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5 Best Foods to Eat For Beauty

5 Best Foods to Eat For Beauty

It’s no secret that we believe that real beauty, the kind that is accompanied with that undeniable, feel good glow - truly comes from the inside.

So in a time where the concept of beauty can be confusing and overwhelming, we wanted to make it super simple to make sure you’re getting some of the most important nutrients everyday; enter our first love, the Ingestible Beauty Range -- which is packed with key ingredients for gut and skin health.


"Make sure you’re get some of the most important nutrients everyday; enter our first love, the INGESTIBLE BEAUTY RANGE"


But drinking for beauty isn’t enough and we also want to make it super simple for you to know how to EAT for your beauty, because we’re also big on eating lush foods, vibrant colours, fresh produce and whole foods - how could you go wrong?  

Nourishing your beauty from the inside starts in the gut and is imperative to long term health, vitality and aging gracefully, which we talk about more in depth and detail here

But in the meantime, and in the name of keeping things super simple, we’ve curated our FIVE FAVOURITE BEAUTY foods that you can eat until your little heart’s content, and skin is, of course, glowing. 

“We’re also big on eating lush foods, vibrant colours, fresh produce and whole foods for that inside out radiance.”



Not only are they crunchy, refreshing and delicious, these little life-savers also play a vital role in keeping your body and it’s cells free from damage. They are full of antioxidants, which is a well-known key beauty food. 

Simply put, everytime we’re exposed to smoke, pollution and radiation, fried foods and stress (things we are commonly exposed to everyday) our body’s generate free radicals, a byproduct of chemical processes in the body. 

These unwelcome radicals are associated with oxidative stress, disease and aging, and antioxidants are literally to the rescue, helping to rid the body of free-radicals and to prevent further damage.

The more, the merrier. 

Because they pack such a mighty punch, we added pomegranate to our Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate. You can find out more here


We can’t get enough.

Probiotics are the keystone to gut and inner health, creating harmony and balance in the body. 

We are totally fanatic about probiotics, and you can learn more here , but in short, probiotics are paramount to your health for a few reasons. They’re known to: 

  • Eliminate bad bacteria helping good bacteria to multiply
  • Support a healthy immune system
  • Balance mood
  • Improve digestion
  • Aid in the absorption and utilization of nutrients
"Probiotics are the keystone to gut and inner health, creating harmony and balance in the body." 

In our Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate, we’ve managed to add 6 billion healthy probiotics into each serve and 8 different strains of beneficial probiotics. It's delicious and super nourishing for your gut and skin health.


Otherwise known as the broom of the bowels (you’re welcome). 

One of the most important parts of a healthy digestive system and to be able to properly detoxify is getting enough fibre in your diet; it’s the thing that grabs and binds everything your body hasn’t absorbed on its way OUT. This includes: waste, toxins, excess hormones and also preventing constipation. 

Broccoli is a fantastic source of fibre, Vitamin C and iron. It’s literally packed with good things and is totally beautiful. 



Ah, Miracle Collagen, the building blocks of your gut, skin, hair, nails and overall wellness.

We talk about and it’s benefits at length with our Clinical Dietitian Katherine Hay here, but in short, Miracle Collagen is good for everything.

Collagen contains both essential and non-essential amino acids, which act as the building blocks for your cells, tissues, organs and skin.

Each amino acids plays a very particular role in cellular regeneration, but in glycine in particular is the be all end all for wound healing; think acne, scarring, inflammation, redness, rosacea - all the pesky skin issues that we become self-conscious about. 

Collagen also serves as a highly absorbable and bioavailable source of protein; again, think healing, regeneration, nutrition and substance. Protein also helps hormones to move and transfer through the body, and will help keep you full and fueled for your day.

Collagen is King - need we say more?


This is a big win for your skin, eye and brain health!

The high Omega-3 content in oily fish like Salmon, sardines and Mackerel, provides a potent dose DHA - the type of fat responsible for brain development, heart health and especially skin health.  

DHA is a basic, structural building component for your skin and is utterly paramount to the health of your skin’s cell membranes, and it’s healthy skin cell membranes that give your skin that hydrated glow, bounce and even tone. This is also what will help prevent skin that looks dull and aged. Yes please!

Omega-3 fats also helps to reduce inflammation in the body, decrease blood clotting (common cause of heart attack) and increase healthy cholesterol (HDL). What could be more beautiful than a healthy heart?

Bottom line is that Eating for Beauty is delicious, easy and quick.

We’d love to help.