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Your April 2021 Horoscopes: what the stars have in store

April 15, 2021 10 min read

Journal - Your April 2021 Horoscopes - Imbibe

The mystical and lovely astrologer and reader of the starts SRNAVERSE gives us a look into what the coming month has in store:

April is an exceptional month in which the energy and momentum is still moving forward. Even though cosmically, there is much going on - we feel brave and ready to tackle what’s ahead of us. There is an increasing ‘act now’ vibration humming beneath the surface and many of us are feeling it. For many people celebrating around the globe, Easter or other special holidays mean that family and union take precedence.

Emotions may be heightened in these moments, so be sure to stay gentle, open and friendly - where possible. Mercury enters Aries on the 3rd, joining the Sun and Venus already here. Aries does not adhere to a slow agenda, so many of us could be feeling the fire rising! There can be a tenseness in the air from an ongoing Saturn-Uranus square, magnifying vulnerabilities and the need to heal.

Taurus season takes over on the 20th of April, followed by a sublime and sexy Scorpio Full Moon on the 26th/27th. Intense emotions may take over, and everything will feel a lot more ‘serious’. Our own perceptions will feel deep and raw, so it’s best to end the month with some meditative introspection.


Happy Birthday to you, cheerful, fiery Aries! An engaging month lays ahead - just be sure to focus on personal development and your own happiness. The month begins to take shape on the 3rd/4th, as Mercury joins Venus and the Sun in your sign. This is occurring in your 1st house of image, personality and reputation. You will be defining who you wish to be for the next 12 months, but don’t forget to show a little appreciation for how far you’ve come. On the 12th/13th, a New Moon enters your sign, joining the other celestial bodies in your 1st house. Your identity, body, mental health and primal urge are all being represented in a unique and interesting way. Mars your ruler, will enter the feminine sign of Cancer on the 24th, as well as your 4th house of family. Relationships are key at the end of the month, and your home is your horizon. The Scorpio Full Moon on the 27th will focus on finances, as well as personal transformation when it shifts into gear and your mysterious 8th house.


Birthday season is coming up fast, Taurus. You start the month in a quiet and contemplative mood, giving yourself a moment to ponder. This is because Mercury, Venus and the Aries Sun shine a light on your private and spiritual 12th house. You are enjoying the peace in your life whilst processing some old emotions. On the 12th/13th, an Aries New Moon joins up with the other celestial bodies in your empathic 12th house. Slowly the mood changes, as Venus and the Sun join together on the 20th and enter your sign Taurus. Celebrations commence, as you feel the adoration and admiration turn on you! It’s up to you to harness the happy moments, and revel in where your intentions have taken you over the last year. On the 24th, Mars enters Cancer and your talkative 3rd house. You can be mindful of others as you help to connect friends, giving people a broader sense of ‘community’. Finally, the Scorpio Full Moon on the 27th hones in on that one special partnership that makes you forget all trouble and only see the potential in life.


April is a lovely month to repair any ongoing relationship drama, Gemini. Especially while the planets are all still tracking in forward motion and the mood is friendly and calm. For you personally, Aries season means social responsibilities ramp up and you hardly get a minute alone. Mercury your ruler, enters Aries on the 4th, joining Venus and the Sun in your 11th house of community. The New Moon also joins the party on the 12th, strengthening partnerships. On the 20th, the Sun changes over from rambunctious Aries to reliable Taurus. Your expectations are realistic, as you mix reason with intuition. On the 24th, Mars enters sensitive Cancer and your 2nd house of finances, personal possessions and material security. Self-worth comes up when the 2nd house is activated, so your mind will wander to the (in)tangible things you ‘own’ - such as your given word, your values and your morals. The Scorpio Full Moon ends the month of April in your 6th house of routine and health. This is the perfect time to break a bad habit, as the Moon will illuminate whatever’s problematic in your daily life.


