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What The Stars Have In Store For April

April 03, 2022 9 min read

What The Stars Have In Store For April


A New Moon in lively Aries merges with Mercury and the Sun on the 1st. Cheerful and confident, there’s a certain pep in our step! Aries season imposes a little more discipline and a lot more action than Pisces, so we begin to really see things materialise. Embracing a new day, a new month is all part of this fiery, dynamic momentum. Keep it moving, keep it light-hearted. If Aries can be summed up in one word, it’s that they've got what it takes to; hustle. They will challenge the paradigm, defend the title and charge ahead in their own, unique way. When they hear the word ‘No’ all they can think is ‘Yes’. They’re out to prove us all wrong, and no zodiac sign delights as much as they do in being underestimated. Aries is the first sign in Astrology, therefore April is about staking our claim and habitually removing things that don’t belong in our story.

Jupiter and Neptune are activated in Pisces, transcending realities and moving us to the place we’re meant to be in. On the 6th, Venus joins the gang, entering Pisces, bringing a special magnetism to each of us, we are highly charming and convincing. The good vibes are amplified but especially apparent in art, theatre, music, meditation and physical movement. We all have untapped resources and talents, use this month to begin searching for what’s hiding under the hood! A Full Moon on the 17th appears in Libra, opposing the Aries Sun. We melt into one another, and commitment to romance is an important topic we wish to discuss with the special person(s) in our life. On the 20th, stubborn but sensual Taurus season begins and delivers a message of inner power. Taurus offers up an opportunity, where the new and old seamlessly meld into one another. Be practical, be adaptable - let your energy speak for itself!

See you next month xo


It’s time to sparkle bright in your birthday season, regardless of what may be going on under the surface. Overthinking only generates unnecessary worry! A New Moon in your 1st house on the 1st of the month, signals an enchanting door opening just for you. Creativity and courage come hand in hand, as you walk your own path - after all leading from the heart is the 1st house mantra. On the 11th, Mercury merges with your financial 2nd house, pulling you back toward reality. Look deeply at a situation and observe who and what is being mentioned. A Full Moon in Libra occurs on the 17th, in your romantic 7th house fuelling the fire for more intimacy, karmic bonds and eroticism. You are reaching out to someone who may have turned a little distant over the last few months, and the reception you get is much warmer than expected. Partners are responsive, and love is sacred. On the 20th, Taurus season begins and you wrap up celebrations for another year.


A friend awakens you to new possibilities. The month begins with a New Moon in Aries activating your 12th house. This lunation comes at the right time, as you wish to recuperate and rest from a busy and overwhelming March. Private matters may spill to the surface, yet you don’t wish to just talk to anyone about what it is you’re going through. Trusted friends and confidants respond with honesty but compassion, exactly what is needed. Venus, your ruler joins the Neptune - Jupiter conjunction on the 6th, bringing a reflective and relaxed mood to your home life. The Libra Full Moon in your 6th house on the 17th is helping you get into the entrepreneurial spirit - work smarter, not harder. It may take some adjusting to return to a more ‘healthy’ baseline, but your body will thank you for it in the long run. From the 20th, birthday season begins, dive into opportunity and embrace the riches of your life.


A renewed sense of vitality is felt in the month of April. The New Moon in Aries arrives in your 11th house scattering your mind on the 1st. You’re everywhere and nowhere at the same time. Far out ideas, idle gossip and future plans keep you away from the present moment. A friend may reach out to spend more time together and you could welcome this invitation with open arms. Mars accentuates your 10th house most of the month, it will feel important to focus on the direction of your goals. You’re gearing up to make a professional leap and you need all the brain power you can muster. It could be time to make a mood board for where you see yourself in 5 years time, this will give you the forth-sight on what it is you really want - and where you wish to succeed. The Full Moon merges with your 5th house on the 17th, love and creativity are apparent.


Aries season can feel a little mad, so it’s important to be gentle with yourself. A New Moon in Aries opens the month up, merging with your 10th house on the 1st. Career and purpose play a big part in your overall happiness, are you honouring what it is you wish to cultivate? Do you feel supported by a partner to have equal time for work and play? Mercury makes a conjunction to Uranus in Taurus in your 11th house, focusing on security through relationships. You cannot expect for other people to ‘complete’ you however, and the longer you continue to, the more difficulties you’ll face in one on one relations. A Full Moon in Libra, opposes the Sun on the 17th moving into your 4th house of family. You may be surprised to hear news about an impending birth or marriage. If you are recently involved with a partner, you could be feeling deeper in love or reconnecting with an old friend.


The emotions you feel right now are trying to tell you something. Agitated, angry or excited? The big focus is on love this month as you go through the intricacies of relationships. If you’ve just left a partner, you may be going through the motions that come with a break-up. If you’ve recently started dating, you could be imagining a future together. A New Moon in Aries lights up your philosophical 9th house on the 1st, helping you to dive deeper into your spirituality, meditation and personal wisdom. Venus joins Jupiter and Neptune on the 6th in your mysterious and complex 8th house, meaning tough conversation may be had in romance or finance. A Full Moon in Libra arrives on the 17th, in your 3rd house bringing up discussion around media, marketing and what appears to be ‘real’ versus what the truth is. Taurus season begins on the 20th and shifts lifestyle toward health and wellness.


