven to succeed.

The truth is that I was hungry then and I’m even hungrier now.

Yep, I’m busier now, too.

Busier than I ever thought possible.


“However, now that I’m actually arriving at the footsteps of forty, and now that I’ve had a few decades to find comfort in the fine lines that have started to create a home in the space beneath my eyes, I’ve got to be honest with you all.”


This nearly-forty-year-old Felicity sitting here typing this to you today not only feels better in who she is but also more comfortable in her skin.

For me, these are truly my golden years - this is what empowered ageing feels like.



So it made me reflect and unravel my life's journey to determine how I seem to be visibly ageing in reverse, with my skin and hair and gut health better than ever, albeit unintentionally.

It was my late twenties to early thirties when things started changing for me.

I had graduated from the party world to the professional world. I had transformed from being ‘too cool to care’ to realising just how uncool that phase was.

I was now an international event coordinator for a global company, I had just met my now-husband, and for the first time, I had started prioritising my health. 


"But it was these years - the years when I should have been looking and feeling like my most vital, energised and beautiful self - that I was feeling my worst.” 


I was run down, inflamed and completely exhausted. 

I was looking and feeling less than my best. 

I was depleted. 

But I didn't know it. 

I thought that was normal. 

But it wasn’t without drastic efforts to improve my health. 

The thing was, I really was trying my best to do all the “right things” necessary to care for my body.

Regular exercise, meditation, yoga several times a week, eating the recommended healthy diet that most of us would be eating.

Still nada, zilch, nothing.

Nothing gave me relief - I ended up being diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, I was in and out of the hospital, the doctor's waiting rooms became my new normal.

I was feeling pretty awful.

And, with two tiny daughters to care for, a home to run and all the other obligations that are our normal, it was a really heavy load to carry.

Finally, I recognised that I was naive in my approach to wellness (something I believe we’re all victims of in this convoluted, endlessly confusing health industry), I was looking at my health and nourishment superficially.  


“It was all top-level nourishment, I was 'tending to the leaves without watering the roots'. That was my moment. A little light bulb went off and for the first time I thought “how can I better nourish my roots to support the whole damn exhausted tree that is my body?” 


So began my journey to cultivate products that complimented my diet and helped my deep nourishment come full circle.

After several years of researching, experimenting and sourcing (because they didn't exist in Australia until I brought them in) the best health supplements to provide the deep nourishment essential for sustaining vitality in an increasingly busy world, my first two ingestible beauty products came to market - Beauty Renewal and Miracle Collagen.

So, why Miracle Collagen?

Collagen takes us back to our roots -- back to the building blocks of life, so that’s where I started.

How do we fundamentally take control over how our cells regenerate, recalibrate and come back to life?

More importantly, is there a way to mimic nature and hack our own natural ability to regenerate.

The answer seemed so simple, but no one was providing a truly potent, easily accessible solution. That worked.

The solution? 

 Integrate more superior, high-quality collagen in your diet.



Collagen is the gelatinous material in our body that weaves everything together and holds it in place, like scaffolding.

Your muscles, ligaments, tissues, fibres - they’re all held in place and supported by collagen.

But collagen doesn’t just support the matrix of your body, it helps to metabolise and carry fats and vitamins through the body.


"What most people don't realise is that collagen is a foundational component of all life, and from our early 20’s our own collagen stores start rapidly declining. "


And we don’t produce our own protein, we just deplete it.

And when we run out of our reserves we start to pay the price, like I did.

That’s why it’s crucial to consume a sufficient amount, that's why I created our superior, pure bio-active and bio-available miracle collagen for faster absorption and increased support.

For an increasingly busy life.

With more demands than ever before.

The question is no longer ‘why would you take Miracle Collagen?’ 

Collagen is essential.

If you want to live an energised, revitalised, healthy life and feel confident in your skin, the better question is, ‘Why wouldn’t you take Miracle Collagen?

So how do I feel today?

I feel deeply nourished, I feel empowered and energised - and I most certainly feel and look better today then I did ten years ago.

My hair is growing again.

My skin is glowing again.

My gut-health has never felt better.

I don't get bloated, constipated anymore.

I don't have to pop my buttons after lunch anymore.

I may run an ingestible beauty company but I don’t give a damn about ageing, I just give a damn about ageing well.

Supported and empowered ageing.

And I honestly, hand on my heart, have my products to thank for that.


“Believe me when I say, ageing is a beautiful process, and a process I believe needs to be supported and nourished so that you can literally age with grace and strength.” 


And I think these are two qualities worth celebrating, don't you?

Hot tip:Pairing my Miracle Collagen with my Beauty Renewal literally fast-tracked my health and took me from blah to yea. The two are like star crossed lovers. 


You can eat all the healthy food you want to, but if they’re not being absorbed properly, you’re missing 50% of the benefits. Probiotics are a bacterium that allows your body to properly absorb vitamins and minerals, and by taking the probiotics with collagen, you’re making sure that your insides not only weave together but as your essential vitamins and minerals are being passed through the body, they’re also being absorbed. 

 The duo of Beauty Renewal and Miracle Collagen is like a dual superpower.