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Is Squeaky Clean Skin Wreaking Havoc on Your Skin?

Is Squeaky Clean Skin Wreaking Havoc on Your Skin?

Through the barrage of obsessed skin care culture, somehow, we’ve been led to believe that stripped, tight, squeaky-clean skin is the ultimate goal.

This is one of the biggest skincare myths out there.

In our hydrated, plump, vibrant skin area, we’re actually avoiding that squeaky-clean feeling at all costs in favour of a healthy skin barrier, nourished cells, and a balanced gut and skin microbiome.

Your Skin's Microbiome

Your skin is home to a complex ecosystem of microorganisms – aka. the skin’s microbiome. This delicate balance of bacteria plays a crucial role in healthy, hydrated, and thriving skin.

These microbiomes ultimately support the skin by regulating pH levels, preventing invasive, acne causing bacteria, and even influedeep ncing the immune system (Read more about Supporting Immune Integrity).

When we strip away these beneficial microorganisms through excessive cleansing we disrupt this delicate balance, leaving the skin vulnerable to dehydration, acne, and uneven tone and texture.

Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate

The Skin Barrier

Melting Balm

The skin barrier (the stratum corneum) is the outermost layer of the epidermis and the first line of defence from all environmental damage, UV/UVB, makeup and external aggressors such as bacteria, pollutants, and moisture loss.

A healthy skin barrier locks in optimal hydration, prevents irritants from penetrating the skin, and preserves its elasticity and plump, vibrant smoothness.

Unfortunately, our obsession with squeaky-clean skin, has compromised this essential defence by breaking down the skin's natural oils, leaving skin dry and dehydrated.

6 Signs of Skin Barrier Disruption

Your skin barrier is naturally vulnerable to damage from every angle: harsh cleansers, over-exfoliation, hot water, and environmental risks from pollution, radiation, UV, oxidation, and harsh water.

And there will be warning signs that your skin barrier has fallen victim to damage:

 01 . Dry/Flakey Skin

Excessive dryness, roughness, and visible flakiness

02. Sensitivity and Irritation

Increased sensitivity, redness, or stinging sensations

03. Breakouts and Acne

Increased bacterial infiltration and inflammation results in acne, breakouts and inflammation

04. Tightness and Discomfort

Tight, itchy, or uncomfortable skin even after moisturising

05. Rapid Aging

Accelerates the ageing with visible fine lines, wrinkles, and loss of firmness


How to Repair Your Skin Barrier

We are living for the plump, vibrant, healthy, bouncy skin results we are getting from focusing on skin barrier repair and we would never keep our secrets from you.

We’re activating our cleanse four ways with our new Melting Balm Cleanser.

And here’s how:

A Gentle Cleanse

This 100% natural balm keeps skin free from harsh soaps, chemicals, microplastics and other harmful chemicals. The formulation preserves skin’s natural oils, while bringing the skin’s pH into balance with absolutely no stripping.

Light Buffing Action

Supporting the shedding process, sustainable spherical jojoba esters lift away dead skin cells and to gently buff and polish the skin's surface. Hydrating jojoba spheres prevents any micro-tears or damage from over-exfoliation. 

melting balm

Deep Hydration

Feeding the skin with nutrients and fatty acids from sweet almond, moringa, hemp, and rosehip oils – because oils support cellular regeneration and enhance collagen and elastin. Read 6 Reasons Why Healthy Skin Needs Oils to deep dive into healthy oils.

Skin Barrier Repair

The synergistic connection between the hydrating, skin supporting nutrients encourages skin barrier repair helping lock hydration in place and to prevent ongoing transdermal water loss.


Skin + Gut Bundle

Shifting away from the stripping, drying narrative of the past, we’re embracing our most healthy, hydrated, luscious skin yet.

We’re supporting skin from the outside in with our topical rituals, but we’re also supporting our skin from the inside out with our gut health rituals: Miracle Collagen and Beauty Renewal.

This is a full 360 approach to your most radiant skin, from inside and out.