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Eliza Hartigan: Before and After

Eliza Hartigan: Before and After

We love nothing more than to hear from our community about how our Ingestible Beauty Range has impacted their health, digestion, skin, hair and nails, while becoming a totally ritualistic, daily treat in the self-care department. 

It’s a serious joy for us, and Eliza is the icing on the cake!

Her bloating is gone, her skin is glowing and she has a story to tell;



For years I have struggled with dull, blemished skin that felt rough, bumpy and totally lack-luster. 

I had tried everything under the sun: changing my diet, changing my skin care routine, face masks and hopping around on one foot singing a song (hypothetically), and yet nothing worked. 

Then, I discovered IMBIBE.

I read different reviews and decided to purchase it -- I literally had NO idea what this beautiful product had in store for me. I had also always struggled with bloating, which I was so used to, but was the first thing that immediately disappeared with the Beauty Renewal


 “My eyelashes grew and my skin bloomed with happiness.”


My hair was damaged from heat styling and from dying it, what seems like, 100 times over. It literally never grew, then suddenly it started to become so full of life, bouncy and continuously growing that my hairdresser inquired about what I had changed. Coincidently, she was already taking IMBIBE too, and now even she stocks it at her studio! 



My eyelashes grew and my skin bloomed with happiness. I feel and look like a different woman. My period cramps are minor now and my hangovers are not nearly as bad!

It has now been nearly a year of enjoying IMBIBE and I will never turn back! Every morning I enjoy a beautiful big glass of cold water with a dash of Beauty Renewal and a spoon of Miracle Collagen; my absolute HOLY GRAIL. 


“If I got a dollar for every time someone mentioned how glowing my skin was, then I would be a very wealthy woman.”


If I had a dollar for every time someone mentioned how glowing my skin was, then I would be a very wealthy woman! I get so excited to tell people that they can also enjoy luminous skin so incredibly easy! I have had to double my purchases now because my boyfriend drinks all of my Beauty Renewal, because that is how good it tastes. 

Again, many thanks to Felicity and her incredible products, I am forever grateful.


Disclaimer: Eliza didn't receive any financial reward. This post was purely her experience from using Imbibe. However, individual results may vary. We do not claim, nor should the reader assume, that Eliza's experience is representative of what anyone else might experience from using Imbibe.