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8 tips from Overwhelm to Zen

8 tips from Overwhelm to Zen

I know how busy life gets in the hustle and bustle of having the school drop off, pick up, endless jobs in the house (I'm looking squarely at you, laundry pile) meetings, lots of daily decisions to make - it’s a lot for our already overstimulated nervous system.

Sometimes I get home from a day in our HQ and I am so excited  and wired about what’s to come: New product formulations we’re working on, a new sales team we’re onboarding in each state, exciting collaborations, and Xmas being just around the corner. It’s exciting, but also takes a lot of energy.

Here are some daily practices that even the busiest person (read:  you, me, everyone I know) can absolutely do on their busy, overstretched day. I hope these 8 daily tips help shift from the feelings of overrun to calm. Try one and let me know how you go. 


  1. Lavender + Magnesium hot baths
  2. Magnesium plays a crucial role in so many functions of the body. A lot of us could be deficient. Adding a good handful of magnesium to a hot bath with a few drops of lavender oil does wonders for the nervous system and signals the relax response.


  3. Reading, not scrolling
  4. Getting off the endless scrolling and into a physical book (not a Kindle!) is so good to wind down the nervous system. At the moment I'm reading Michael Pollan's "This is your Mind on Plants."



  5. Conscious Breathing
  6. When we’re stressed, stretched or overworked, our breathing goes into the “fight or flight” response - short, shallow breaths. This is not beneficial for the nervous system and increases stress levels (it signals stress, rather than relaxation).

    Take a few moments a day to just focus on your breathing.  Anchor them into a daily habit: Every red traffic light, or when you put the kettle on to boil, or before you go to sleep, take a few conscious breaths in and out for a few moments of bliss.




  7. Daily rituals
  8. Anchoring into a daily ritual can make all the difference to the start and the end of a day. I always always start my day with a Miracle Collagen matcha, tea or coffee.

    I searched the globe many years ago for the most science backed, clinically performing collagen I could find. One that goes way beyond what a regular collagen could do. And I found it in our Miracle Collagen. Just two teaspoons a day into anything (even the most time poor person can achieve this!) will signal collagen in the skin and strengthen hair and nails.


  9. Focus on gut health
  10. When we are stressed, stretched and overworked, our bodies release a cascade of hormones signaling the stress response. This in turn is detrimental to the state of our gut. By taking our multi-strain probiotic concentrate, Beauty Renewal daily in your water (one tablespoon a day in a glass of water, or your water bottle) provides the goodness of an incredible 6 billion probiotics from eight probiotic strains including lactobacillus and bifidobacterium. 



  11. Move the lymph
  12. When we don't move our bodies enough (think driving to and from the office, the gym, and the after school/work things), the lymph can stagnate, which can lead to a puffiness under the skin and a general lack of fluid movement through the body.

    We have a body tool for exactly this: Contour is our full-body copper plated Gua Sha tool, designed to move the lymph through the body and counteract the appearance of cellulite. I generally do it for a few moments in the shower over soapy suds.  




  13. Unstress the jaw with Facial Gym
  14. With business can come jaw clenching. You know that tightness across your jaw? I get it all the time.

    I use our 24-karat Gold Sculpting Tool across my jaw, at my temples and in between the eyebrows for some serious facial gym. It’s super relaxing, very vibratory and for bonus points,  stimulates the collagen and elastin for the most radiant, glowy skin.



    Gold Sculpting Tool



  15. Shinrin-yoku

Shinrin-yoku is the Japanese term coined in the 1980s for "forest bathing". And it means just that - getting out into nature - helping to turn on the parasympathetic nervous system. Connecting with nature might sound corny but it works - whether it’s a patch of green grass under the big sun, taking a hike or getting your feet into the sand at a beach. Getting into nature works wonders for an overstretched nervous system.


Shinrin-yoku is the Japanese term coined in the 1980s for forest bathing.

So there you have it, my top 8 tips. I hope this has been helpful.

Love, Felicity xo