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Watch: Detoxifying - Why It All Begins In Your Gut

November 25, 2019 2 min read

Watch: Detoxifying - Why It All Begins In Your Gut

Detoxing your body, mind and life has been a major trend over the past few years, but what we think of as typical detoxing, may not be the key to long term health, but we know what is.


"Detoxing with short term “fixes” simply doesn’t work and is not sustainable."  


Our gut is a key organ for daily detoxing, removal of toxins and elimination. Our liver and kidneys are working 24/7 to eliminate toxins, and naturally detox our bodies, daily. Minute by minute. If they stopped, we would be in a lot of trouble!

Short-term quick fix “detox” programmes simply are not sustainable long term. Many times, we put the weight right back on and feel worse than before.

Our gut microbiome (the living bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract that are crucial for overall wellness) are paramount to supporting the kidneys and liver in everyday detoxification pathways.


"It’s not about restrictions or food calorie counting - it’s about nurturing and supporting our gut microbiome so that our overall and ultimate health, wellness, skin and vitality is deeply nourished and supported so that we literally glow from within."


One easy way to support our gut microbiome and therefore support overall health and wellness and daily detoxification pathways is to take Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate

It contains the goodness of approx 6 billion fermented probiotics and is fermented with 8 strains of probiotics, so you know you are getting a good hit of living, bio-fermented probiotics to help support the detoxification pathways.

Join Katherine, our Clinical Nutritionist as we discuss long term, sustainable health and wellness; the kind of wellness that lasts a lifetime.