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Ageless Eyes with Plumping, Firming Collagen Eyes

Ageless Eyes with Plumping, Firming Collagen Eyes

They say your eyes are the gateway to your soul… 

They are also a clear picture of health, vitality – and premature ageing. The eyes, unfortunately, are the first place you show signs of ageing, and not-so-surprisingly, the first part of your face that should be receiving preventative attention. And attention, they tend to lack. 

Your eyes spend the whole day exposed to the elements, sunlight, UV, blinking, expressing and squinting … and we think they need a little extra love this year. *peeping our newest little love - Collagen Eyes

 Collagen Eyes

How is the Skin Around Eyes Different?

As you can imagine, the skin around your eyes is much different from the rest of your face, primarily because it protects a critical sensory organ, essential for survival: your eyes.

Designed to accommodate the tiny fat pads that protect and cushion your little eyeballs, the skin under your eyes is naturally thinner. This means this skin is also much more photo and environmentally sensitive compared to the rest of your face. It’s especially thin and delicate, leaving you exposed to dehydration, volume loss, sagging, hollow contours, and ageing your skin way before it’s years (*shock, gasp, horror!)

Studies show that the under-eye area has fewer oil glands and collagen making it a constant challenge to keep the skin around your eyes and eyelids as plump, nourished and hydrated as the rest of your hydrated, nourished face (because Miracle Collagen).

Collagen Eyes

How Under Eye Damage Accelerates 

Wrinkles around the eyes, known as ‘crow’s feet’, are the first signs of ageing, dehydration and wrinkling, and benefit from early prevention and a good skin care routine.

With dehydration, sleep deprivation, sickness, or hangovers, your eyes will appear dark and puffy. The blood vessels that supply oxygen, nutrients and circulation are much more narrow in thin skin, so if you are dehydrated or not well, these areas will start to show it first.

Thin skin also loses its elasticity faster as fat deposits shrink with age, creating that puffy, sunken look, making it even more important to protect this skin from sun damage and further thinning. It's also important to boost the strength of your skin and promote collagen growth to retain the structural integrity.

Find out how…


How to Handle Early Prevention Like a Pro

We love a good beauty hack, but when it comes to the love and hydration of your most important facial feature, we have five:

  1. Hydration, hydration, hydration
  2. When your skin loses water, it starts to shrink, and wrinkles can appear  - it is especially true for your eyes. With a lack in our skin's built-in moisturiser, the oil glands, your eyes are seriously more prone to dryness.

    Adding in humectants, serums, gentle oils and thick creams is going to be a great place to start. Look for ingredients that have a plumping effect and that work to stimulating collagen production. Always protect your face, eyes, eyelids and ears from the sun with sunscreen, protective sunglasses and a hat. 

    And it should go without saying: Water, water, water… all day, everyday! 


  3. Hyaluronics
  4. Hyaluronic acid, or hyaluronan, is a clear, gel-like substance your body naturally produces to keep your skin, connective tissues and eyes well lubricated and retaining moisture.

    Nearly half of the hyaluronan in your body is found concentrated within your skin, helping to retain and lock in hydration. It’s commonly found in supplements, serums, eye creams and injections to keep skin hydrated, plump and to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and crow's feet. Topically applied in serums and creams, hyaluronic acid works to reduce wrinkles, redness and dermatitis while intensely hydrating skin. Curious about Hyaluronic alternatives?

    We’ll let you in on our secret ingredient in Collagen Restore, and whether or not  Golden Sea Kelp is the New Hyaluronic Acid.

    Collagen Restore

  5. UV Protection

  6. We all know the sun is enemy #1. Be thorough, consistent and totally dedicated to UV protection every - single - day. UV exposure quickly leads to brown spots and collagen breakdown, ageing and dehydrating skin, but also leading to textural changes, fine lines, and wrinkles. 

    Wear your sunscreen over the entire face, ears, eyes, eyelids, neck and hands (the areas you don’t think too much about) to really cover your bases. 

    Get yourself a chic hat and hot sunnies as well - because sun protection is a vibe. 

  7. Bakuchiol
  8. In a  2019 study, bakuchiol (bu-kooch-heel) was found to have an identical impact on the skin in treating fine lines, hydration and hyperpigmentation, compared to retinol. 

    According to  Dr. Rachel Nazarian M.D & Board Certified Dermatologist, bakuchiol works much in the same way, triggering the genetic pathway in cells to stimulate several types ofcollagen, encouraging skin health and anti-ageing impacts on the skin. 

    As shown in a study conducted by the The British Journal of Dermatology, after 12 weeks, individuals treated with bakuchiol saw major improvements in wrinkles, pigmentation, elasticity, and photo damage overall.


  9. A Really, Really Great Eye Cream with Collagen Boost
  10. And here’s where our new baby love, Collagen Eyes, really shines. 

    Covering every base listed above, Collagen Eyes has been formulated to really target the problems, while providing the solutions. 

    Concentrated hyaluronic acid and bakuchiol act fast to suck moisture into the skin and seal it in place while plumping, lifting and brightening the skin. Targeted vitamin E from macadamia oil heals and repairs, while jojoba esters deliver rich, intense, long-lasting hydration to the skin cells. 

    And la piece de resistance: Clinical results show significant hydration within 12 weeks, reducing the depth and appearance of wrinkles, while supercharging hydration and locking in 72 hours of moisture and bounce.

    And of course, we checked the facts on the oomph of topical collagen… As always, it’s a big YES PLEASE from us!