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Watch: Real Talk - Our Struggles, Your Struggles

November 28, 2019 2 min read

Watch: Real Talk -  Our Struggles, Your Struggles

This is us, and this is you: our struggles, your struggles.


Name: Natalie 

Age: 35

Lifestyle: Working mother of a six year old and with another little bub on the way.Home: Byron Bay 

We sat down with our friend Natalie, to get real. 

She too knows what it’s like to give all that you have to your career, your family and your children. As she says, “ like most mothers do, you give and give and give, until you just … breakdown.” 

There comes a point for most of us, when the break down is more than just stress.


“It’s the total burnout; the collapse of your physical health, inability to care for your mental health and the point when you find your gut health in shambles.”


We know.

We’ve been there too.

We get you, because we are you.

We’re a company made up of women just like you.

Working Mum’s; Mums-to-be.

Women with our own story to tell. 


“Our mission is to give you products that offer a little more nourishment so that everyday is a little easier.”


We call it ‘Science Meets Beauty’ - an uncomplicated but potent Ingestible Beauty range to nourish and provide the vitality needed to keep up with it all and then some.

We’d love to share more with you.

We can’t promise that we can make the juggle of life go away.

But we can promise to offer extra nourishment and energy to make it more manageable.

A dose of deep vitality. A boost of beautiful energy.

Let’s discover together what our friend Natalie says.