Surrender to where you need to be for now, Cancer. It will work better in the long run if you can just accept that the road you’re on is leading you to a greater destination. The month of April is rather busy cosmically, and the first three weeks have dynamic forward momentum! This is good news for your career and that’s precisely what’s highlighted when Mercury joins the Sun and Venus in your 10th house of achievements on the 4th. Be prepared to see your name in lights, as a plethora of business opportunities come rushing in. Say ‘yes’ while you still have the energy, because by the time the New Moon rolls around on the 12th, you’ll be ready to start prioritising only the most important tasks. On the 20th, the Sun enters practical Taurus and your social 11th house of fun and friendship. Your mind shifts to the ‘group’ and you’re keen to connect with those who feel like your soul family. The energy ramps up further when Mars enters your sign on the 24th, gifting you with a special kind of vitality. The month ends with a Scorpio Full Moon in your romantic, fertile and playful 5th house.


You feel rather optimistic in the next 4 weeks, Leo. Continue letting life develop and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what opportunities show up. Aries season always works well with your sign, because you are both fire energy who prefer action over meditation. It begins on the 4th, when Mercury, joined by Venus and the Sun enters into your 9th house of higher learning and international adventure. You will be blessed with important chance encounters, hopefully you recognise them in time! On the 12th/13th, a New Moon in Aries further progresses this 9th house energy, helping you collaborate on a project or deal. The vibe shifts once the Sun enters Taurus on the 20th, joining Venus in your 10th house of honours and career goals. Define your voice through your role and keep your head in the game. On the 24th, Mars enters Cancer and your sensitive 12th house - dreaming and visualising what you want for the future is smart now, as is taking a breather away from people. Finally, the month comes to a close when the Full Moon in Scorpio lights up the sky and your 4th house of home and family.


Take a moment to hear your own thoughts, Virgo. As this month the emotional and spiritual side of your relationships will be in great focus, giving you much to contemplate. It begins on the 4th, when Mercury your ruler enters Aries and the 8th house of transformation. Meeting Venus and the Sun here, issues such as money, intimacy and shared secrets come up. The 8th house is the most mysterious and serious in Astrology, as it rules the ‘underworld’. The Aries New Moon on the 12th will join the other planets here confirming there’s a lot going on below the surface. On the 20th, the Taurus Sun takes over helping you feel a sense of calm and ease, you enjoy Taurus’s earthy energy as it relates well to your own. On the 24th, Mars enters tender Cancer and your social 11th house. There can be miscommunications with certain friends or rifts appearing. Some people will get closer, some will drift apart - that’s just what happens when we mature.


Choosing to interact is up to you, Libra. This month presents many opportunities in which you can finally disengage from a hurtful partnership, especially if it’s no longer serving any type of purpose. Relationships that are satisfying however, have a chance to be further strengthened from the 4th of April, when Mercury joins Venus and the Sun in your 7th house of true romance. Meaningful connections foster healing and inner peace, don’t undervalue someone who’s been there time and time again. The Aries New Moon on the 12th/13th continues down this loving path, and can be an extra fertile time if you have baby plans. On the 20th, Venus joins the Sun in Taurus and your mysterious 8th house. Shared finances, joint possessions and intimacy all come under this, so it’s safe to say the mood gets a tad more serious as the month progresses. Mars enters Cancer on the 24th, engaging with your 10th house of achievement, helping you focus on business and getting ahead. Finally, the Scorpio Full Moon lights up the sky on the 28th, moving into your 2nd house of service and value.


It’s not time to tread lightly, Scorpio. April has forward moving stars and you need to use this momentum while you’ve got it, because the next half of the year can get rather tricky and complex. This month illuminates your feelings and blurs out everything else, from this new insight will emerge and help you erect some much needed boundaries. On the 4th, Mercury merges with Venus and the Sun in your 6th house of health and life balance. You must prioritise self care and often that can look different to what you imagine, saying ‘no’ and not feeling bad holds as much weight as pampering yourself with a nice bath & book. The Aries New Moon on the 12th/13th strengthens this 6th house, confirming it’s time to put your needs (and health) front and centre. On the 20th, the Sun enters Taurus and your romantic 7th house of true love. Relationships, lust and intimacy can promise a lot, but you’ve got to show up and nurture the vulnerabilities too. Finally, the Full Moon occurs in your sign on the 27th/28th heightening the emotional intensity around you, put time and effort into what you love and let everything else wash away.