Connect to what’s real. No more dwelling on events that fuel mindless chatter, you’ve got to reclaim the driver's seat position. April can feel like a recalibration, and although it can feel touchy, you’ll be better off for it once all is said and done. A New Moon in the 8th house is joined by the Sun and Mercury on the 1st, focusing heavily on secrets between lovers or information you stumble upon when you’re not really ‘searching’. There is an element of surprise to what you find out and it can throw you into a flurry of action. Venus melts into your committed 7th house of marriage and serious partnership early in the month, those of you who are travelling well in a relationship could be feeling grand in love. The Full Moon arrives on the 17th in your 2nd house of finance, skills and assets. Reliable sources may be pushing you to do better, especially if there is a chance of you being noticed by a superior.


Do the opposite of what you’ve been doing, the results may just surprise you. A New Moon in Aries merges with the Sun and Mercury in your romantic 7th house providing sweet and tender energy to reignite a relationship. In all areas of your life, you feel abundant, expressive and alive. Finally, things are falling into place making this a great month for engagement, marriage or fertility. Venus, your ruler, joins with Jupiter and Neptune on the 6th, providing encouragement and action in your 6th house of health and routine. You can get back on the horse so to speak, discovering all things that make you tick. The Full Moon arrives on the 17th, in your sign, in the 1st house of personality and image. Privacy is preferred as you take a moment to self-evaluate and self-medicate, loving yourself enough to erect boundaries makes you feel more comfortable and honest. It's not selfish to put yourself first, so step out of your own shadow and own it.


The people you associate with shape your life, make sure they’re worthy! Aries season can feel like a bit of a rage, as you dip in and out of extreme impulsivity. If you feel ungrounded going into the month, spend time in nature, in mediation - at one with the earth. A New Moon merges with the Sun and Mercury in your 6th house of daily habits on the 1st. As above, so below - that is a timely mantra. There is enormous potential unfolding but you’ve got to honour it appropriately by rebalancing your needs, thoughts and feelings. You can show your leadership qualities by communicating clearly with people. Love can dazzle you as sparks fly in new romances. The Full Moon in Libra opposes the Sun and settles into your private and spiritual 12th house on the 17th, you may have a conversation that foreshadows the future. On the 20th, Taurus season begins on the 20th, moving into your 7th house, raising emotions spectacularly.


If something keeps making big waves in your life, it might be time to toss it! What belongs will resonate with simplicity, you don’t have to be constantly chasing after goodness for it to stay. A New Moon merges with the Sun on the 1st in your 5th house of playful romance. This lunation may build up sexual tension with a new partner or rekindle a memory with a former flame. A Jupiter-Neptune conjunct in Pisces helps you harness long held dreams, turning them into reality, mainly because you’re restless enough to put thought into action. As Jupiter is your ruler, you will feel a double dose of this lucky streak well into April. The Full Moon in Libra occurs on the 17th in your 10th house of academic progress. You may be accepted into a course or program that will benefit your professional life greatly.


Often you’re afraid of expressing certain emotions, as if you’re much too sensible (by society's expectations) to feel what you feel. This month, you don’t need to tone down any part of your character. A New Moon appears on the 1st, merging with Mercury and the Sun in fiery Aries in your 4th house of family and belonging. You may be going on a short trip with a partner or relocating further away from a sibling/parent. There are many connections heightened by this lunation, and you’re keen to experience the fullness - the chaos and the beauty, that comes from being close to people you grew up with, or people you’ve recently made friends with. Full Moon in Libra arrives on the 17th, in your philosophical 9th house of wander and wonder. You desire to get away and see new vistas, so bunking down and working hard in these next few months to get the tail-end of a European summer may just be what is required of you now.


Stop getting caught up in patterns from the past. Instead make your future intentions clear and then head toward that direction, no matter what obstacle presents itself. You often feel as though you’ve had it harder than others, and this sort of self-pity only makes it more difficult to progress. A New Moon in Aries merges with the Sun and Mercury on the 1st, in your 3rd house of communication and action. You could be signing up for a class, mastering a hobby or lending your hand to a clever craft. You’ve got the imagination and the prowess to think up grand, unusual designs, things that other people could never think of! Lean into that creativity. Neptune makes a conjunction to Jupiter heightening your inner world, reflecting back to you what you truly value. The Full Moon in Libra occurs on the 17th, in your mysterious and complex 8th house. Landing you in uncertain territory, you are ready for unique experiences to reawaken you.


Stop relying on other people to set the tone for a situation, event or idea. You’ve got to stake your claim and harness your personal power. Jupiter and Neptune make a conjunction in your sign most of the month, making you highly popular, attractive and sought after. A New Moon merges with Mercury and the Sun in Aries on the 1st, appearing in your 2nd house of finances, skills and personal value. You may be beginning a bold venture and the feedback from friends and superiors makes you confident with your output. Venus moves into your sign on the 6th, bringing you potential for greatness in love, business and spirituality. There is special focus on relationships of all kinds, as the fiery active energy of Aries pushes you to make the most of these grand feelings. The Full Moon arrives in Libra on the 17th, centering you to integrity.


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