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Your New Summer Skin Staple: Collagen Protect

Read Time: 4 Minutes

There’s something about the sweet smell of summer, the glow of sun kissed skin, and bright sunny days to come that has us completely in the mood for the shift of seasons. 

And of course, we’re also in the mood for healthy, hydrated, well-loved and well-protected sun-kissed skin.

And this year - we’re going for it.

Layering your skincare is nothing new, but what might come as a surprise is how you should be layering it, and what you should be layering it with in order to maximize healthy protection from the summer sun.

“It’s not enough that you eat a diet rich in antioxidants, but it’s also important to feed your skin with the same quality of fats and nutrients to be as plump, dewy and healthy as possible.” 

First, you should know that the sun can damage your skin in two ways;

1. exposure to direct sunlight: 

2. infrared radiation from the heat of the sun (which sunscreen doesn’t protect you from)

Both can age your skin before it’s time and expose you to harmful cellular and DNA damage, causing tired, dehydrated, wrinkled skin and irreversible effects. 

Enter in the skin-saving superhero: antioxidants.

It’s not enough that you eat a diet rich in antioxidants (seriously, we hope you love your fruits and veggies), it’s also important to feed your skin topically with the same quality of fats and nutrients to be as plump, dewy and healthy as possible.  

Antioxidants like sea kelp, carrot seed oil and grapeseed are actually essential for skin health, delivering an abundance of rich nutrients to combat damaging radiation and harmful free-radicals (the enemy of aging gracefully).

Free Radicals are little, tiny, unstable, uncharged molecules in your skin cells that accelerate aging and DNA damage. You’re exposed to these harmful free-radicals through exposure to the sun, the heat, environmental pollution, chemicals and smoke.

No thanks.

“Antioxidants neutralize harmful, damaging free-radicals and feed 

your skin concentrated protection from the sun.” 

So this is where concentrated, antioxidant rich serums, like our organic, cold-pressed Collagen Protect play a crucial role in skin health. 

Our Collagen Protect oil serum is sourced from delicious superfruits like, carrot seed oil, golden sea kelp, chia seed oil and Seabuckthorn oil, specifically used for their concentration of antioxidants, vitamins, essential fatty acids and nutrients.


Antioxidants neutralize harmful, damaging free-radicals and feed your skin concentrated protection from the sun. Not to mention they also promote collagen production -- our fave -- and provide an extra layer of protection from the sun with a naturally occurring SPF 8. 

** It should be noted that in no way does this replace your SPF 50, which will protect your skin from UVB rays and UVA rays. 

Antioxidant serums should always complement sunscreen to really protect your skin and to level up your anti-aging effort. In fact, The National Centre for Biotechnology Information states that 90% of cosmetic skin problems associated with aging could actually be from sun damage. 

So sun-kissed hunny’s, it’s definitely time to up the ante.

And here’s how;

How to Layer Your Summer Skin Care:

1. Cleanse and Dry Skin

2. Warm 4-5 drops of Collagen Protect between hands

3. Pat into skin and allow to dry for up to 10 minutes

4. Use fingertips to rub your favourite, clean, SPF 50 (we like We Are Feel Good Inc.) into face covering the entire     

    face, ears and eyelids and allow to soak into skin

5. Layer with your favourite moisturizer (if needed) to seal in all the goodness

6. Glow away