You reach a turning point in April, Sagittarius. Recognising your need for love, friendship and union is what the month sets out to teach you starting from the 4th, when Mercury joins Venus and the Aries Sun in your 5th house of creativity, fertility, lust and love. Unregistered emotions have a way of spilling to the surface, and they serve a purpose - to help you rekindle or realign with a fractured partnership. The Aries New Moon on the 12th is spontaneous, helping you stay motivated on your quest for ‘more’. Aries season helps you release tension by being more forgiving. On the 20th, the mood changes slightly, with Venus and the Sun entering practical Taurus and your 6th house of health and wellness. You’re looking to improve and support your current lifestyle balance by settling into simplicity, it doesn’t always have to be ‘go time’. Responsibilities pile up in the later half of the month, as Mars moves into your unpredictable 8th house on the 24th leaving you with very little wiggle room. Finally, a Scorpio Full Moon closes the month with some meditative moments of reprieve as it settles into your spiritual 12th house.


Feeling restless as the year progresses is completely normal, Capricorn. There’s so much going on and you’re trying to be everywhere at once, but don’t risk your own happiness for the sake of someone else. On the 4th, Mercury joins Venus and the Sun in your 4th house of childhood, home and family. You are tied to relations from the past, and this can leave you feeling quite nostalgic. Catching up with family and friends seems to be your top priority, especially around the 12th, when the New Moon in Aries also joins the cosy 4th house party. You’re inspired by those around you, and it turns from platonic to romantic on the 20th, when Venus and the Sun merge into the sign of Taurus. Entering your romantic and playful 5th house, you are preoccupied with the notions of love and lust. Mars then enters the sweet sign of Cancer on the 24th, furthering your craving for a ‘soul mate’ relationship. This is because it engages with your committed 7th house, making it a fine time to get married, propose or try for a baby. Finally on the 27th, a Scorpio Full Moon lights up your social 11th house - just when you thought you’d have a moment to yourself, friends start calling with invitations!


Self expression is strong throughout April, Aquarius. You’ve got a lot on your mind and you want to create platforms in which you can truly explore whatever’s in your heart. On the 4th, Mercury merges with Venus and the Sun in your communicative 3rd house. Duality is a theme of the 3rd house which also rules curiosity, intellect and the mind. You may be concerned by your immediate environment or hoping to change a part of your ‘routine’ scenery. The natural pace of life is flowing rather smoothly, and you are absorbing lots of new information by the time the 12th rolls around. On that date, the New Moon in Aries also shifts into the 3rd house, aligning you with like minded people. The Taurus Sun takes over from Aries on the 20th, entering your 4th house of home and family. Fractured relationships can be given a chance to heal now. On the 24th, Mars enters the serene sign of Cancer satisfying your inner desires. Finally, a Full Moon in Scorpio culminates any ongoing personal battles on the 27th/28th. Emotions are heightened but the overall mood is sexy and sublime.


Love is overflowing, Pisces. But, it doesn’t necessarily have to mean romantic, indeed it could be new found friendship or deep respect for a family member. Life gets serious on the 4th, when Mercury moves with Venus and the Aries Sun into your 2nd house of finances, values and personal service. You have to confront fears over insecurities if you are to grow and heal - so make a conscious effort to get on top of your spendings and savings. On the 12th, a New Moon in Aries continues this practice and helps you get a plan in order. On the 20th, it’s time for Taurus season, a particularly grounding influence for you. You keep things real by being authentic and simple pleasures are all that you need to feel secure. Mars enters your sister-sign Cancer on the 24th, and engages with your romantic and soft 5th house of fertility and intimacy. Love matters can be particularly possessive for now, as everything is heightened by emotions. Feelings get stronger by the time the Moon is full in Scorpio on the 27th/28th, entering your international 9th house, it’s safe to say big things are on the horizon.


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